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  1. I am a Bus Operator out of LaGuardia Depot. I can confirm what Cait Sith said. These are the only buses in my depot. Please do not spread rumors. More buses will follow in the days to come. Maintenance has to get the okay from the Vendor before we can pick them up. I know there are about 8 buses at JFK Vendor waiting for LGA to pick up.
  2. Just an update. LGA 25 new Artic's will remain in the local format with SBS decals. I saw them slapping those stickers on when I pulled in for the day. Well until management changes their mind again. So local scheme it is.
  3. I have been watching this forums for quite some time now and some of you guys have the wrong information. I am a Bus Operator out of LaGuardia Depot and I will set the record, whether you gentlemen decide to believe me or not is up to you. I was told this by management themselves. You already know that we are receiving 25 brand new artic which we have already started to pick up from JFK Vender. I was told by maintenance that they will try and pick one to two buses a day until our order is complete. We have 2 now, 6239 and 6240. Though we are receiving the buses they will not go on the road until the decision is made on what 6000's buses we are keeping and which ones are going to Tuskegee Deopt. Apparently these buses belong to them. We have been extremely short on artic's on the Q53 because of vandalism plus our buses are taking a beating because of high mileage and constant 24hr use. We don't have replacement buses nor do we have extras. We have made a deal with BP to loan us buses in emergencies to help with the line and the extremely load the Q53 imposes on those buses. Q53 has 42 runs daily plus a few extra buses run the line to help to combat the extremely high demand and increased ridership. From what I understand we are suppose to keep 10 of the 6000's permanently to help with the increased demand. Which ones I don't know yet. But our maintenance department is trying hard to keep these buses on the road. The problem is we have a high demand for the line and not enough equipment. So the existing equipment goes through rigorous abuse from constant use. 12 Artic's are slotted for the Q70 SBS which is suppose to happen spring 2020 pick, providing that they can change the route to accommodate parking at 61st.
  4. Also I want to ask that, does anyone know any about the new shipment of New Flyer Artic's that LGA Depot is suppose to get and when its coming?
  5. I am curious. I am hearing rumors from Upper management and other Bus Operators, that the upper echelon of MTA are talking about transferring the M60 SBS to LaGuardia Depot. Does anyone have some insight into this?
  6. Just a reminder with the pending snow storm coming MTA has put out an order to ground all Artic's across the city starting at 5am Saturday until the storm is over. So no Artic's until further notice.
  7. This right here is supposedly what MTA wants to be the end result to be. See what you guys need to realize and understand its not about whether a Depot can handle the lines or not, it's about what's saves the company money. MTA will pack a Depot full of buses and lines knowing they can't handle it, if it would save them money. I work out of LaGuardia and when the Q53 first came back 1 year ago. We were struggling just to make service, but we had to learn and adapt as will the other Depots. Here at LaGuardia Depot we have twenty two lines and now articulated buses we don't have enough space. Half of our fleet is parked on the street. Same with Jamacia, Baisley, what used to be the 126th Street Depot, Gun Hill, Ulmer Park, but it doesn't matter we still have to run the service. We have to make it work. They are trying to save money by reducing deadhead times and in service time. Understand this is not about what Depot are best suited for the service this is strictly about saving money.
  8. It will happen it's not about whether they can handle it or not Baisley Park will have to adapt it's going to happen regardless how much time before it does is the question.
  9. My guess is they will probably be spread throughout the system
  10. So this the latest report from your friendly neighborhood Bus Operator. Please understand that this is not set in stone yet, and it in the works. In the next couple of years MTA Bus Company will be shifting a lot of lines and buses throughout the division. Particularly with LaGuardia Depot, College Point, Depot and Baisley Park Depot. As I heard it the Q25 is the next MTA Bus line to be slotted for the Select Bus Service. There will also be a lot of lines shifted between the three Depots. LaGuardia Depot will lose the Qm24 Qm25 and the Qm34 to College Point and we will be picking up the Q19 Q23 to Q38 and the Q66. Baisley Park will lose the Qm4 and the Qm20 to College Point and will be picking up the Q25 Q34 and the Q65. Essentially LaGuardia Depot and Baisley Park will become entire local line Depot and College Point will be in all Express line Depot. Now like I said before nothing is concrete and written in stone but they're getting a lot of pressure from management to make this happen. So don' be surprised when the changes come. And last but not least as most of you probably already know that Yonkers Depot has been slotted to be shut down and permanently discontinued in the near future with all drivers and Equipment being transferred to Eastchester Depot. As always keeping you updated from your Friendly Neighborhood Bus Operator.
  11. Sorry that was a typo. I meant College Point, and they are out there everyday. Mainly during rush hours.
  12. To answer some of y'all question. CS are working with LGA on the Q102. LGA does the full line while while CS does the shuttle from 30 Ave to Queens Plaza due to the N Train construction. It's still our line, but we share it with CS until the construction is done.
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