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  1. Lol that’s what they want u to think. Jk I understand. But besides that some people got called in April/May and that was their first and only time they went. So idk why they make some people come every 3 months and others not when list #s be in the same range. That’s what I don’t understand. It must be that 1:3 rule they doing to me 😩🤦🏽‍♀️
  2. But why some people get multiple invites and others get one?
  3. I did my first one early May. Second in December 3 and the third on February 7 Why do some get multiple invites while others just get one if we not too far off in list number ranges?
  4. The email does say to bring an $88.25 blank money order for fingerprint processing fees.
  5. Wow Congrats. They can’t get to the 1400’s quick enuff lol it’s killing meee. Then they gna send me like 3-5 more PE invites 😩😂😂
  6. Congrats!! I go on Friday for final processing for the March 18 class. How was the final processing? If u don’t mind telling me what your day consisted of doing? How long, etc...? Thank you. Looking forward to being in that class!!!
  7. Lol thanks. I jus be afraid cuz they said u have to explain breaks in employment. Some I am able to but others I can’t. Idk what they are looking to hear exactly but thank you I’ll try not to stress too much.
  8. Okay thank you so much. I hope I get thru all this. I’m afraid they would find something to disqualify me but hopefully they won’t.
  9. So I have a question... Do you really have an interview during final processing? The email I got stated I will be.
  10. And thank you. I wish you the best too. You probably will be called this year. There’s only 3410 eligibles on this list after they regraded the tests. But good luck to u too.
  11. Someone said previously that there’s no medical. So I guess it’s that 21 page packet work. Getting Documents n IDs. And I have to bring in a money order for fingerprint fees.
  12. Hello everyone I just got an email from transit to do final processing on Friday for SA. They have a class March 18. They really are going thru this quickly. I was there in January for PE. Hopefully all those who did PE will soon hear something too.
  13. I remember I started filling out the 21 page packet last year when they first started calling me for pre employment in April, and only one thing changed for me. So I have to do it again. You will get that packet every time they invite you for PE. But if you do start just hold on to it n don’t date it until they call u for medical. You can add stuff if something changes but make sure it matches the application u gave them wen u went to the PE But they haven’t called me in for medical yet nor have they even reached my list number yet. & I’m 14xx’s also. So I’m really waiting for an email or call for medical to start filling out that packet.
  14. Oh okay that doesn’t sound too bad. Lol I kno it was dumb question to ask about training but some jobs don’t really do extensive trainings like that. I mean like they will train u for like a couple of days then expect u to kno everything after. I meant to ask that question differently lol. But thank you so much for understanding and answering it perfectly! I take it that ur an employee already, so thanks so much for your info it’s very helpful! Hopefully we hear something soon tho.
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