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  1. Majority of my family and friends work for transit and stated drug test is 90days. 2 of my cousins just got in this year
  2. Wrong. Drug test is good for 90 days
  3. That person probably meant opa. I called and according to the employment center they are up to number 659 for the pre employment letter
  4. Im 912 and I only received my opa letter which I passed!!
  5. I just got through finally. I was told it will be a few weeks for the opa results to be mailed. After that it’s COMPLETELY in Transit hands to start the hiring process.
  6. What number did you call? The number on the letter of results doesn’t work. I’ve called a few times and waited 20 mins each time and no one answered. I called literally 2 mins ago and they picked up and hung up without speaking.
  7. I got my official letter notice of results from the Mta!!!! Hopefully I’ll start the medical soon!!! 💪🏾
  8. I see we have a lot of family and friends working and retired from Mta lol
  9. As I said before the tie breaker is your social. I scored the same 97.5 and my list number is 91*
  10. I’m speaking for the list in general. Yes people quit and get promoted or whatever but that’s only a few hundred jobs at a time. I’m pretty ok considering that I’m 9xx. I should be called within a few months but those who are 3000-4000 might be a year and some months. That’s why I said what I said.
  11. There’s always a way but I do think she just say that so we won’t call back. I speak to 5 different employees and get 5 different answers. Everyone from 100 to 85 is waiting about 5 years
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