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  1. 98vice your getting carried away with the questions. What difference does it make to you who's coming off which exam? Also those who started and are currently in training aren't allowed to discuss any material with the outside. Once you get hired you will be given information about the job. This is a universal position, you can end up in a completely different department then the other person so training and material is not the same. Do yourself a favor and just continue living your life.. continue working and continue breathing.
  2. Pass is given in person when you start working, you have to sign for it
  3. Nothing to be upset about, previous generation candidates would sometimes wait years to be called for premployment. Exam 8611 was taken by candidates only a year ago, those who passed are lucky that they started calling for premployment so soon. Not to mention it's only been a little over a month since they started calling for premployment and they are already half way thru the list. Continue living and breathing, everyone will get an opportunity.
  4. 1st Premployment Appointment invitation is received by an actual physical letter in the mail, followed by a possible phone call, text and/or email. 2nd Premployment Appointment invitation is received primarily by an Email and followed by a phone call.
  5. Some folks on here keep asking questions that can be answered just by reading the original exam application. MTA has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. Read the Exam#8611 application. "Drug Screening Requirement: You must pass a drug screening in order to be appointed and if appointed, you will be subject to random drug and alcohol tests for the duration of your employment. Additionally, if you have tested positive on a drug or alcohol test or had a refusal to test during pre-employment or while employed by a Federal DOT-regulated employer during the applicable period, you must have completed the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) process required by federal law in order to be appointed to this safety- sensitive position."
  6. I noticed a few ppl on here said they have a lower list number compared to others that got called in. Unfortunately because this is Civil Service title the selection process may not be fair to some. See link below https://www.civilservicejobnyc.com/1-in-3-rule-rule-of-three/
  7. Considering the fact that only 720 applicants passed Exam #8611, I would say they will go throw the list very quickly. Now it makes sense why they released another TEH after 8611.. 720 candidates is probably not enough to disperse into 8 different Maintenance departments.
  8. Why do you say that ? DCAS has it posted that Transit has/had 40 vacancies for TEH. So my educated guess would say the first 40 candidates have already been hired (unless they turned down the offer and they went to the next candidate on the list) .. they probably started training or will start training in the near future.
  9. DCAS has posted results from Exam #8611.. 720 applicants passed https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Civil-Service-List-Active-/vx8i-nprf
  10. If you're already an electrician then you Should've taken "Light Maintainer" exam.
  11. @Oxl6665 US Passport or US Certificate of Citizenship can be an alternative to Birth Certificate. Also alternative to Education is Experience.. lookup the original 8611 Exam Application to see the requirements for Experience.
  12. @+Young +: Its not about being fed up, it’s about how most of us gave up careers with decades of experience to server the City and nobody out there was brave enough to say exactly how it is. An honest down to earth B/O will tell you off the bat that being an Operator is no longer a great position. Maintenance workers get treated much better.. if they work 12hrs then it’s 8hrs standard rate pay and 4hr overtime rate pay.
  13. @+Young +: With all due respect and For the record I took a screenshot of my post prior to you editing my censored foul word, please don’t edit my censored word and make it SO OBVIOUS. I wrote it a certain way .. at this point you might as well delete it since you have such high authority on this site to edit other members words.
  14. @GoneForTheWinter: Don't take this the wrong way and I don't mean to be rude but why would you wanna leave Seattle, Washington for NYC,NY ? NYC is overrated, overpriced, congested and polluted. I'm still asking myself the question as to why haven't I just grabbed my bags and moved to say Colorado (Colorado is beautiful.. if you haven't been there then I strongly suggest visiting). I'm on the job for two and a half months and I'm contemplating if I should go any further. First the pay is a joke, $23.xx at start that's like 50k annually and even if you manage to survive to the beginning of the sixth year and you start making $34.xx that's only like 71k annually. (Keep in mind just to live comfortably here in NYC as a renter you gotta be making about $39.xx so that's about 80k annually. You can forget about buy a piece of property by yourself on 80k) I was completely heartbroken when I realized how poorly MTA treats B/O's. You can end up working a 13hr shift and only getting paid 12hrs for it IN STANDARD PAY RATE.. So many questions came up and the only answer i got was "well that's how it is here, you don't like it then leave". Apparently B/O's here in NYC MTA only get OVERTIME PAY RATE if they work on their day off, work on their swing time (aka break/meal time between 1st half of their shift and 2nd half of their shift) or you come back late after your clear time aka the time you were supposed come back to the Depot but you were late due to traffic or whatever the case was, but coming late after clear time will probably be only like 15min, 20min or maybe 30min. On top of that the Dispatcher might screw you just because and never process your late slip aka overtime slip like they did to me on Sunday. Now I gotta go see the union office on my day off and file a report. F**king BS.. Sorry for going off but truth has to be heard. Wish I knew what I know now before I started.
  15. @+Young +: I'm on the job two and a half months now and for my group we had to be perfect on day 6 AND 7 to be qualified on day 7. They are getting more strict.
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