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  1. @@TCKAS71P i guess u r the only one who passed in the forum. Congrats and make sure not to forget those definitions/signals
  2. ohh ok. Ty for the info. My background wasn't done till end of November. I will probably receive one by either this or next week.
  3. anyone going to February class got a medical email yet?
  4. I only ordered earning statement from there and it's around $100. You dont really need earning statement. I only got it just to make sure I didn't leave any jobs out on the application, and plus just to have an official record of my job history.
  5. I scanned the documents and made them into PDF files, and you can download your own tax record on IRS website (There should a link in one of their email).
  6. Mine took around 2 weeks. I gave them W-2, tax documents and earning statement from social security office. It might say consider after they finish the background check but don't worry too much about it. They will likely contact you if there is an issue.
  7. So there might be a class around early 2019. Is there anyone else waiting for a class to start (Book of Rules)?
  8. I didn't get delayed but I did receive a call early in the morning around 6am asking me about my job history when I was going through the process. It was a simple fix in my case, so she sent me an overview invite on the same day.
  9. The HR replied back to me pretty quick but I only sent 3 emails so far (2-3 months in gap). They responded to me with the message "there might be a class in between...." or "we did not receive a schedule yet".
  10. @snoopys16 ahh ok. Thank you for the info. I have been waiting for 7 months after completing all the hiring process. orientation + cognitive exam -> S &D exam -> basic training -> panel interview First, they said there will be a class between September and October, then between November and December. Now they said there aren't any classes scheduled for 2019. It is making me wonder if I'm still in the "pool of the candidates" or on the "list".
  11. @snoopys16 did one of the hr said that? If so, did they say anything about having classes for other positions?
  12. Off topic question: anyone know what other LIRR classes are coming up this year? such as yardmaster, assistant stationmaster, locomotive engineer, block operator.
  13. Off topic question: anyone know what other LIRR classes are coming up this year? such as yardmaster, assistant stationmaster, assistant conductor, block operator.
  14. @snoopys16 I hope that's true and not forget about the people who took the exams earlier than other people.
  15. I'm glad im not the only one who is in similar situation. I'm actually processing for different LIRR position and still waiting for background/medical email for almost 5 months.
  16. It's already mid August but nothing yet so far. Starting to lose hope lol 😓
  17. @wstone17 ahh ok I see. I hope I get something by next month or so. It's been almost exactly 4 months since I did an interview and have been waiting since then.
  18. @wstone17 and do you know if everybody receives the background check email? I don't really have anything on my background except my military service and the companies I worked for.
  19. @wstone17 I can't wait till i start working. I'm still waiting on background check or medical email. Do you know if everybody receives that background check email before getting medical email?
  20. @Two2Go did you really see block operator class scheduled for August?! I have been waiting since March 28 to get into the book of rules class. out of 12 people, 8 people went into April class and 4 others were left behind including myself.

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