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  1. If u defer/postpone employment how long before can u be reinstated? I just started a position in transit and am unsure if i wanna stay there or jump to rto.
  2. How did ur class pick go? I was in the class before u and we didnt have much of a choice. Class before me had the pick of sat/sun off.
  3. Did u read the link? It explains it for the most part. U must already be a mta permanent employee in order to file. And as a mta employee pick room wouldnt need explaining. Its also a resume job. They decide if they want u based off education, attendance, experience etc.
  4. Station agent afc is the job title. I just started and that is what's listed on my employee pass.
  5. Anyone in here from the February class? Hows it going?
  6. See thats what confuses me. Supposedly the top 2000 scores were issued the opa first.although i am within the top 2000 and did take the opa it doesn't seem like alot of us had to go thru the same things. Gimmie my lil $25 back. Doesnt seem like it made a diff if u got the opa or not. U cant disqualify someone who passed the test but failed the opa when theres someone out there wit the exact same test score that didnt even take it.
  7. That makes sense. Honestly just all speculation for me. Is there anyone with a list number under 2000 that didnt take the opa?
  8. It may have been pass or fail but how can a official list be created without EVERYONE taking it. What if i had 100 and failed the opa? Does that mean someone that got a 85 that didnt even take it has a better chance than me? I just feel opa isnt accounted for because EVERYONE didnt take it
  9. I honestly think the opa wasnt calculated into the scores. How can a fair list be posted while some took it and others didnt.
  10. Still no official list for station agent. Although they have started hiring from that exam.
  11. Lmaooooooo thanks a bunch! Didnt even realize it was u.
  12. I start training for station agent in a couple weeks. I'll just roll with whatever comes my way. I was told after probation i can apply for station supervisor so i think id try for that before conductor.
  13. I. Scored the same and my list num is 1304 how is that possible
  14. That sucks. They should be fast tracking ur process because of their mistake
  15. Does anyone kno exactly how long training is? Wow their mistake was a huge one. Hopefully they'll fast track ur processing now. Good luck.
  16. Wow their mistake was a huge one. Hopefully they'll fast track ur processing now. Good luck.
  17. I have officially been sworn in. Im so excited. I will be in the march 12th class. See u guys there!!!
  18. Congrats hun! Im sitting on edge waiting for a call, email, smoke signal, ANYTHING!
  19. This waiting game got me pulling out my weave strand by strand.
  20. Yea me too. Its starting to get me a little discouraged. I stopped at the very first counter and asked questions before i left. The little hyper man gave me a number and told me to call everyday starting tues to see the status of my drug test being that i was told about the February class.
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