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  1. Typo Differences between Opinions and Facts. Do you really know what that means? If you don't remember or don't know they have Reading Classes for you to Retake. Hopefully they are available now, they probably closed due to Covid-19. Well whatever those Reading Classes are Reopened you should all consider attending those classes.
  2. No many of you Misinterpreted what the person was saying. It was an opinion and you all thought it was a Fact. It is your fault for Misinterpreted what the people was saying. Blame yourselves because you Misinterpreted. You Should already know what Opinions and Facts are.
  3. People on this site are allowed to have different Facts, Opinions and Ideas. You all get mad just because you don't agree with other comments. Open Discussions Right or Wrong Answers. You should not even have this Website because many of you cannot handle other people's comments.
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