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  1. I haven’t herd any rumors, and I haven’t seen any new faces so I know there hasn’t been a class. Hopefully it’s just a brief pause before the flood gates are open again and @ the depression comment. I was 100% in the same boat. I’m not saying money will instantly make you happy, but it helps make everyday brighter. I hope God touches you. That feeling of failing and seemly like nothing is working is something no one should experience. Stay positive and continue to peruse this job at all cost! Good luck
  2. 1700 you should be called no time. They gotta be around the 2,500 by now. Idk when the list expires, there’s all sorts of bs rumors I won’t believe anything till I see it in writing & @ my user name lol it’s the truth man. Life was rough before this job. I’m grateful for the opportunity and that’s why I continuously share my insight with you guys. I was that guy checking this website every night before bed hoping for some information. Told myself if I ever got called I’d contribute to this forum on my free time to help the next guy
  3. There’s literally overtime in every division. Everyone in track is making money, cause even if your in a quarters that ain’t got OT if your buddy is in another one he can possibly throw you on his quarters OT Cleaning specifically can make a ton of money, especially if your in the right area. Problem with cleaning is you won’t learn shit. It all depends on what type of career you want. If you wanna stay down here and make 80k a year then go to cleaning. If you wanna learn something to possibly further your career and make the same money you’ll go to maintenance Guys down here don’t really respect cleaning gangs. We view them as fairy’s or sissys lol. They don’t know shit. They can’t work maintenance or capital OT because the only thing they excel at is sweeping and dusting
  4. I’m capital days. I herd nights ran like a plantation lol.. I’m waiting 6 months and ima go for d/r track inspector The worse gang in my opinion is cleaning. Cleaning guys don’t know shit. Guys in cleaning will try to sell you on the fact they only pushing a broom, but you don’t learn nothing. Unless your on the vac, vac gets to the bag and 50k in 6 months. Only been here 6 months guys and yeah most women don’t do shit. You got some that are phenomenal workers, but the other 90% make it bad for the rest. You’ll see. If she’s cute she graduates to an office secretary the moment she hits the field. Lot of women bid to quarters with no female locker room and now get paid to travel to the next one everyday to accommodate them
  5. Around 50k a year. But there’s a million ways to make OT. Snow duty, crane is watch, change of tour OT, bid to a dual rate, get your CDL permit etc. and like 10 more ways I can’t think of off hand
  6. Been on the job 6 months. Making a lot of money and not killing myself. Tons of overtime, bids come out every month so you have an opportunity to move around to other departments. Cleaning, maintenance, capital or rails. I’m in capital construction. We’re woeking 7 days a week 14-16 hour days. An occasional overnight once or twice a week OT. By the end of this year I’ll make 50k within 6 months at base pay I advise everyone on the 3600 exam to get annoying and call and show up to Livingston as much as possible. I’m telling you this job will change your life. If you knew how sweet this gig was, benefits are amazing, 2 other retirement options on top of your city pension. In 6 months I’ve bought a car, saving for a house, and am fully taking care of my family. I was borderline depressed before this job because of financial struggles And track guys are the coolest. It’s a locker room environment. We treat women with the most respect and give them the easier jobs. But the boys, we joke on each other all day and go out frequently for drinks. Feels good to finally fit in. Don’t let anything discourage you from getting your job man!! I had to jump through all types of hoops to get it. Worth every tribulation!
  7. I know that’s what DCAS says but anyone who works for transit knows it’s a million technicality bs that happens. I was told 2 things directly from an hr rep 1 the list start day begins when the first person is called off of the list and not when the test is taken and 2 that every year transit fights with the city to extend the list because they need more time to call people and and the city pushes back but they ultimately reach an agreement with an extension im not saying the information given to me was 100% true because everyone here talks out they ass. But hopefully it is, just trying to give some of you guys some hope. Want all of you to make it and change your life like I did this job is truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me (don’t tell my wife). Helped me change my situation. I was stuck in lower middle class working a dead end job before this. I know can provide for my kids in a way I thought wasn’t imaginable. Especially with all the OT they throwing at us
  8. No problem at all man. I was just like a lot of you guys, checking this shit every couple days trying to get some info. Told myself when I started I’d give all the info I could to potential hires Just gotta continue to be positive and stay in Livingston heels. I met a ton of guys who didn’t get calls, mail; drug test when they were supposed to. Transit makes mistakes too, and with a job this good you don’t wanna lose out on they mistake. Lot of guys were supposed to be in the April or May class got pushed to the August class because of errors on transit or their own behalf So far my job experience has been amazing. The job is great, the checks are even greater. I would say 80% of the people you meet are making so much money and OT the last thing in they mind is being a dick. Then you got the 20% who feel you should carry there PPE and bring them lunch because they’ve got 15 20 years here. Environment can be rough if your not use to it. Just gotta stand ten toes down, show up to work, leave all the drugs and alcohol alone and be where your supposed to be. And don’t date any females in transit. Dudes have gotten written up and days on the street for looking at a female coworker too long. It’s just not worth it. All in all I stick to myself and 2 gentleman I came in with. We cover for each other, give each other heads up with OT and other things and just mind our business
  9. The list 100% doesn’t expire in December. The list expires SIX YEARS AFTER THE FIRST PERSON OFF THAT LIST IS CALLED. Not when the test was given or anything like that. They just started calling people 2-3 years so my estimate is the list has a minimum of 2 years left id assume they just gon freeze like they did before after the next 2 classes till a white hat decides to open the budget for something new which will trigger the hiring process again but like the guy above me and I said, no one truly knows shit. All you can do is believe half of what you hear and try to figure things out from talking to upper management who truly doesn’t have an idea of what’s going on. Like the guy above said, they hire off the needs of the track. Rn transit wants to modernize everything because were in the technology era, may work in everyone’s favor. The average score of everyone called rn is 90-92. People scoring that low on a city exam and being called back a miracle in itself with the job crisis amongst us
  10. Just asked another level 2 today in Coney Island if September was the last class and he said theirs gon be 1 more after. I’ve gotten conflicting stories from 2 different level 2s so I’ve come to the conclusion they truly don’t know what the other hand is doing just stay positive and call Livingston everyday
  11. The level 2 running track hiring and training said after the September class no more classes will follow from the 3600 list sorry
  12. Everyone dubbed Utica.. herd too much bs about the overnights foreman
  13. Most junior person in the August class list number was 374x
  14. Instructor said today in class that the September class will be the last class for this year. Everyone in the September class already received there letters he wouldn’t elaborate if that meant it’s gonna be a freeze for a couple months like this summer that just passed or what level 2s who have all the administraton pull never really politic with reg track workers. Unless you buying breakfast you not getting the drop. He wouldn’t speak in details about the topic
  15. Ok guys, today was the first day for many of us! We had a total of 200 new employees. Conductors, operators, track maintainers, structural maintainers and track workers etc. 40/200 are working on the track. Everyone who comes in says the same thing “you guys picked the best job.” So far we’re covering the benefits which are amazing. You get 3 different retiring systems. 401k, another number one, and the one MTA gives you. Life insurance, whole 9. The instructors seems mad cool and so do my other 38 brothers and 2 sisters. Everyone (except one dude who keeps asking the worlds dumbest questions) seems to have good vibes. For you guys with a record or a troubled past, don’t feel bad. We got a few gentlemen with felnonies who are in the class. Just be honest from the beginning and transit will hire you. I’m not sure the actual list number there up too. But it’s somewhere around 3,56X. The instructor said they already have a September class being drafted. Good luck to all! Don’t forget about the guy behind you when you get hired! Show love and kindness and God will always bless you and your family!
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