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  1. Trust me get the bag that schefter posted. Your getting a lot of stuff and regular duffel bag isn’t going to cut it.
  2. Yeah what the link schefter posted is the exact same one I got
  3. I got the KAKA bag for school car. You can turn it into like a duffel bag and carry it over your shoulders.
  4. Yeah they told us that today staying on extra extra varies how long u stay on that list? Or it lasts for a whole year?
  5. I’m in the B division hope I made right choice I’m like right in the middle so both could of worked. I just stuck with my original choice. 😭
  6. Yeah, that was sure embarrassing having to be told to get out.
  7. First day in the books anyone know when u pick ur shift and if u pick division and shift on same day? And how picking goes?
  8. Amen, it’s a safety sensitive job so I didn’t expect it to be simple.
  9. Yea I heard about the Kaka bag, I got one from amazon too. Damn guess the Rule and regulation book was just a appetizer lol
  10. This info is very much appreciated thank you,I live in uptown Manhattan. So it can work with A and B depending on how deep Bronx lines are. But 1 and 6 lines sound like a big deal cause I heard some stations you can’t open the whole train. Only the front.
  11. Damn now I might want the A division oh well gotta roll with the punches
  12. Easier how? Shoot might make me rethink it lol. Nothing is easy but if it’s somehow a easier path while getting through probation I’m listening lol
  13. Darn figured that’s what happened like the others said. Ugh I want the B division but a bad feeling it’s gonna be the A division
  14. Whew, Getting myself ready for Monday. Hope they let us pick divisions

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