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  1. Yeah my classmates been sending me info but I need the info when we can apply to take the test or how do u apply cause it would be promotional lol
  2. Good! Man it’s flying, you will do great midterm and yard are simple. Good luck Emme!
  3. Avenue X, soon as u come out it’s a building that will say Coney Island yard. Past security it’s a blue and white building in the middle of the train yard tracks. It’s hard to explain step by step But def ask security they should be able to help.
  4. Lol yea it moved fast that’s a good thing hopefully probation goes by super super fast, today is project straight talk and then I’m in the hands of the crew office 😭 now my weekends about to be gone but oh well.
  5. Passed my road practical, good luck to all of you in the upcoming class and everyone waiting their turn, you will be called, takes a lot of patience but it comes. I’ll still be around on this forum of course still lol
  6. i be like that when I see A division trains when I’m off, like I wonder if this is schecter lol
  7. Excellent man hope you get back on!
  8. 14 days went by fast lol. yea even during posting it was something new everyday with these customers, complaints, holding doors open, the amount of questions waiting by ur window while your doing ur trying to do your operations is the one I hate the most 🤦‍♂️
  9. It’s going well! Only two more days left of posting then my final and road practical. So I been studying and getting ready for that. How’s the road been man since u been out there by urself now?
  10. Is that possible? All I know if u don’t u can still take test that’s what far rock depot did but idk why they hit him with a 1 to 3 rule unfortunately
  11. August, they might have a September class it’s been a class every month since the June class. The forum is good way to keep checking. Once u see others in ur range get called for medical it’s coming.
  12. They just had a class go in. Whenever the next class comes around should be you guys.

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