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  1. Yikes 😨, I hope the midterms during school car isn’t that hard.
  2. Oh boy thanks for the update. Just hope it doesn’t drag much longer.
  3. HighlyDoubtful, but you never know. They are moving quick tho, too many factors to take into consideration. I wouldn’t bank on this job with that list number. List expires February 2022
  4. Anyone in the 1500s get a second PE letter? Only had one and it been expired.
  5. Ah closest to your home. So how does the clock in and clocking out work? So when ur shift is over you leave from the last stop on the train?
  6. congrats Congrats! Damn they are picking up. I’m 15** still only got one PE from last May
  7. You You can make great money in the IT field, Go for it and when the day comes you will then what’s best for you. Shit wish I had your options BA in criminal justice put for damn near so much in my field in 4 years and Almost every BS imaginable happened and didn’t get the jobs I wanted so here I am. Finally a break I hope goes in my favor with MTA.
  8. Congrats y’all! they seem to be picking up the pace.
  9. Yea lol I’m 26 it’s a easy decision for me way more money and good pension compared to what I’m doing now
  10. I’m confused on that they are measuring your weight? Or your neck based on how tall u are and weight?
  11. I’m 15** only took the first one and that was last April 🙄.
  12. Thank you! That was freshing to read. So I’ll just continue to be patient hopefully soon 💪🏾

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