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  1. You have to resolve it. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose case. In other words, for your situation plead guilty and be done with it ASAP. cause you can’t go through pre employment unless it’s resolved.
  2. I believe so if u declined or didnt show up for pre employment
  3. Up to you, it’s how you feel and how much you believe in yourself. I would def do conductor and work my way up. But power to you if you believe you can go right into train operator.
  4. 1550s so just barely out the range
  5. Same here lol I wanna know if they are stopping after they fill 200
  6. The guy said it’s 10 in each class but 40 per month. And the lady told me the hired up to 1320 still
  7. I’m still here you lucky, idk why I thought I could get there later and finish early. Uh just dumb I got there early before and finished early complete mental screw up
  8. Lmao tf that’s crazy, some people just reckless 😂
  9. Yeah I’m going this Friday, 1550s the first time I went quick I hope it does Friday. Hope it’s my last pre employment but shit might have to do one more if 200 total then need like 30+ people to decline job lol.
  10. Yea you might have to do pre employment more than once.
  11. You do drug screening at pre employment. And you won’t do the medical till they reach your list number. Apparently they are at 1320 so whatever so your number is you can get a feel for if you think they will call you for next class or not.
  12. Yeah it’s for pre employment, drug test again. But I wonder if you have to bring the same forms you had before? The lady made copies of my diploma and all that stuff.
  13. Hope it stops at 2 for us. Cause they are literally almost to our list numbers for medical.

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