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  1. If you’re in A division Schect got you covered. In B division u can PM me if you. But overall yard practical pretty straight forward just gotta know which direction ur going so u can dezone properly. And properly close down. And how to cut out a door on the equipment ur division has
  2. I would give them a call, that skip over thing they do really sucks. It happened to someone else in here unfortunately that was trying to comeback to transit.
  3. You’ll be fine, just go over the blue book study and take notes. schoolcar is your foundation they want you to know the right way to do things. Because when you are out on ur own you will not if have to write a G-2 at some point in your career. A G-2 is a incident report they just wanna know what happen and you gotta make sure your on point. They will teach about them interior and exterior guard lights in the first week you are with ur assigned TSS and class. it’s simple stuff. They will drill everything in you. I was nervous too this job was my first major career job. so I was hard on myself. probation was much more stressful than SchoolCar for me. Cause any incident even small with transit can get you jammed up and get ur probation extended or get you fired. They petty, just be on time that’s their major gripe. Don’t be late ur only excuse will be if the train u took to work caused u to be late. In that case u write down the car number. But it will only get you out of trouble if that train was suppose to arrive before u was suppose to be at work.
  4. Congrats guys! Good luck if you got any questions I’d gladly help as much as I can. 💪
  5. Nah you get that on ur first day you report. So September 7th or 8th whatever day they tell u. First day of orientation they take attendance and hand out ur transit ID/Metrocard.
  6. Yea what schef said, the crew office will try to keep u close to home. That’s the one of the benefits of extra extra life. Springfield gardens is close to far Rockaway so that’s another line the A train
  7. Depends on if u live close to the trains like E Or N train. If so then yea
  8. No but you will be there for several days tho, but Majority training takes place in actual train yards they gotta teach how equipment works so u go to the yards that have certain trains based on what division u end up in, it’s 10 per class. if you’re able to pick division pick A if u live in Bronx. But I believe they are short A lot of B division conductors
  9. September 8th is what the union VP said. And yet there is a Big shortage of conductors. You should be good if u just took drug test and stuff. They could get back to you next week for medical and that following Monday u show up for orientation. Keep the faith 💪🏾
  10. It varies, Monday thru Friday. The first week is usually AMs so like 5am or 7 or 8 during the week. But when I was in schoolcar First week Was morning then we shifted to PMs so like 3-11pm. Everyone should be mindful whoever takes job. You will be new and when u finish training you will start off extra extra Till u have enough seniority to pick. There is no Stability. The crew office the people who assign what ur gonna do have the power to change your days off and what tour(AM, PMs, or Midnights) your ur gonna work every week. They don’t change it every week but they can if they have too. That’s one of the first things they will talk about when u go to PS 248. If you got kids have plan A B C D. As Extra extra u get a wish list What days off u want and what your u want. and the crew office will try their best to fit what u want.
  11. That sucks, looks like a lot of people got jammed up. You’ll be in the next class tho 💪
  12. Truth lol, honestly The main worry when doing ur job when u get out there is just hoping that the train operator knows what he’s doing. Lol that’s why u might here TSS try say the T/O ain’t on ur side. When y’all on the road it’s you and him/her against the world. Work with each other but y’all still have a job to do. Just know the difference between being buddy buddy and A co worker.
  13. The union VP said that’s the date for the new class. The way this thread is going sounds like that’s the case. Once u do ur drug test and it’s all good. You’ll get ur medical and u knock that out and get sworned in for the next class.
  14. Training is about 2 months and half if u remember 3 months the most so let’s say u start September 8. Should be out on ur own by like early December. School car is not hard. Just pay attention in class ask questions if u need too.
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