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  1. Correction it’s the 4th in the book ... every tss is gonna be different we had our orders switched due to an unofficial acronym that was given to us to help us remember
  2. Yeah 4 times already, we operated on the 3rd week of schoolcar lol , but it’s going well. First practical creeping up is next Saturday. It’s a lot to learn but it gets easier as time goes on. “ Its not brain surgery “ as one of the instructors would say lol
  3. Take a look at this video just to get a glimpse We won’t be on no CBTC being new but i find this video to be helpful in giving a small glimpse from an internal point of view to people like me that came from the outside
  4. Correct it’s 5 ... but once you begin schoolcar the 5th gets broken down in 2 parts therefore it’s 6
  5. Hey I know Ms Vargas is hard to reach 


    Try this number  (347) 643-8217

    let me know how that goes 

  6. You signed up while in school car, it takes effect after 90 days of employment
  7. I won’t give it no week I’ll be on the phone first thing Monday lol
  8. For school car training, paperwork says gray shirt with collar, Do they care if it’s bit on the darker or lighter side ? Also, for anything in training , is this our uniform during training or will they provide us with uniform ?
  9. Thank you all for your input, and i feel you 2nice,,, you a step ahead of me I just got called for medical and psychological... if I had the offer on the table i wouldn’t think twice but I don’t do I I figured what not take MTA it just sucks the timing they want me to go in... I’m going to call to see if they let me do it this week instead ... honestly FD for me is not a dream job like it is for most but my heart and calling is without a doubt in helping people in a postal cop now but the pay sucks my dream job will be mta police or port authority but I’ve heard so many positives about fdny .. I’m a family man so I know fdny will work best for that aspect of my life the only thing yet is that I don’t have the offer it’s only a medical and psychological, I’d hate to pass on MTA and then FD doesn’t or takes a while to call my list number is 137x
  10. I’ll vent with y’all here as well ; I’m in for the June 10th class - I’m also in the hiring process for FDNY and today I received noticed they want me i for medical and psychological on June 11th 😩 Blessed to be in a stressful situation like this deciding what to do. At the end it’s obviously my call but I simply just wanted others people opinion on what they would do
  11. If your work ethic it’s where it should be and you can commit to dedicating to being an operator and do what you have to do and go in with a positive mindset ; you should do operator the pay it’s not just a few cents or a dollar more is wat more take what’s best for you and the family !!
  12. Just got sworn in a few mins ago. I asked the person that sworn me about a possible July or August class. She said she not aware that right now she can only confirm June 10 I however feel like they will have a couple more back to back classes
  13. Update 79x got my medical email for Wednesday
  14. I’m 790 I’m speaking for myself, I deferred back in November , I been ready since February but what happened was as I was explained, after the list got officially established sometime after the new year, they restarted and went all the way down to the beginning of the list calling people like myself who had deferred before the list was officially established. Since then according to what I was told they have only reached the 600s for medical ( maybe higher now) as for me sitting at 790 they have not reached me and I attended pre employment May 15
  15. I got lucky again and she answered, I’m list 79x she said they in the 600s for medical. I’m trying to figure out myself what class I’ll fall under, it may be a close one for the June 10th
  16. I guess I got lucky lol yeah she answered but honestly you deff will get called but I chances are is not going to be for June, I’m 79x and I’m not even 100% sure I’ll make the next class cause remember there are way lower numbers that deferred and may process for this class
  17. Found out next class for TO goes in June 10th same day the conductor class begins
  18. Might be June, I asked but they didn’t know hopefully by Wednesday at pre employment they will have the date, I’ll post on here if anything
  19. I’m 7xx and called them they haven’t re reached my number. What happen was that after the list was officially established they started from the bottom again with the people that had for whatever reason deferred. I was one of them but unfortunately they haven’t reached me yet but said most likely for the next one after April 29th I’ll be considered
  20. Yeah but like me, there were others that deferred cause we were not ready to start when they first called so they have to start and consider those with lower list number if they ready to start now i was hoping to start April 29th but they won’t reach my number for this class
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