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  1. Hello all just received my notice to report to take the boss exam on 1-13-19 on 14th street in Manhattan just a heads up. Also has there been any word on part time operators being used in any other depot other than spring creek in Brooklyn?
  2. I know al my questions have been answered a million time before thank your for answering a million and one while on line training are you just riding a route with another operator or are you actually driving the route?
  3. Thank you for the insight if you wanted to work sundays could you? I already have a great full time job and only want this for the part time hours also how many days do they work is it five four hour days or three 8 hour days
  4. Idk I’m asking because there is a new posting for part-time buss driver thats up on the mta website. And combing through this thread there is nothing in detail in this subject. The other threads are extremely helpful but to a certain point because at the end of training we will be part time and scheduling might be different.
  5. Does any one have any specific details on this position? like the work schedule or what lines would you run would it be the local lines or the express busses
  6. Does anyone know what bus lines do part time operators run? And what are their work schedules like is it two eight hour days or five four hour days?

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