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  1. I took mine back in the ending of November, just waiting patiently for them to contact me.
  2. Yes sir , keep a positive mind they will call us.
  3. Yea it was busy that day I got out around 3pm, did you do the medical yet?
  4. Congratulations db24 and poppy1991! I went for premployment on the 27th of November, list in the 500s waiting for nyct to contact me.
  5. Did anyone do the medical yet? I wanted to know what happens after the medical
  6. Really wow that's not cool at all, wish you the best an hopefully they get back to you.
  7. How is everyone doing, I had my pre employment an drug test yesturday , i was told by the mta clerk that they will contact within 2 to 90 days.
  8. Thank you for the feed back! Iam heading down to the tvb monday to take care of this , rather just get it over with an start the hiring process.
  9. I need some help, I got a ticket 2 years ago an I got a traffic lawyer to help me out, for the past two hearing dates the officer didnt show up, I have a next date that's us dated for 06/2019, will this come up at the pre employment process , or how should I handle this issue, thank you !
  10. I just got the letter in the mail !
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