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  1. Thank you young, you along with everyone else has been very helpful throughout this process. I looked at the Civil service list, and i found 4 versions of my list number. 3 of the 4 say "200" number of vacancies, and 1 of them say "1000" under number of vacancies. Does anyone know what that means?
  2. I've had the same question. Im not sure what number to call, but my list number is in the 70's & i completedthe drug test back in November aswell. Everytime i call DCAS, im told im on an outstanding certification. As far as i know thats a good thing, however i haven't gotten into a class nor have i recieved the letter about the vacancies being filled. Is there another number apart from DCAS i can call?
  3. Im getting a bit nervous because the first class starts on January 7th. My list number is within the first 100 however i haven't recieved a call. Having such and earlier list number i was almost positive i wouldve received a call already. Any idea when is the latest you can recieve a call for the upcoming class. When i call DCAS they say im on an outstanding certification.
  4. Is there a way we can find out how big the first class will be?
  5. Hey guys, my list number is 7* for exam number 7612. When i call DCAS they say im on an outstanding certification list, any idea what this could mean?

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