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  1. Wouldn't ENY get rid of their Next Gens instead?
  2. Nope, it was recently in service about 2 days ago on the Q24 & B12.
  3. I actually like that idea. The Depots that have the 2006-2007 OG Hybrid outta NYCT is East New York, Queens Village, Mother Clara Hale, Manhattanville & Micheal J. Quill if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Yeah...no. I honestly don't know where you're getting this info from but its 100% false. Brooklyn could handle both NovaLFS's & LFSAs its just the DOB doesn't want to assign them anymore as of yet.
  5. We don't know as of yet. The DOB still hasn't made any assignments yet..
  6. At this point can we wait for the actually assignments then some damn rumor?
  7. Why is 2002 MCI D4500 #2848 is at Spring Creek Depot

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