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  1. I have the same problem. Try time traveling.
  2. There isn't much to this, I just want to know what this community plays. My personal favorite is Minecraft.
  3. About 3-4 months ago I tried to register an account on BDC Projects. However, for at least a month now, trying to access the site (for me) leads to some sort of error message. You can try Here. I have tried to access the site from multiple Wi-Fi networks and devices, and it still does not work. Interestingly enough, results from the site can still be found on Google, as well as images. Can somebody here please explain what happened? If nobody knows, that's OK.
  4. I'd like to request an R68/A sign where the route bullet is a light blue Y, the north destination is 210 Street, and the south destination is Grand Street. Thank you, anyone who is listening.
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