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  1. Hey just wanted to say thank you, this forum was very helpful to me, I finally got recalled to go back in for exam 7105 on the 9th of this month, then went in for medical and final processing today. Everything went well I start training Monday the 20th.This forum helped me with what to expect throughout pre employment and the medical thanks again!
  2. Does anyone know when they will start hiring for exam #7105 again, I was recently called for pre employment but at the time I didn't meet one of the requirements but they gave me a letter saying I can come back once I meet the requirement.I have been calling every week to see when they will start hiring more people for 7105 but they keep saying not yet.If anyone has any information I would appreciate it thanks
  3. I called today and they said they aren't hiring from the list right now ,but I should call every Friday because that's when they will know what's the next list there hiring from so I can know when to come in
  4. Question, I was called for pre employment in May for exam 7105 Mabstoa & at the time I did not meet 1 of the requirements but the person who was going through my paperwork gave me a notice and signed it that I can come back once it's taken care of ,but I have called in September and they said there wasn't any vacancies now to call back in a couple weeks, so should I call tomorrow since your saying there are vacancies now?
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