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  1. Just curious, are there openings to go to Staten Island right out of training?
  2. At the time I sent the pre-employment application I had no CDL at all. Now I have the permit. But since I’m a NJ resident I have to have my full CDL to get in.
  3. Yeah I know how to view the list. Which column shows what # has been called?? Anyway, I spoke to Emma Rivera and apparently they passed me already because I don’t have my full CDL (NJ). I was never even notified. But as soon as I’m done getting the CDL I can add myself back to the list.
  4. Thanks, I will try to reach out to them tomorrow. im not seeing what you’re talking about on dcas. I pulled it up but which column shows which list # they’re on?
  5. Same here. I’m list #4xx. Got the canvassing email in June and sent everything in and haven’t heard anything since. any idea what list # they’re up to?
  6. I just got the canvass email this week. List #43x. My question is, on the email it says for NJ/PA/CT must have full CDL? I haven’t completed my full CDL. I have an appt next week for the permit. Do I just need it by the time of appointment or I need it to submit application?

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