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  1. I assumed hiring from 9618 would start this month as well. If you get any information please keep us updated.
  2. Yup! Sorry to go off topic here, lol. In all honesty, this exam (9618) with NYCT seems like a better gig. I'm going to stick it out and pray they start this list soon. Will be getting vaccinated if they call. November 14 seems like a random date. I wonder if they'll be hiring before or after that date.
  3. Got a notification for my exam date. Question; does this exam give me the possibility of running out of Staten Island / Brooklyn / Manhattan? Or are these mainly Queens routes?
  4. I wonder when they will start calling by. I got a phone call / email to take exam 2302 this month as well, I applied after seeing an ad.
  5. Wow, thank you so much, very helpful. I know you answered me earlier before in this thread, I assume my pension with NYPD (which is also under NYCER) would carry over. This would be a great opportunity.
  6. Sorry for the double post, I was wondering if anyone can help me with MTA's pension options, retirement age and hours that are worked? The information I find online is scarce and there's so much information to read through here.
  7. Exciting news. I've been checking my email a million times a day. I wonder when this list will be out, if hiring in October is true this is huge. 😄
  8. Yup. Thanks for the response. Took it in June 2019. From what I remember I got over 95, patiently waiting.
  9. Hey all, I'm very eager to get a list number for this exam and possibly become a bus operator. I have my CDL B & proper endorsements so I am ready!!! One question, I am a current city employee (NYPD) looking to make this jump when the opportunity arises. Will my city time carry over? Thank you.

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