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  1. I finally finished my first week of real YX work (not posting, or enhancement). I loved it, after the first day learning the moves it was smooth sailing. Just a simple question; is there a parking area at Woodlawn Terminal for MTA workers, or do most people just park at Mosholu yard and take the train one stop up?
  2. Thanks for the tips. I'm A div, but I do really want to get B, OPTO and especially C div certified (work trains seem like a ton of fun) but that is a little while off for me. I also want to keep studying. My instructors sorta scared me with stories about people who made it all the way to the final then failed because they forgot a lot of the stuff they had learned in school car while yard and road posting.
  3. Finished up final day of classroom stuff and start yard posting on Monday. It seemed like it took forever to get to this point but at the same time everything seems to be going by so quickly, I can't wait.
  4. Today was my first day in the yard and real official day of training, it was so much fun. I was talking to one of my TSS' about being extra-extra and getting an assigned route. They said that there would be around 140+ people under me on the seniority list and we would get placed relatively quickly. I assume for that to happen, they would have to hire for December also. But that is just a guest.
  5. Yeah, today was my first day in the gym. Thanks for the tip and trust me I've been doing just that, I'm not there to question their authority at all. It just seemed unfair to yell at people who were basically doing what they were told, except they were told wrong. Also I feel bad for the people nodding off, why wait five years for this opportunity if you are just going to sleep it away? But I get the feeling this is they type of job where you cant really worry about others actions or try to look out for others without it coming back and biting you.
  6. Something happened; a track worker, who's bag of tools feel off the elevated tracks and basically took him with them. They weren't too clear on how badly he was injured. At first it sounded like he died, but then it seemed like he may have just been injured.
  7. Nothing with wheels, nothing with straps, nothing that you can sling over your shoulder. Basically either a duffel bag or a tool bag. I have a feeling the class I'm in has gotten a rep for being knuckle heads with the TSS' so they are going extra hard. Thanks to these forums I've been point and on time. But from people wearing jeans and sneakers on a daily basis, to people constantly nodding off... I'm pretty sure two or three guys aren't even going to last long enough to even take a crack at the signal test. How was your orientation week? The first three days for us were filled with misinformation and just a lack of communication. Like the sheet that they gave us when they hired us that laid out the first week... almost half the sheet was not only wrong (times and locations), but also didn't specify a dress code.
  8. Nope... I'm in the same class. They basically told us no backpacks and nothing with straps. It's been an interesting first week, a little disorganized. It wasn't until today when we first met our TSS' that we saw some order. I can't wait to really start class where its just us and our TSS'. They seem to really have their stuff together.
  9. They keep it on file for 90 days, but they will call you in before that 90 day period is up to take another DT or to come in for the full medical. For Me I took two pre-screening drug test's about sixty days in-between each other, after the second test I was call backed within about a week to go in for a full medical. Today was my first day of orientation. It was just a ton of information and filling out forms for 401k, health insurance, vision, dental, medical etc... Then there was the basic Equal Employment Opportunity stuff they go through at any job (sexual/mental/physical) harassment. Not to mention speeches from everyone who were just plain drilling into everyone's head not to mess up on silly stuff (lateness, abuse of sick days). It's crazy just how much administrative stuff they have to go through with you. We were there for eight hours, and although at times it went slow I felt like I could have stayed there a little while longer just to make sure I got all my paper work right. Everything seems to humming along now.
  10. Thanks, I'm itching to start. I tried to read through the School Car Experience thread but there is so much lingo that its difficult to parse. So I guess I'll just have to wait to experience it first hand. I hope the vets don't get too annoyed if I re-ask certain questions. As for driving I've decided to just take the train. Once I saw how hectic it would be to find a spot, I'd rather just get up an hour or so earlier and just to eliminate any frustration. I'm lucky enough to live right off of the 6, hopefully that luck will continue when I get placed in a div.
  11. Just got back from the medical. Everything went swimmingly. I'm in the Sept 29th school car. list #291*
  12. I got the call to go in on Thursday for the medical/interview. My list number is 291*. They ask me to go in on Wednesday but had to ask for another day. Do they let you know right then and there if you are accepted into training? If I do get to start in the September School car, it'll be one hell of a birthday present.
  13. I'm not too concerned about medical. I was curious about education history, I have college credits spread out between a few colleges but no degrees. I was thinking of just leaving off any of the college that I did take since I don't have a degree anyway and just random credits here and there. I spoke to one of the people there and she said I should put it in. But I'm not sure if she misunderstood why I was asking to leave it off. Also do you have to provide transcripts?
  14. I went in on Tuesday 8/19/14. It turns out both letters I received were just errors, the starting salary is as you guys said. I went in for just another drug test since my last one was so close to being expired. The only tip that I can give is to get there early. The first time I went I was 3rd in line this time I was 4th. Both times I got there about a half-hour to 45 mins early and both times I was out within 90 mins. The bulk of that time was waiting to give a urine sample. Since everyone goes to the same office to do the DT from pre-interviews to MTA vets fresh from vacation they do a first come first serve basis. Also if you don't want to get put on hold for the pre-interview make sure all parking tickets and driving violations are taken care of. They can't proceed if anything is pending. I can't stress that part enough. I saw one guy get put on hold between his first and second DT because he had gotten a ticket that wasn't taken care of between that time. You don't want something as silly as a moving violation keeping you from getting to the next step.
  15. Just to be clear the second letter I received wasn't for the medical. It was just telling me to come in for another preliminary drug test since my first DT will expire in September. Although the person I spoke to the first time I went in told me that I would only be contacted by phone from that point on.

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