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  1. Happy Birthday, wishing you all the best!

  2. I will support renaming Hoyt-Schermerhorn "The Michael Jackson Station" only if they rename Bergen Street station after me.
  3. I picked up a matted reproduction of a 1950s (?) era Hagstrom IND map at the Transit Museum store today. Will get it framed.
  4. Rule 1050.9© regarding photography only applies on NYC Transit property, such as subway stations or certain bus terminals. On the street, you're free to take photos of anything you want, and there isn't anything that people can do to stop you.
  5. 3800 was on display at the 2008 roadeo and someone put up the "Bx7" sign.
  6. Nice map. Do you have the real version of Azkidenz-Grotesk, or a clone? I ask because the "real" version costs upwards of $800, while the "Basic Commercial" clone is only $129.
  7. They're both roughly the same size. In fact, the DesignLine bus is a bit bigger than the Orion VII NG (compare 42 feet with 41.2 feet.) And what great features are we talking about? :confused:
  8. It would be nice if Gleason received the next-generation Orion VIIs (after all, I ride the B75 from time to time) but I would rather see them go to depots such as Ulmer Park or Jamaica that currently have no low-floor buses, for maximum accessibility. Most of Gleason's fleet is low-floor already except for the Orion V CNGs.
  9. Ooh, I like that one... very simple and minimalistic.
  10. The DesignLine actually appears to have Horizon signs, at least on the front. The sidesign might be a Titan sign but I'm not completely sure.
  11. I've eaten at the pictured In-N-Out several times -- always at an outdoor table.
  12. Not only that, the second photo of the R42 has the in Helvetica -- that's somewhat of a rarity, as most of the front signs are in Akzidenz.
  13. I was nearly hit by one of those deathtraps a few weeks ago. I was crossing a street and had the right of way, but the dollar van driver didn't even notice me and sped past within inches of me. Unfortunately, I didn't get the plate number.
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