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  1. I already know how things may turn out. But whatever, just dropping a line for everyone in general.... It all depends on what time of day your going. I'm going based on Midday and Weekday. Rush hour varies all the time. The Bx7 starting around 246th St / Pkway Service Rd to 207th should be about 20min The Bx12 SBS should take about 20-25min to get to Williamsbridge Road. Depends on the traffic as well, since its usually heated between Bainbridge Ave and Bathgate Ave (Also between Belmont and White Plains Rd due to Fordham/US1 road work in the Bronx Park). But the heat is mainly Rush Hour. The walk, depends on how fast you walk. Should take about 10-15min. Me I can make it in 5 to 10min. While there is also the Express bus, you still got to deal with higher headways, unlike the Local. But its what ever flavor you prefer. How do you know if he lives near the Bx9? Riverdale is within a hill, while the Bx9 is in the bottom of it near Van Cortlandt.
  2. Traffic on 72nd Street isn't that bad if its just North of Broadway and looping. The M57 doesn't get tied, when looping. If it does, its not for too long compared to 59th Street. As for 66th Street, you will still need to deal with some traffic, especially from 10th and 11th Avenues, which is where the most headache is at.
  3. BTW just so I didn't confuse anyone. When I mean packed, I mean that seats are taken. Unless you share, but even at that point is still Standing room only, which doesn't mean the train is packed all the way, like the Subway. Good Luck QM1to6ave btw!
  4. Nothing but Genesis (With Amfleet/Shoreliners) that I took recently along Metro-North / Amtrak's Empire Corridor aka Hudson River Line. And some extras! Enjoy =)! Single from CT (NEC's NH - SPG Branch) Beacon-Newburgh Bridge Vintage NY Central Sign Videos: MNCR/Amtrak at Garrison & Beacon Railroad Station
  5. You do realize that while routes like the Bx11, Bx35, Bx36 are crosstown routes, they are just Crosstown within the South Bronx or just portions of the Bronx and not end to end. Others: West Bronx (More of a perfect Crosstown): Bx6 (West and Central Bronx) Bx9 (Running on West/East Kingsbridge Rd & E. Fordham Rd [Not Perfect]) Bx10 (Somewhat, with going North and South [Not Perfect]) Bx11 (Bx35 (South Bronx only) Bx19 (South Bronx only) Bx21 (Somewhat Crosstown but in a diagonal form [Not Perfect]) Bx22 (Kingsbridge / Fordham [Not Perfect]) Bx33 (Port Morris) Bx36 (West and Central Bronx [similar to the Bx6]) Central and East Bronx: Bx5 Bx16 Bx26 Bx28 / Bx30 / Bx38 (Gun Hill) Q44 (West Farms to Throgs Neck) End to End: Bx4/4A (While not directly hitting ends, its still goes Crosstown from The Hub to the Square) Bx12 Bx40/42 (Makes that turn around Maclay Ave, which E. Tremont Ave goes Southeast to Throgs Necl) For your question. Yeah the Bronx and Manhattan do share street numbering, some alignment along West Bronx, etc. The rest of it (Central/East Bronx) are not properly aligned. This is why the Crosstown routes has an odd routing for most of them. Its like how the "West" and "East" is divided. Jerome Avenue (like 5th Ave) is the divider. For getting to Morris Park, its all on you. Frankly its like saying how to get from City Island to Port Morris, with 3 transfers. Your best answer is just utilizing the Bx7 to the Bx12 for the Bx8. Heh if I were at Riverdale going Morris Park, I wouldn't even need the Bx8, already use to walking a lot. Just take the Bx7 to the Bx12, and I'd be good. BTW you could also use the Bx30/Bx38 which also share parts of the route with the Bx28. You'd get and empty ride at start with the Bx30/Bx38 starting at Norwood, unlike the Bx28 starting in Fordham (except late nights, which ends at Norwood).
  6. I didn't see this on Westchester County's website. And why would they convert a Rail Trail info a bus ROW for if the county doesn't have the money. Central Park Avenue BRT corridor funds hasn't even made it into the table at least.
  7. Well both Bus and Trains has its pros and cons. When it comes to buses, who knows if the Lincoln Tunnel/NJ495 is tied up. Thats just like the NEC's North River Tunnels. Except there are three tubes to carry traffic.. But likely it shouldn't be that bad, like the train since most of the crowd will be going inbound. And as QJ says, depends on the time of day this is happening. Try out both, and see what the outcomes are.
  8. Based on my AM experiences when heading down the Corridor sometimes, the AM Rush Hour service on NJT NEC Line isn't bad. Never had an issue with trains being delayed. If you wanna avoid delays, get on the right train, and the right time. Knowing anything on the Northeast Corridor can cause you to be late. Crowd related..... You may deal with some crowd at NYP and NWK Penn, but after that, things get smooth. Northbound IS where the headache is at. Heh even from looking out of my NEC train passing Harrison PATH its packed as hell, with people heading inbound. Train coming into the station, its already full. If you wanna deal with less crowd, just get to the first few cars of the train (Some trips have the Quiet car, which is the first car exclusively) You just better hope you get a Multilevel, if you end up with a Comet or Arrow (Non- MLV), surely its gonna get packed. As for your outlet question. the NJT trains don't come with outlets at every seat. Likely you will need to check the car ends or around the doors for that. The problem with slow service is due to the North River Tunnels being just two tubes. There is a LOT of trains combined using those tubes in and out. (Amtrak Acela, NER, Silver Star/Meter, Keystone, etc.. NJT's NEC, NJCL, M&E/MBL [w/branches] ). They require bunching, with Amtrak getting priorities always. There are even times when BOTH tubes have to be used for inbound or even outbound service, which causes delays. NEC Line itself will get back to normal south of Liberty Airport. If a slow down occurs, Amtrak could be the reason... Priorities. Especially between New Brunswick and Princeton JCT, where meet ups usually occur. Back to the tunnel, which also plays a role. This is why I hope to see the Gateway Tunnel come in. It has to happen to lower the overly capacitated tunnels being used. Plus with Amtrak having a vision for High Speed service, not happening unless the new tubes are in. For the MLV. the NEC sees a lot of the Multilevel sets everyday. The RVL is another. But both at times would use the comets mixed in. Arrows, mainly NEC I see em. NJCL mainly uses the Comets, but also at times MLV. They do have short-turns along the Coast Line however. South Amboy and Matawan (Electric only). Not sure if trains are also stored along the Corridor.
  9. And... I'd like to know how a person spilled coffee on the roll sign? THIS pretty much covers it... http://talk.nycsubway.org/perl/read?subtalk=490411 (Edit) And also this somewhat: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/35357-question-about-the-r110b/?do=findComment&comment=542903
  10. I may not have an Old map. But I do have a track map (2009) of the MNCR EOH, which also includes the WOH, Freedom Tunnel/Empire Corridor, Abandon Stations and some extras: Download Zip file, extract .PDF and open with PDF Reader: http://www.mediafire.com/?65nx8w6bj3w9gvp
  11. I didn't hear about this. Where you got this from? All I know is about the Rockland / Westchester TappenZee Project.
  12. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will propose a ban on Styrofoam, the substance commonly used for take-out food containers that is almost impossible to recycle. The mayor who has already targeted fat, sugar and salt in the city will turn to extruded polystyrene foam, saying it clogs up landfills, does not biodegrade and might harm human health. Bloomberg will raise the proposal in his final State of the City speech on Thursday. The city provided reporters an advance text of the speech on Wednesday. Bloomberg, in his 12th year as mayor, has made public health and sustainability hallmarks of his three terms in office, and he has taken aim repeatedly at the fast-food industry - most recently in his controversial plan to bar the sale of large portions of sugary soda, which goes into effect next month. Styrofoam, he says, should go the way of lead-based paint, which the city banned from residential use in 1960. An estimated 20,000 tons of Styrofoam enter the city's waste stream each year, and it can add an estimated $20 per ton to the cost of recycling because it needs to be removed from the recycling stream, the city said. "After all, we can live without it. We may live longer without it. And the doggie bag will survive just fine," the text of Bloomberg's speech says. More: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/13/16954882-new-york-city-mayor-wants-to-ban-styrofoam?lite
  13. Thats why the 2009 South Ferry was opened, to handle more cars. The Old loop can't be extended. Even if it were possible, you will have gaps around. I also heard the fare control was removed.
  14. You never said Wheelchair. But regardless, you may need an elevator at the loop (Dk how that will work..), even if alternatives are in place. You don't want to hear Wheelchaired passengers (again don't know the numbers) complaining for no direct access to the line. Yeah it may not happen so soon, but who knows if that I'll happen. People always complain for so much BS, even the littlest.
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