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  1. More than two years later, the answer might be...maybe? Seems there's finally some small (growing?) recognition of just how much they overreacted with the timers. https://www.villagevoice.com/2018/03/13/the-trains-are-slower-because-they-slowed-the-trains-down/ https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/05/09/nyregion/subway-crisis-mta-decisions-signals-rules.html
  2. Hi folks, Hoping anyone who knows a bit about DM30AC operations on the LIRR could provide some information on the changeover from electric to diesel power and vice-versa. When/where does the changeover generally occur? Do they operate in electric mode only in and around the East River tunnels and switch to diesel as soon as possible eastbound/as late as possible westbound? Or do they operate in electric mode as much as possible where electrification is present? Also, does the changeover occur at line speed or only while stopped? Asking in part because I know Metro North and Amtrak's P32AC-DMs operate in electric mode as little as possible -- even though (in the case of MNR) electrification extends all the way to Croton-Harmon and Southeast on the Hudson and Harlem lines, a northbound train will switch to diesel before hitting the Bronx. At least one unofficial source I found attributed this to operational restrictions due to the need to draw power for the entire train from low-voltage third rail from one locomotive, with the resulting high current causing lots of arcing and possible damage. Consistent with this is the fact that NJT's ALP-45DPs operate in electric mode from 25 kV AC catenary and don't have this restriction. So I'm wondering if it also applies to the DM30ACs.
  3. But why are there so many timers along there? It's pretty straight overall. Such severe restriction seems unnecessary. Are timers really necessary anywhere there's a switch, even if the train isn't diverging?
  4. A weekday night run from 59th to 125th on the is scheduled at 8 minutes. That's only 3 minutes faster than a local run, even though it skips 7 stops. By comparison, over on Broadway, the / from 34th to 96th (which is about the same distance -- ~3.3 miles compared to ~3.4) is also scheduled at 8 minutes, even though there are two intermediate stops. And it does seem while riding that the trains never hit the same speeds as they do between, say, 14th and 34th, even though that's a much shorter trip. It's also pretty straight. Same deal southbound -- seems like trains start braking for 59th all the way back at 81st. Is there any particular reason for that? Is the track in worse shape or something?
  5. After some further checking around, I think they have reduced it to one, an AM westbound, as of a couple of months ago. Can anyone confirm that? Why do they even run any trains along there at all? I hardly see the point. It seems like it would be more efficient to run that one train through Hunterspoint. Unless maybe there's some reason they have to keep it active because of some sort of regulation or something... Does anyone know?
  6. What exactly is the service schedule on the Lower Montauk Branch? I read somewhere that there is only one (passenger) train a day on weekdays, but Messino indicated that there are at least more than one: Is one of them the westbound morning train listed here that leaves Jamaica at 8:11 and gets to LIC at 8:34? (It's the only one listed in the LIC timetable that doesn't stop at Hunterspoint.)
  7. How strictly do most conductors apply the rules about bikes on LIRR trains? If I and two friends, each of us with a bike, were on an electric train on a weekday (on a train where bikes were permitted and with bike permits), would they really make us go to separate ends of the train, as per these rules ("Weekdays: 4 bicycles per train - 2 in the first car and 2 two in the last car")? What about on a weekend diesel train ("Weekends: 1 bicycle per car; maximum 8 per train") -- would we have to go into separate cars, or might they be lenient?
  8. Next time I get up there, sure, but I don't ride Metro-North very often.
  9. According to http://www.nydailynews.com/archives/news/2006/07/07/2006-07-07_oh__l__not_enuf_trains___ta_.html, because they thought 212 cars would be enough to handle ridership on the L, but population and ridership grew faster than they expected, especially in Williamsburg.
  10. Took a GPS device on an LIRR trip from Hicksville to Penn to record the speed of the train. Here's a graph: (stops were, from left to right, Westbury, Mineola, Merillon Avenue, Hillside Facility, Jamaica, Woodside) Between Merillon Avenue and Hillside (~7.5 to ~13.5 mi on the graph) you can see he was edging 80 mph but never actually hit it -- the highest along there was 79.5. The place where it shows 82 mph is between Jamaica and Woodside, although that was probably just my GPS device (without smoothing it showed 89 mph, which I doubt), and then for the rest of the way between Jamaica and Woodside he was doing 77-79. Here's a GPX file of the trip, which you can open in Google Earth (right click and "Save Target/Link As..." then drag it onto the map screen): http://blastobutter42.drivehq.com/Hicksville to NYP.gpx. It shows the track and (if you check "Create clickable image for track and route points") you can see the speed at each point (in km/h -- divide by 1.6 for mph).
  11. How much is the Central Branch between the Ronkonkoma Branch and the Montauk Branch used? Is it ever used regularly?
  12. What about if there was a Metro North train coming from New Haven and there was some problem at Pelham such that they couldn't use any of the tracks? Would they be sent into Penn Station via the Northeast Corridor line? (It's the same overhead catenary, right?)
  13. Is there a track map anywhere of the Amtrak and Metro-North tracks in the NYC area?

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