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  1. Most of the time yes, as the and already cover the local tracks.
  2. Whenever it’s rerouted to run on Lex, it usually runs express.
  3. See below. My mistake. I misread your post. As for the along CPW, it only ran up there as a supplement due to the GO. If anyone is wondering, no, it will not become a normal thing.
  4. Bro, the trains in that video are all R160s. The only R179 is the towards the end.
  5. IIRC, the tracks on the Manhattan Bridge were still undergoing repairs, so there was no way to run either service into Brooklyn.
  6. Very stupendous! Excellent variety of different car types!
  7. Hold off on this for the moment. That bus is currently working the S48.
  8. The stops it skips have high ridership and because the is maxed out in terms of frequency, there cannot be any more added express trips without making cuts somewhere.
  9. They might have needed that bus to fill an extremely late or missing trip. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but sometimes that’s how service has to be made. It’s not the first time that has occurred.
  10. I think this was said already, but 8185 is still at CA. Currently working the S40.
  11. In addition, bring an umbrella if you have one.
  12. The uses up to 7-8 R46s during the rush, so it’s nothing unusual.
  13. I can’t say for sure, but probably. EN only had those LFS as a placeholder for their RTS.

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