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  1. There’s nothing wrong with using the older codes. In fact, the original names are still used internally. It’s not worth stressing over.
  2. I would give this some time before it’s officially declared a transfer. I know someone mentioned spotted working the , but there have been times where cars moved and then returned to its original yard.
  3. It’s running hourly to coincide with the Staten Island Ferry, which also had its schedule reduced. Source: http://www.mta.info/status/subway/SIR/26478518
  4. Someone might be able to explain this better but, those codes were the programs and the reason for they show is either due to some R46 never receiving the upgrade or the update didn’t transfer to their LCD displays.
  5. 466 I think was involved in a derailment some years back. Not sure about 399.
  6. Reduced service for NJT routes are up: https://www.njtransit.com/sf/sf_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=BusHolidaysExtraTo
  7. I’ve had a lucky streak with catching suburban NABIs lately: -5423 on the 25 this past Friday -5415 on the 37 (currently riding)
  8. Most likely not. There will be enough R160s to handle it.
  9. Gotcha. I mixed up those with the ones we use in American Airlines.
  10. The Line. “Fox” is nato code for “F” Some examples: Alpha or Apple = Bravo = Charlie = Delta = Echo = Fox or “Foxtrot” = Gulf or George = Hotel =
  11. It isn’t speculation as @Dj Hammers confirmed it himself. According to him, it takes time for what happens on the road to reflect new assignments.
  12. I don’t recall that car being in any accident. It might just be there for SMS.
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