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  1. “C” for Combination of running through both Lower Manhattan and Midtown.
  2. The oldest ones are from 2008, so they can legally retire next year as they’ll hit 12 years.
  3. They don’t have much of a choice but to fix the issues.
  4. While you have a point, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that homelessness is really becoming a major issue in the subway.
  5. Here’s to your speedy recovery.✊🏾 On another note, no other deliveries have been made so far, at least to my knowledge.
  6. For the , it’s: W- Broadway Lcl W- Astoria-Ditmars W- Broadway Lcl W- Whitehall St As per DJ Hammers’ video above.
  7. Yes, this is what I was going for. I’m also of the belief that routes should show last stops and first pickup stops. On another note: I’d like to see your spreadsheet if possible.
  8. I would wait until these trains are actually spotted in service in their new yards before declaring them transfers. Cars not assigned to CI often go there for maintenance, or repairs, as stated above.
  9. : You got to Bedford Park Blvd money? In all seriousness, I think they should do it also.
  10. Something I noticed, but I don’t think I mentioned here: The S53, S57, S59, and S66 all begin their routes in Port Richmond by traveling right on Park Ave, right on Church St, then left on Port Richmond Av, however the S57 is the only one of the four routes that shows this on it’s timetable pdf file. Has anyone else spotted errors like this?
  11. They fixed it. The schedule now shows the last trips leaving Ditmars Blvd and Whitehall St at 21:26 and 22:14 respectively.
  12. How does the 39 turn around in Irvington? Do all the trips pull into the garage or do they U-turn?
  13. I’m not saying he did. It’s just that I was piggybacking off of what TM5 said. He decided to take it personal, so I’m not entertaining it any further.
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