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  1. Not quite. If any incident or planned work occurs on or near the bridge, then the gets rerouted through the tunnel, which happens every now and then. TA doesn’t want to risk that.
  2. Those issues were fixed as more 179s have been delivered and placed into service on the .
  3. None of the NGs are staying as the incoming LFS’ will be a bus-for-bus replacement. TA wants all the hybrids off the island. YU should be fine with five less buses since the summer pick is only just over two months away.
  4. I noticed that a few days ago too. Maybe there is scheduled 7:00pm trip and it just wasn’t added to the schedule.
  5. As for part of the revised tunnel closure, yes. Trains will run every 8 minutes instead of every 10. The isn’t getting R46s. If anything, they’ll throw an extra R68 set or two.
  6. I certainly don’t miss them. Their A/C was crap, doors opened and closed too slowly, and their structural issues don’t help them either. I’m glad they’re gone.
  7. There’s no set schedule as it can run at anytime.
  8. The LFS being delivered to QV are direct bus-for-bus replacements for the Orion 7s.
  9. No service between Broadway Junction and Canarsie.
  10. I think he meant the longest route out of QV.
  11. I’m at Sutphin now, just saw a train come in and it still slowed before it entered.
  12. No, trains entering that station always slow to a crawl even if there’s nothing ahead.

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