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  1. S78 via Hylan

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Seriously. Why change them?
  2. It was said that some of the routes will run twice as frequent as they currently do. They should be fine.
  3. S78 via Hylan

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I like his attitude, but like most posters here, we’re skeptical of any actual change because we’ve been promised better service before and very little to nothing has been done. On top of that, the fares keep increasing.
  4. I remember a few as well: The S51 used to display “LINCOLN AV” on top with “RICHMOND RD” on the bottom before “GRANT CITY”. The B26, B52, and B54 currently say “RIDGEWOOD TERM” when they used to show “RIDGEWOOD WYCKOFF AV” (“PALMETTO ST” for the B52)
  5. S78 via Hylan

    R179 Discussion Thread

    They’re displacing the R32s to the as the R143s will likely remain.
  6. I think the “Via Grimes Hill” works just fine.
  7. Bro, these thread titles you keep making aren’t funny if that’s what they’re supposed to be...
  8. S78 via Hylan

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Fixed. The route belongs to the .
  9. S78 via Hylan

    New York City Subway car listing

    Something to note about that: If a specific train class is seen in a different yard or on tracks where it normally doesn’t run, let’s not assume it’s an automatic transfer. If that train is seen operating in service, then that’s a different story. As most of us have seen, various moves are made for yard work, training, SMS, brake testing, etc.
  10. S78 via Hylan

    New York City Subway car listing

    That’s odd. I rode that on the yesterday.
  11. I hope they don’t add back too many stops. Express routes shouldn’t be stopping every 2-3 blocks on the island like the local buses do.
  12. There’s this trend of wanting to eliminate (or even reduce) service, and I can’t understand why. Yes, many of the bus routes are outdated, but I don’t we should be so quick to just chop away routes as the perfect solution. Just looking at some of these proposals tell me that a lot of you either don’t ride the routes very often, or just look at a map and decide what should run where. If you’re going to propose reductions or cuts, put yourselves in the passengers’ shoes and think about how they would be impacted. End of rant.
  13. If I had to guess, the routes would most likely remain where they are. It should look something like this: Castleton: SIM3, SIM22, SM32, SIM35 Charleston: SIM2, SIM4, SIM8, SIM25, SIM26, SIM31 Meredith: SIM15, SIM30, SIM33, SIM34 Yukon: SIM1, SIM5, SIM6, SIM7, SIM10 Also, I’ve been chatting with my Yukon B/O friend, and he said that the operators would soon be trained to drive and learn the new routes. He also said that August 19 could be a system pick for the Staten Island division, which would run through January. Not fully confirmed, though.
  14. S78 via Hylan

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Most of the folks here are used to the setup. I’ve lived off the line for three years and counting.
  15. S78 via Hylan

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    @Via Garibaldi 8 Here’s a list of brand new buses Queens has received over the years: 2009-10: Orion 7 NG Hybrids for Casey Stengel, Jamaica, JFK, LaGuardia 2011: Nova LFS, XD40, Orion (30 of each to QV) 2012: Nova LFSA: Casey Stengel 2011-12: New Flyer C40LF CNG: College Point 2013: MCI D4500CT coaches: Queens Village 2015 XD40: Casey Stengel 2015-16 Nova LFS: Jamaica, Queens Village 2015-16 New Flyer XD60: JFK, Baisley Park 2016-17 New Flyer XD60: Casey Stengel, JFK, LaGuardia


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