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  1. Let’s be realistic here, transit isn’t going to spend any extra money they don’t feel they need to.
  2. The uses R160s more than anything else. They sometimes run back to back. As far as assignments, I believe it uses 8-10 sets of 160s and almost the same for 179s. On a separate note, is there any reason Subway time shows the running at 8-minute headways when it’s scheduled to run every 4-6? I checked and there are no GOs or any planned work along the line for this weekend. There isn’t the first time I’ve noticed either.
  3. It’s safe to say that 6147 is official at Hilton. It appeared on the 25 numerous times and I just saw it doing a run on the 70.
  4. The GO28 operates at its current frequency because ridership isn’t high enough.
  5. Now that you’ve mentioned it, probably.
  6. My appointment was scheduled for the 14th, but I received notification via email, call, and text that it was postponed.
  7. 6147 is in NJT colors. I’ve spotted it working the 25.
  8. Probably single tracking between Bedford Park Blvd and 205 St.
  9. Same here. My status shows “passed prescreening”.
  10. Some folks would rather spend the extra money, use their personal vehicle, or even carpool to reach their destination quicker without being delayed or stuck in traffic. As it was noted, it boils down to comfort and convenience.

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