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  1. happy B-day (A)dam!

    I now look at the calendar lol.

  2. Happy Birthday


    -Orion V 9147

  3. I was thinking of a monthly Mag that show current hot topics/projects here at the forums. ( Auran Forums ) It would kinda be in these topics (No order) Big Story of Month Mod/Admin Desk (Stats of forum and Trainz.) New Members of the month Hot member (Favorite member in that month) New Releases Hot Projects Top Downloads 3rd Party Site News Most Talked about Screens Interview(s) of Month Special Page (Other stuff thats cool or something) Info about Mag (contacting, ect) What you guys think? Tell me It might start January 2008! You guys want to be in it? You will have your own page if you want. What ya think? Cheers, Adam TCS Route Builder
  4. vashedgdngegnkrwhgrpw;gnfhvrjldwg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That....is.........cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got to say magicland did some good work!

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