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  1. I thought that when they rehire off the preferred list, they have to rehire in order of seniority. I do not think it will matter if anyone went to MTA or not. They offered those positions so they did not have to pay unemployment.
  2. When you get laid off, do they give two weeks notice?
  3. The cuts are supposedly coming in two weeks, anyone hear anything about B/O getting pink slips or laid off because of these cuts?
  4. Was this a b/o exam? how can they hire in March or April if there are supposed layoffs coming?
  5. I found this: Civil Service Eligible Lists An eligible list is a ranked list of all passing candidates (those with a score of 70% or above) from a Civil Service exam. All eligible candidates are listed first in order of score, then randomly within each score. An eligible list is established for a minimum of one year and can be extended to a maximum of four years. If a list is extended, all eligible candidates will be notified in writing. Maybe this is what they meant? If so I think 6063 was for 4 years 2008-2012
  6. News says differently-this is how they got around the restraining order. http://wap.myfoxny.com/w/main/story/10952846/MTA Cuts Roaming Station Agents May 10, 2010 8:12 p.m. Last week 500 MTA station agents were set to be laid off when a judge issued a temporary restraining order saving their jobs. But the MTA has found a way around it, telling 250 agents as of first thing Tuesday morning, they're done. "The move by the MTA to notify workers was a blindside shot to get around the TRO," said John Samuleson, the president of TWU Local 100. "That's the way the MTA does business." The judge issued a temporary restraining order because the MTA was set to close 42 subway booths, thus eliminating the agents that work in them, without a public hearing in more than 18 months. So, by blocking the closures the jobs were saved. But the MTA has informed 250 agents who patrol the platforms and are not stationed in a booth that they are finished. The MTA said that its nearly $800 million budget shortfall has forced the transit authority to make these difficult cuts. But the union insists the layoffs are unnecessary and dangerous. So unless the union gets another last-minute injunction, the station agents who roam the platforms will be gone Tuesday. Those who work in the booths will have their fate decided by a judge.
  7. I thought the ones who were laid off today were roaming agents. http://www.1010wins.com/MTA-Lays-Off-Station-Agents-Despite-Judge-s-Order/7020836 MTA Lays Off Subway Station Agents Despite Judge's Order NEW YORK (AP/ 1010 WINS) -- The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has started laying off subway station agents despite a judge's order that stalled the cuts. Juliet Papa reports Transit Union officials say 266 agents have turned in their badges. More than 500 workers were slated to be laid off last week. However, a court-ordered injunction temporarily stalled the layoffs. The MTA says it can lay off 250 station agents, keep station booths manned at all times and still obey the injunction. A judge will hold a hearing tomorrow on the planned layoffs of 212 more workers. The MTA says the job cuts are necessary to close an $800 million budget gap.
  8. Any information on the rally at Penn today?
  9. So what does that mean, they took payroll deductions to ease money problems lol
  10. The wife was in payroll? They are going for adminsitrative I guess as well?
  11. That is odd, so he is the only one in your depot to get the notice? Did you by any chance get one? I am wondering because my husband's class was in August-trying to get all the inof I can about any kind of notification.
  12. Whats difference between OA & TA again? Which list did you come from?
  13. They hired up to number 7 from that list.
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