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  1. By the way gachi0909 thanks for checking in on me. I hope it will all work out. I'm really looking forward to training. I here thats not going to be easy either. But it's a good job you know. Its worth it. I hope I have what it takes to see it through. I'll give it my best pending they clear me.

  2. Hi Jacquie


    When I went down for my medical, I asked a lady named "Juanita Chestnut" The last list number she called to come down for the medical. She said about 1600.


    Thank you very much for congratulating me! Here is the number to call. 1-347-643-8237. Let me warn you. They do not pick up the phone that often and they can be very nasty. Keep calling if they don't pick up the phone. Thats what I did : ) .


    There were about 108 people today in my class. The lowest list number was 124. The highest I was able to see was 1267. There was a whole other group of 50 people that had list numbers above 1267. So basically, the rule of thumb is this: they get one out of four to actually go in the class. (People fail because of drug tests, not having a cdl permit, too many points, too many crimes etc). So by going by the 1 out of 4 ratio, they had another 50 people, and I only saw 1267, they probably called another 200-250 people just to finish my class. 1267 + 250 = 1517.


    They are calling by the hundreds. I PROMISE you that. How is it possible that my VERY GOOD FRIENDS list number was 157, mine was 825, yet we were only 2 classes apart. He went in jan 21, I went in mar 3. They are putting in a class every 2-4 weeks. Here are the classes since our list has been established. THIS IS ALL FACT- NOT SOMETHING I JUST MADE UP BECAUSE I WANT TO SOUND LIKE I KNOW EVERYTHING.


    List was established December 1st 2007.

    First class was December 17th 2007 ( I know becuase my friend Andre turned this class down.)

    Second class was January 7th. ( I got a call from another friend and said he was going in this class)

    Third class was January 21st. (This is the class Andre ended up in)

    Fourth class was Feb 4th. ( I was suppossed to be in this class, but couldn't enter because I had too many points.)

    Fifth class was Feb 18th. ( I was the cut off for this class. They weren't sure if I would make this class, it turns out my medical was sent in too late.)

    Sixth class was Mar 3rd (I showed up with bells on). - called up to list number 1600


    So Jacquie, lol as you can see by my unnecessary long e-mail, by the rate they are going you r husband should be called in no time. If you have any more questions just ask. Once again, thank you for the congrats!



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