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  1. Hey sjdmt. Well first of all I cant believe they are still calling off of my list! Well in training they are going to first take you out on an older bus. Probably the RTS. Just go very slow and do everything the instructor sais. You will be fine.

  2. Hi chris, my name is sjdmt on the forums. I'm a new memeber and i will like to know some of the things i will be doing on the training. My exam# 5025 and list# 4826. Thank you

  3. Hey Chris,

    How u doing? Hope all is well with you.


  4. Wait a second. Are you sure about this? There is a guy who retired at 53 and he is expecting his pension when he hits 55. I will look more into this but I could swear the earliest you can collect your pension is 55 regardless of how many years you put in.
  5. What are you guys ranting about? LOL. The reitirement age with a pention is 55, but you can retire after 25 years. They will freeze your pension until you hit 55. 25/55 thats it. Exam 2501 is A MABSTOA list.
  6. Its Official NOTICE: To anyone waiting to get called as a bus operator. The city plans on hiring 140 drivers every month till the end of the year (2009). Out of that 140, between 70-100 will pass. All five boroughs are going through major changes in order to bring in a massive amount of new bus operators. Staten Isand is short almost 50 as of today 6-17-09. Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx are re-picking depots in order to even out the amount of drivers each depot is short. If your waiting on list number 5025, expect to be called literally tomorrow. For theose waiting on test number 8006,
  7. Chris did you get my e-mail that I sent you?

  8. Hey. Ive been great. 494 is a great number. You will be one of the first called. Who is Roy?

  9. Hey Chris-hope all is well.. I'm Hoping the budget crap straightens out pretty soon.. My # is 494, from what I hear it's not bad. I heard about Roy, did u know him?

  10. Hey 1daysoon. I was in a qualifying class of 4. 3 out of 4 qualified. The person that didn't qualify, failed because he left the bus in reverse before he checked the back to see if there was anything behind him. If you don't get nervous you will be fine. That kid was so nervous day 7.
  11. DOB said it perfect. Enjoy the process. This is the last time in your life that you will ever have to wait for a good job. Once this is done, you are set. The big problem around the city in general is that nobody is retiring. The NYPD will not have a class in January, Sanitation is thinking about laying workers off, and then rehiring them once senior guys retire. Like I have said many times before, enjoy the process.
  12. Hey Hey. The freeze should be over any day now for Bus Operators. There are 5 guys who have retired in the last 2 weeks in my depot alone. They haven't hired since June. I am not speaking for anything other than Bus Operators. Remain patient. We are hearing that there will be one class before the end of the year and then there will be one class a month next year, rotating between list 5025 and the mabstoa list. They want to start using 8006 by next September.
  13. Hi special Kay. Nice name by the way. The first paperwork you filled out, you will not have to do again. That long 28 page paperwork stuff you would have to fill out again. If you did a drug test, you will have to do that again as well. Basically, what you did the first day, you won't havbe to do again. If you only went down one day, which I believe you did, then your fine. The process will just continue.

  14. hi chris iam new to the forum this is a great way to get MTA info.

    i took exam 2801,list#2049 MaBSTOA. i went thru the preemployment process,and

    the paper work, but i was stoped from continuing because i had to

    satisfy and old ticket and other things, they told me when i finished call

    for another appointment.this was in april when i called back they said that

    i couldnt get in the next class which was the following monday i called on a friday

    my ? is will i have to do that premployment paper work over again

    originally missed the april 9th class i have been calling since april now the freeze is on

  15. If there is anyone who is just about to become a bus operator, or who wants information about the job, please open up the threads entitled "any bus driver please read", or the thread "anyone taking test 8006". Also, you can send me a private message, and I will gladly answer it as soon as possible. Thanks you. Chris Frusci

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