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  1. Haha! Im sorry! Those Gabilla or Joshua's Coney Island Knishes are awesome! Add some mustard with a Dr. Browns Cherry Soda, and we got us the answer to the derailment. lol

  2. The board of commissions concluded that motorman Brighton Zach was'nt on his cell phone or tex messaging at the time of the crash but he was eating a kinish with salt & mustard on top. Final words of correction from the board; One should never eat a knish while negotiating a curve through a switch on Wednesday

    A response to the derailment pics.(NYCT) jazzmann steve.

  3. BMT B1 Division ( jazzmannsteve777).

  4. "Artificial Reef" the Last Stop; When a subway car closes its doors for the last time, it doesn't go to that big train yard in the sky, it goes to the utta place, down; R.I.P.(Rust In Peace).....

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