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  1. Interesting, tell me GC America isn't what it used to be in fact it is slipping in to a thrid world statis WHY GC ? what has changed ? for example look at the schools in time past the problems where running in the hall,chewing gum & talking out of place and now it's drugs ,guns, teen-pregnancy ect. WHY GC? what has changed GC? :confused:
  2. I think they will sell because it's unique equipment. I would like to see MTH make the LIRR M-1's ,R-44/46 ,R-160,R-15 & the D type (NYCT)
  3. Why didn't they just use a computer image of the plane to "MAKE" the picture instead of scaring everyone and wasting all that money for example, with the computer you could show AF1 flying in formation with the star ship Enterprise......
  4. My favorite AIRLINES are the ones that work the way they're suppose to, there's nothing worst than attempting to stop your train with a breaking system that functions poorly due to bad/clogged AIRLINES,so the AIRLINES I do'nt like are the ones that are clogged with gunk. SO DO'NT FORGET TO DRAIN THOSE AIR TANKS!!!
  5. Wow nice photos this engine is still in service,and how old is it?
  6. My thoughs and prayers go out to ALL the professional drivers that have to contend directly with the public and especially to the grieving family victimized.
  7. Haha! Im sorry! Those Gabilla or Joshua's Coney Island Knishes are awesome! Add some mustard with a Dr. Browns Cherry Soda, and we got us the answer to the derailment. lol

  8. The board of commissions concluded that motorman Brighton Zach was'nt on his cell phone or tex messaging at the time of the crash but he was eating a kinish with salt & mustard on top. Final words of correction from the board; One should never eat a knish while negotiating a curve through a switch on Wednesday

    A response to the derailment pics.(NYCT) jazzmann steve.

  9. hello Nascar; Its really quite simple, just remove the ten comandments ( for example,thou shalt not steal) and one can sleep like a baby. Don't teach, "do unto others as you would have them do to you" which was the american way but rather dog eat dog & that's your problem bub, then it will only get worse. Steve R.
  10. Hello my friend ( Metsfan Andy); Do you know where the money will come from to pay a tax on windfall profits ? It will come out of our wallets in the form of higer yet fuel prices as it allways does its federal business as usuall. Steve R.
  11. I think I woulld choose the railroad if I were you, by my opinion after having been a tractor trailer driver (and owner operater) for 22 years. In the subway you never have to contend with traffic , Irate passengers and wheather wouldn't be as great of a problem as if you were on the road. By working on the railroad you'll have a better chance of promotion to other positions like terminal dispatcher , train master or what ever.
  12. BMT B1 Division ( jazzmannsteve777).

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