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  1. Actually it is postponed till further notice just seem a bulletin released
  2. Anyone heard if they postponing this exam due to this epidemic?
  3. Hope so.. now it’s just staying off the radar till the list comes out and they call
  4. For the new test just read the bulletins and the blue rule book
  5. I heard another rumor that they going to consolidate the 8702 list with the new test. This would be so wrong if it’s true. Very frustrating
  6. Facts!! It just sucks that it’s a waiting game now for those of us that passed cause I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to get out of that seat. South Bronx takes a toll on you.
  7. I actually got a response email from the exams unit that stayed they released those text and emails in December so that ppl can know if they passed or failed and so that they can chose to apply for the new test or not based on the results.. it would had been more helpful with a list put together already but we talking about MTA 😂 . From everything I heard we will be called from this short list.. the talk about throwing out the list or not calling is nonsense they only throw out a test if their is proof that there was wide spread cheating the list is short so if anything they will probably send it out after this test date next month
  8. Not really if this list doesn’t have that many they will need to have access to more names .. the next test won’t be graded fir another year
  9. They have to hire ppl off the list. From what I’m hearing it’s a small list that’s y another test was administered so fast and they extended the list from the previous test. If the list is 79 from what I’ve heard from numerous sources than they prob will get 45 that actually qualify for it
  10. Exactly it’s a civil service issue if they threw it out . I wouldn’t be surprised if they postponed the test that’s coming up next month thou
  11. Hopefully by summer time list 8702 will be established.
  12. I know what u mean I’m like if you basically told ppl who passed and failed based on preliminary results it should be fairly quick on making a list cause the test is graded already. Out of those ppl u figure out how many points they get for years and make the list.
  13. Hope they call from both lists cause what was the point of notifying people pass or fail a few weeks ago. I know this list on exam 8702 is really short so that might be the reason
  14. Anyone know when Dcas sending these results? After the holidays?
  15. I had a dispatcher in the depot tell me that only 80 something pass and everyone barring your in good standing will be called off this short list that’s the reason they put a test out so quick. They know some ppl might be on sick control so they prob won’t get all 80. Im Curious to how many questions were given back and I heard it’s graded on a curve
  16. Honestly I’m trying to decide on if I’m filing for that next test.. I passed this one but I’m not trying to get caught out there in case something goes wrong.. MTA funny like that as we all know
  17. It goes by your record no major suspensions or write ups of disruption of service, can’t be in sick control and can’t have excessive unsubstantiated sick days ( meaning no doctor note) if you guys ha e the MTA app that shows your work check on the leave time column it shows your sick status if it’s good or bad. I’m just waiting for this list. I heard rumors that only 80-100 passed but don’t know how true that is without an actual list
  18. What source? I’m all but feeling like they going to cancel it cause it’s been almost two years since we took the test and it’s another test filing period coming up in December. U heard November they releasing a list?
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