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  1. I remember the woman saying to bring all the paperwork in the blue folder that day. Does anyone know where to find the info on the brake test just want to refresh my memory...:cool:
  2. I am not sure what number but I had reinstated my number so I m not sure I think it might be 1900
  3. Just got sworn in on Monday start at Zerega on the 26. Looking foward to it...:cool:
  4. I hope not either but you have to have a positive outlook on the situation...
  5. :cool:Went to livingston street today took UA and was sent home awaiting phone call.
  6. Any movement thats anyone heard. Reenstated number hopefully hear something soon. :cool:
  7. I am waiting for the reinstated number to come up for 8006 and in the mean time recieved letter from 2901 to repoert tp Livingston. I currently work for ems and am looking to switch over any suggestions would be appreciated. Id like to work in staten island but if i dont no big deal. thax ahead of time:confused:
  8. What was your list number? I was 645 and went last week to reinstate my name on list. good luck
  9. Does city time on a different civil service job count on the transit system employment
  10. I am with and my list # was passed up already i was 650 any ideas about calling them to get hired does any one have the number. thanks
  11. I currently work for NYFDEMS and want to be a operator is this possible
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