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  1. Shuttles and More (Fall - Part 3)

    I've always hated the fact that they stopped painting the blue stripe onto the doors but... that looks ghastly. And inconsistent since they painted the front door.
  2. R188 Discussion Thread

    Why not? Some of the old ones are on their way to being illegible, even though it's common sense to know where the train is going.
  3. My uncle sent me this photo yesterday morning. Says he found it underneath the 61st St-Woodside station.
  4. R211 Discussion Thread

    8 per car. Based on the simulation of the "flexible" FIND I'm going to assume it's just an LCD display... so honestly it's not as brilliant as it seems. It's just programming. Besides the Japanese have had that kind of above-door flexible information display for years now (although maybe not as large a display), so this is just the MTA playing catch-up.
  5. Tan + yellow doesn't work. Might as well go full NTT and paint the interior white with blue seats.
  6. New Refurbished Standing Room R160 Train

    I'm OK with the racing stripes on the lead cars of each set. I'd rather a single stripe across the waist of the rest of the cars a la pre-GOH R44/46, rather than covering the entire window area. They had a chance to reintroduce a classic look and they blew it. Are they trying to make the cars look like a pediatric ward? Because that's what it feels like with those interior wraps. It was fine when the art was confined to the art cards on the inside of the destination signs, but this is too much for me.
  7. New Subway Pilot: Standing-Room-Only cars

    In other words, the Nike modus operandi. I've been wondering what an "interior refresh/refurbishment" would look like on all of the older cars--especially the R62s and R68s--similar to what Transport for London does with their older stock from time to time, considering that the last time the MTA did anything similar was during the GOH. (That means that every non-NTT car currently has the same interior scheme it had at least 25 years ago!) But if this kind of color scheme is what we're going to get... hard pass.
  8. R188 with Full Length LED Side Sign

    You'll have to ask someone who knows why, then. I suspect it's as much historical reasons as anything else, but there has to be an operational reason too. I mean, if you know what the lines are, you'd know exactly where that train is going without ambiguity, but you're right in that most people are most familiar with the routes, so it doesn't really matter to the average straphanger with a few exceptions.
  9. R188 with Full Length LED Side Sign

    Same reason every 6 train displays "LEXINGTON AV LCL", it's the name of the line the 7 travels on. Of course the 7 is isolated, but if it ran on a different line as well as Flushing you'd see something else too.
  10. R188 Discussion Thread

    "If it still works..." And I get the feeling they probably have a large stock of fluorescent lamps as well. But if they could switch the entire fleet (and all the stations) over to LED tube lamps, considering how much more energy efficient LEDs are over fluorescents, they'll realize a huge cost savings eventually, even if the purchasing cost is higher.
  11. In terms of that issue, and that issue only, what about a rope-based system like this one? https://youtu.be/ITr2NdmWWI4?t=17s As you can see multiple doors fit behind one rope section so you don't have to be as precise with the stanchion placement. (EDIT: Also, if you go back to the beginning of that video there's a segment with movable half-height doors. The Japanese had the same problem with the different door placements and these are two of their solutions.) There's also a different version where the conductor controls when the ropes block the train off: https://youtu.be/1sGtbRSCLQQ?t=4m25s Of course, this does nothing about cost (although I would suspect it's cheaper than full doors), and forget about climate control. You'd also be restricted to stations where the ropes can lift high enough to clear the doors fully, but it seems these are only installed at outdoor stations anyway. I'd actually argue that Mets-Willets point is a better place. 1. It's lightly trafficked besides game days. 2. There's a mostly unused, full length platform in the station. 3. You can easily change the service pattern to keep full service running yet avoid the areas being worked on.
  12. I've been taking the every day for the past few months and it's been hit or miss. Had more than my fair share of hotboxes. The R62s on the seem like refrigerators in comparison. Even on the this morning--the AC was on, it was blowing OK, but I was still sweating through the whole ride. Cool enough to feel it, but not cool enough to be comfortable, and a packed train.
  13. R211 Discussion Thread

    It would seem that I am in the minority then. Even extending the cab door up into that space, to me, would clean up the look significantly. As for the front bullet, I'd do it like the R110B's front curtain sign for the and readings. But I guess my design aesthetics are different from all of yours.
  14. R211 Discussion Thread

    Not a big fan of the split front destination sign. Looks clunky to me. I'd rather they put all that information in one place, whether it's the top or the side of the door.
  15. It happens every year, now. And then they do it again if either team makes the playoffs.


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