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  1. Cuomo is giving a press conference right now, I assume about the coronavirus, and someone asked him about this interview. His response? "I never worked with Byford; I worked with Pat Foye and the board... [Byford] doesn't even run the system." And then goes on to claim that he spent months in the tunnels and on the tracks, as if that qualifies him to make decisions about the system over someone whose entire career has been in public transport.
  2. At my table on Wednesday I was the only person who said anything good to say about the plan. And I only had one good thing to say. Mostly good reviews, if the author going to cherrypick the people who had good things to say for his article.
  3. Guy's name is Ryan, not Mark. The other dude who worked on the Queens redesign, the one who I didn't speak to, is named Julian.
  4. My table did wind up talking about the express buses a little but but it did not dominate the discussion. There was a guy in another room standing in front of two boards with both the express bus map and the local bus map and apparently he was directly involved in the Queens redesign, but I didn't go over and speak to him specifically.
  5. I was told to make comments online as well but the guy at my table (the closest one in your second photo, although I was in a different session) actually had a pen and pad and was writing suggestions down--more broad suggestions rather than specific, but he filled out a whole page between the time that I arrived and the time that I left. I must not have had the same experiences you did because I felt the atmosphere at my table was generally productive. Everyone I talked to said the same thing: they were this radical in the redesign on purpose so that they would get pushback and get the public to actually come out to these things. Standard negotiating tactics.
  6. I've been leaving comments using the general feedback page and will be attending the Flushing workshop on Wednesday evening. Hopefully it will be well attended because there are bigger problems than the QT12 (i.e. Main Street corridor).
  7. Thank you for saying this. I live near the Q88 and if they go through with the QT12 the nearest bus stop to me would be around 10 minutes away and that's at a somewhat brisk pace. Add in inclement weather and you can forget it. In general I don't think there should be any red or blue routes without a corresponding green route on the same corridor, or close by going the same general direction. The QT12 is the worst example of this, as there would be no east-west local service on the HHE anymore.
  8. Honestly what they did with the Q58 is the best thing about this redesign and long overdue. If you want to get to Flushing from the Queens Boulevard subway, for example, now you don't have to deal with the long and winding Corona section and can just go straight there, and there's a real chance it'll decrease bus bunching which is still a big problem especially on the Flushing end. Too many times I've pulled up the MTA app and seen four buses in a row all 15 minutes away from me. I would, however, make it a red route instead of a blue--with the QT6 being a blue route and the QT12 being a red, my little section of Flushing has had all of its east-west local service stripped from it. There was a discussion earlier in this thread about the renaming. Boils down to either keep as many route numbers the same as possible to increase familiarity or blow the whole thing up and renumber everything and force people to learn the new routings. I can see both arguments, but I'm probably more in favor of renumbering the entire network because it would force people to actually read the map and actually learn about the new network. Mostly the same is not exactly the same. Either way, however, there's going to be people not paying attention to where they're going or what bus they're on no matter how well publicized this is...
  9. The so-called QT86 is only planned to run 17 hours a day. Every day. Also take away Q44 overnight service on weekends and now you have no service on weekend nights.
  10. If they have their way Main Street will have no bus service at all during weekend nights. I've been on Q44s much later than 9:30 that are SRO. It's ridiculous.
  11. Well yeah, but that's an obvious spacing issue. Why couldn't the 143/160 B cars have been designed with offset doors?
  12. I'm pretty sure we have 2+1 seating on most if not all (local) buses. The issue for me is the seating over the wheels on the articulateds: the New Flyers have 2+2 while the Novas go longitudinal, and because of that the New Flyers feel so cramped inside while it's so much easier to move around in an LFSA. I take the Q44 on the regular and I hated when Stengel gave up their LFSAs for New Flyers. Also regarding the lack of offset doors on B division stock--that puzzles me as well since all A division NTTs have it. Perhaps it has something to do with wider doors and a certain number of seats required?
  13. You do realize that Roosevelt Avenue is one lane in each direction + parking for pretty much all of its length under the ? If you want to keep the parking, there's no room for a bus lane; and if you choose to get rid of the parking, you're going to make quite a few people angry, not to mention lose quite a bit of parking revenue for the city because from my experience those spots are always occupied.
  14. They did that even when they plywood was up. Every time a downtown train I was on would come into the station it would stop and wait a few moments before proceeding. Never did that for 23rd St.
  15. How do you propose replacing Q58 service on 108 St and College Point Blvd? What about people who are traveling on these buses who want to go to Downtown Flushing and not just transferring to the subway?
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