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  1. Can we act like adults and not like children please? This isn't a preschool.
  2. How is the 8th Av interlocking simplified?
  3. Cuomo ruining everything, as usual. Byford did an extraordinary job, and now he's gone. Ridiculous.
  4. Extend the Bx23 to Flushing then in that case. I chose Marble Hill as a terminal to mimick the the M60-SBS so that the LGA routes serve ALL subway stations to the west of Fordham Road.
  5. When Kingsbridge had the D60HF's, they ran those things into the ground. Parts falling off, garbage piling up in the inside, I remember those days and I don't miss them one bit. I don't ride the Bx9 like I used to because of horrible the buses were and how often the bus was late, bunched, missing or a combo of the 3.
  6. What exactly is happening with the Q50 because there are multiple proposals that are contradicting each other. First in the Bronx redesign it's suppose to go to Co-op City during rush hours and Pelham Bay Park during other times as a LTD, but then in the Queens Redesign it says its suppose to end at Pelham Bay Park at all times and become an SBS route. I still say that the Q50 should be the one that goes to Fordham instead of the Q44, because that makes an easier connection between a major transit hub and LGA, like they originally wanted to do before the 2010 cuts. Pelham Bay is a horrible terminal for a new LGA route, where the only subway connection is the and the only crosstown buses being the Bx12 and Bx12-SBS. Here's how I would do it: Option 1; Q44-SBS; Parsons/Archer to Fordham Plaza (normal routing to West Farms, then via Bx9 route to/from Fordham Plaza, making SBS stops.) Q50-SBS; LGA Airport to Fordham Plaza (after Whitestone Bridge, follow new QT44 path to Fordham Plaza) Option 2; Q44-SBS; Parsons/Archer to Fordham Plaza (following new QT44 route). Q50-SBS; LGA Airport to Marble Hill-225th St (via former Q44 routing to West Farms, then via Bx9 route to/from Marble Hill, making SBS stops.) Late nights, service ends at Fordham Plaza.
  7. I was doing it for flexibility, in case one track is out of service or has an issue.
  8. I find it really stupid how they won't add a crossover in between Track 1 & 4...
  9. The Bx12SBS has to be the most poorly dispatched line in the whole entire bus network. 6 buses back to back followed by a 33 minute gap in service??
  10. I read somewhere that we are getting 18 additional R179 cars. Is this true?? And why is more 4 car sets instead of two 5 car sets and two 4 car sets?
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