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  1. Lawrence St

    Bay Ridge area politicians call for split R train

    Running the to 96th St makes further merging a problem on Broadway.
  2. Lawrence St

    Bay Ridge area politicians call for split R train

    Wasn't there a G.O sometime ago where the ran to Essex?
  3. Lawrence St

    The Official Bee-Line Thread

    Update in the Neoplan retirement list: This means that all 50X batch (except 502) buses are now retired.
  4. Lawrence St

    Bee Line Service Changes effective 4/8/19

    The last trip in the whole system is the 20, since that last trip from WP dosent finish until 2 AM. The 2-which randomly switches between Exeuctive Park and Tudor Woods-is the earliest.
  5. Lawrence St

    Bee Line Advocacy Group

    There are multiple routes that can run artics-they just choose not to. For example, some of the 13 trips should have artics, but they dont put them on there. A neo used to run on one 25 trip short turn, but that was taken out a while ago.
  6. Lawrence St

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Since the R46 and 68's are 75 feet, how come they manage to not hit each other on the 36th St curve into 9th Av on the (D)?
  7. Lawrence St

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What they would do is have the branch off from the at Rector St, and then go to St. George.
  8. Lawrence St

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How come the crosstown town was never abanonded since it was never used when Manhattan was the destination hub?
  9. So how does the B110 operate?
  10. Lawrence St

    Select Bus Service Planning

    The M14SBS was never suppose to be temporary-at least not the main part of the route.
  11. Lawrence St

    Select Bus Service Planning

    Hold up, unless the plan changed, the M14D was going to be converted to SBS, as it was in the original plan (before the shutdown even came into play) while the M14A would have remained the local. Maybe @East New York can shed some more light on this.
  12. Lawrence St

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam #9618

    that was MABSTOA I think. Is it true that for NYCT you only get to do depots in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island? I wanted to do things like the Q44 and Bx12 SBS.
  13. Seems like this is my next chance to do the bus op exam after I missed the last one. Anyone know if the test is easier then MABstoa or if they hire faster? Thanks
  14. Lawrence St

    The Official Bee-Line Thread

    Long Island? Are they NICE buses or another company?
  15. Lawrence St

    Difference between an R32 and an R38

    What did I tell you about grave digging...


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