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  1. When the operates to Bowling Green, is it to replace the or because work is being done in City Hall loop?
  2. But why? 49th St already has the and , why do all this extra non-sense?
  3. That really sucks, it's a shame it's a rule that you couldn't take the exam when you were 15 or 16.
  4. How does the probation process work? If they catch you doing something wrong, you have to redo the whole thing over?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but why not just move the weekday switching to 57th St instead of 34th St? 34th St interlocking has a low-MPH switch compared to 57th St if I remember correctly.
  6. Is there a hiring freeze right now? I know theres one for the buses.
  7. A 7 year difference??? So I shouldnt expect one to come out into 2023.
  8. When was the last conductor exam before this one?
  9. You deinterline Broadway this way but also cause a cascade of bottlenecks at 63rd St because of the constant switching between the and .
  10. Why would you have the operate via 63rd St? That causes nothing but bottlenecks.
  11. Not really, you have 149th and 167th St to store trains, as well as the and Bx6 as alternatives.
  12. Why does the have to run all the way to Woodlawn for a baseball game? Just have the work be done north of 167th St and have the end at 161st St/149th St.

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