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  1. Lawrence St

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    This I agree with. There should be no reason why it takes half an hour to relay at Forest Hills when it takes 5 minutes to relay at 168th St.
  2. Lawrence St

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    So that's why the feeds kept showing the running express, no wonder.
  3. Lawrence St

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    72nd St was suppose to be a three track station from the start, but why they changed it is beyond me. It seems to me MTA likes to build extensions fast and take out some of the good original blueprints and modify them to their liking, THEN when they finish the extension is when they realize they made a mistake and want to either add a new station (i.e 11th Av ) or modify the station later (adding a lower level at 72nd St).
  4. Lawrence St

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    I avoid QBL at all costs on the weekends. The last time I was there I got trapped on the between Queens Plaza and Jackson Heights for an hour. But the should not be the sole local on QBL, that just causes uneven ridership levels. But anyway, regarding the RBB, I honestly don't think Woodhaven needs to be converted, at least for right now. What I was thinking in terms of service is this: Extend the Rockaway Park Shuttle (now called ) from Broad Channel to Aqeduct, then over the RBB to the stations that were previously there, connect to the QBL and run local, then terminate at the upper level at Jackson Heights (that level should be repurposed as a station.) This removes the fear of making the or to long if they were extended over the RBB, still gives riders along the RBB connections to the , and gives Rockaway Park more service. And I forgot to point this out the last time I was hiking over there, most of the lines essential parts are still there, the only problem is that Ozone Park needs to be checked for structural damage, the bridge over the Mountak line I believe needs to be replaced since it no longer exists, and the line needs to be elevated at the end of Forest Park and the baseball field because of the new properties that are there. And the platforms as well, those need to be replaced and someone needs to kick that school bus company off of the Woodhaven Station site since they illegally extended their lot into the station and destroyed part of the platform.
  5. Lawrence St

    Weekend Lex Service has been a disaster.

    So do I and I agree, less service + delays = late trains and madness. The right now is like the with no express alternative.
  6. Ever since the Clark St tubes shut down and the And have been going full local in Manhattan, it's been hell. The times for the in Manhattan is just unacceptable. There would be at least 2 trains and 3 trains coming before even one train came, and that's not even the main issue! With all three services on the local track, service keeps getting delayed frequently. Just yesterday, it took me 2 hours just to get from 86th St to Moshulu Pkwy when it should have taken 30 minutes. Not only that, the transit data that was being sent out by MTA yesterday for some reason had the running express from Burnside to Woodlawn, even though there was no G.O for it on the site. The crowding is just more chaotic. I've had to pass up at least 2 trains that were crowded to the max before one that was not as crowded came. What really grinds my gears is when the is the full Lexington Local while the gets to go express on certain parts. If there was track work then I would understand, but there should be no point as to why the runs local while the is the sole Lex express. If the needs more service, have some trains end at 138th St and run local and use cars from the (6). Overall, it's just been unbearable. Most of the time we have to sit in between stations for at least 10 minutes because of train traffic ahead of us. If it's this bad during the weekend I wonder how worse it is during rush hour. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  7. Lawrence St

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Simple, record a new announcement: "This is: 59th St. Transfer is available to the and trains. Transfer, to the and trains, by walking to Lex Av-63rd St station, and using your metrocard." In my opinion, this is more understandable then the current one they have as well.
  8. Lawrence St

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That is actually a via Crosstown. It normally happens when a line operates on another trunk that it's suppose to, like how a to 96th St shows up as a to Norwood.
  9. Lawrence St

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    They really need to either shorten the 59th Arrival announcement on Lex or have it play earlier. To me, I feel like the transfer is redunant, and they haven't even bothered to change the announcement on there anyway.
  10. Lawrence St

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Has anyone seen the 5 car set recently?
  11. Lawrence St

    Redesign a Line

    But Forest Hills has to be the worst terminal to have trains terminating at. You obviously can't send them to Jamiaca Center, so 179th is the only viable option. What we can do is have some rush hour And trains extended to 179th St, which is when the delays at Forest Hills start happening.
  12. Regarding what happened, MTA really needs to start giving out block tickets or calling other station booth agents when one line has a problem so customers can use another line. It really is getting annoying how I have to argue with the clerk at Bedford Park when the has a problem and I already paid my fare on the . Now with the clerk, you shouldn't be putting your hands on anyone PERIOD. The only thing you should be touching is money and metrocards, if you see someone fare beating, you call the police and they will handle it. Someone jumping over the style and not paying their fare won't affect your paycheck.
  13. Lawrence St

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Is it true that they store unused R46's in 36th St yard?
  14. Lawrence St

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    I've been on the Q52/Q53 SBS for the past 2 months or so from 74th St to the Rockaway's and I've seen an eagle team only once. I think I have the SBS charm lol, I've never been checked on the M79, M86 or M23 SBS for that matter even though I ride them almost every day.


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