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  1. Unfortunately he won re-election. I wonder, if he lost, how would the transit system be now? Much better then it is now...
  2. I strangely feel MTA is going to reconsider their decision...you have workers protesting, people yelling that they let their real estate values drop, etc.
  3. Oh I can't wait for the day I don't swipe my card thinking it went through only to be struck by the turnstyle not moving...that is an enormous pain...
  4. I mean I can see why. Cuomo wants to get involved in EVERYTHING to make himself look good. I already know the problem is going to get bigger. Andy can't make NYC the transport hub he visions it to be when its always Cuomo standing in his way.
  5. Arent those two R16 pairs only part units now?
  6. Does anyone know why NYTM only saved one R44? Or do they plan on saving one R46 and coupling it to that one?
  7. Does anyone know if 8126 was scrapped or repaired? Also were there any pictures as to what happened with the original 5656?
  8. Not sure if this was mentioned, but when an Orion pops up on the M79/86 SBS, the announcements tend to go haywire, saying "UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE 2 UNDERSCORE".
  9. Ain't the suppose to be using sets during weekends and late nights?
  10. Hopefully I'll get called soon. Really itching to do any kind of route they'll put me on lol
  11. The should be as follows in my opinion: Regular route from New Lots to 145th Street, then via newly built tunnel to 161st St , merge onto to Woodlawn.
  12. At least have the third track operational in some parts so 96th St can still be used to layup some rush hour trains.
  13. Judging by when this thread was done in 2017, I'm guessing the wait time is 2 years for bus op but since the L shutdown was axed, the wait might be longer?
  14. That's the worst idea I have heard. Why not just keep the third track and build side platforms?

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