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  1. Interesting, so three of the main issues were the tunnels, third rail and and the Harlem drawbridge. Weren't the Steinway tunnels built to the same specifications as the Jerome Av tunnels? They couldn't do those same modifications? It says here that the projected ridership didn't warrant it, but connecting it to the Lenox Av line would have actually saved the shuttle and increased ridership on both branches. The Harlem River drawbridge seems to be the biggest factor though.
  2. No one gets on the 78 on that stretch, at least not anymore. The 78 also does not go to Tuckahoe so it loses most of that ridership for that reason alone. I was like there is no Route 28 and I then I remembered thats the BxM4c number 🤣🤣.
  3. Since when did #4799 have a fire and why is it already retired?
  4. Maybe they can put the 78 back to being a Limited-Stop route. They added an extra 15 minutes to the run time when they added all those local stops, even when the 8 makes the same stops and is more frequent.
  5. @Union Tpke Can you find any documentation on the Jerome Av tunnels and why they couldn't be modified to support the new IRT cars?
  6. Thank you. Another thing to note, 155th St was to be reused for this new service, however the southbound local track wouldve been abandoned. It wasn't that, for some reason the Jerome Av tunnel was built so small that it couldn't fit any of the then-modern IRT subway cars which is what caused the plan to fail in the first place. And how come the city was selective on what elevateds they wanted to upgrade to handle the weight of the new cars? They could have at least rebuilt 155th St.
  7. Then perhaps the plans changed at the last minute, since according to the Unbuilt Ideas Map, it shows the tracks going over the Lenox Yard track leads.
  8. Wasn't the extension done only because NYC wanted to host the World Olympics?
  9. Don't forget the R179's as well. That took what, almost 2 years for qualification testing?
  10. This thread is for OFFICAL PROPOSALS that were made by either the city, state, or ONLY! No fantasy proposals! So let me start off the discussion with the original extension to Bedford Park Blvd. Unlike the current today, 148th St and Lenox Yard would have not been built, instead the would've turned onto 155th St into a weird 1 side platform and 1 island platform with 3 tracks 155th St station, then turned right via the old 9th Av ROW, skipping Jerome Av (which would've remained abandoned) to Anderson Av, then onto the Jerome Line to Bedford Park Blvd. What I find really intriguing about this proposal is the fact that they thought Bedford Park Blvd was a good terminal for the (dont know how they would have turned the around there without delaying the ) and the fact that only Anderson Av was to be rebuilt. 155th St also looks like it would have been built as 4 tracks instead of 3, which is weird. What are your thoughts?
  11. Nah, this would be discussion related to the actual studied proposals that and the city and the state did since the start of the subway system.
  12. Ah, understood. Is it ok with you if I make a new thread then?
  13. @Deucey can you rename this thread to "Original Expansion Plans Discussion" if you can please, I dont want to create another thread when I could just reuse this one. Wasn't there also that extension idea through Livonia Yard?
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