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  1. Since when can you use your phone at the turnstyles?
  2. What do you mean taking money for the system? If you pay your fare and the turnstile dosent work as it's suppose to, your not taking money from the system.
  3. I can see why. What if your in a rush to get somewhere and the turnstile glitches or your metrocard glitches and dosent allow you to enter the system? The only way is to just jump the turnstyle. It's happened to me numerous amount of times.
  4. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It was a domino effect, with 6th AV being out and the and being rerouted all over the place, the issue spread to Broadway, 8th Avenue, 4th Avenue, West End, Culver, Sea Beach and Brighton.
  5. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There's an error on the WTC transfer announcement on the (E). It announces "Transfer is available to the N & Q trains."
  6. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Unless a R188 goes out of service due to a derailment which will then bring back a R62A for a temporary stay.
  7. Pols call for Q75 bus to be restored

    Haha, very funny. I'm saying that the MTA wastes money on services that should be cut. If the Q75 were to return, do they want it there to use it or just to use it when they need it?
  8. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Q5. It's on the updated code sheet yet when I went to go put it in the Luminator Control Moduel it just showed up as a limited, yet my friend put it in his bus (which is a Queens bus) and it showed up as an Select.
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I can't believe we are actually wasting money and resources on cars like this for a stupid standing room pilot and fancy colors. Sure, let's take more R160's out of service for this stupid pilot when we're in the midst of a car shortage. We should instead be using the money to fix the system.
  10. Select Bus Service Discussion

    There is a code update for the Q5 +Select Bus but it's only on certain buses out of Queens depots.
  11. Pols call for Q75 bus to be restored

    Your talking about unused lines, the M8 has to be the most underused line based on the way I've been seeing it the last 4 weeks
  12. Rockaway Beach Branch

    But can't the subway run along a railroad, or does the FRA not allow it?
  13. Subway - What If?

    So then this: Norwood-205th St to World Trade Center via 8 AV Local. Whitehall St-Coney Island via Bridge to Bay Parkway.
  14. Countdown clocks are active on the R line

    Which is online? Shuttle or other (M)?
  15. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    But How will these machines know if your disabled?


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