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  1. The only problem with that is sometimes they will not listen, which delays the train going into the layup, which delays the whole line. IIRC, a few months ago, the was super delayed in both directions because someone didn't want to leave the train at 168th St.
  2. I really don't like how "basic" the new MTA page has become. There's hardly any graphics on any of these new pages like this one.
  3. R32's to return to service on the and starting this Wednesday. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-l-train-normal-service-covid-19-20200628-lntxyjbwdbhizky4sw5i6dbjgq-story.html?fbclid=IwAR04adaSHNF8FlO5kmcwlxjkeIbJg2fu3oPZTxXVbkbRtQQdxyfYAIhYK_Q
  4. The times that I've taken the BxM4C, especially the peak trips, 75% of the bus is full. It's a fast alternative way then the 20 to the , but the high fare and the horrible frequency is why it never will have the same ridership as it did before.
  5. Structural improvements? How is the affected but not the ?
  6. What is this new B99 bus route? https://rideschedules.com/mta-b99-bus-schedule-15150.html?fbclid=IwAR355kW3F9O_YXpgHC3AeGpW3DMQIdv-jmaB5ucNV-nRLnVwryWPAxwBkG0
  7. I understand what they're doing, but is this really necessary right now? And why both stations?
  8. If the R211's are surely delayed because of the pandemic and all major projects are on hold, we are going to return to a major car shortage if does not realize that they can not run full service without the R32's and R42's once we return to Phase 4. Does this also mean that Queens Blvd CBTC is on indefinitely on hold? So that whole Jamaica/Coney Island yard swap was pretty much pointless?
  9. Exactly. At least this way we can speed up the subway state of repair.
  10. And the platform arrangement at Flatbush Av makes things worse. I'm not sure why there are designated platforms for the and when it just adds confusion...
  11. Honestly I prefer for the subway to remain closed overnight for a while if they are actually being smart about doing more G.O's while the subway is closed. I for one am impressed that they decided to speed up the 42nd St Shuttle overhaul project.
  12. I saw a post that said MTA and NICE were returning to collecting fares on buses starting Saturday, is this true?
  13. And in life you ask questions. That's how you learn.
  14. Not sure why your turning this into a somewhat kind of argument when it was a legit question, but I'll play along to; To my understanding there is a big difference between contracted private operators and regular private operators. I was told by friends that contracted private operators are allowed to enter and pickup in terminals like GWB and PABT, but regular private operators aren't allowed to. There was no trolling at all involved, I just don't know about any other bus system other then the ones in NYC.
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