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  1. How does that make sense. If they run hot, they can get in trouble. Do you not understand that?
  2. 7016 was in an car accident on Bay St in Staten Island. Damage seems minor.
  3. I knew I wasnt seeing things, they removed it a week later. At this point, we probably won't see the draft until November.
  4. What is with the source of smoke investigations today??? trains are delayed in both directions while FDNY investigates the source of smoke near Grand Central-42 St. Some Manhattan-bound trains are ending at Hunters Point Av. Posted: 10/14/19 5:58 PM Delays Expect longer waits for a or train during tonight's rush hour because of a network connectivity issue. Trains may operate at slow speeds. For alternative service between Manhattan and Queens, consider taking an train.
  5. Did they not say October 15th in the first message on the thread?
  6. So once the final draft plan comes out tommorow, when do the actual changes come into effect?
  7. The seems to be strictly R160's for some reason despite sharing the same fleet with the . Only once, in the past 5 years has an R143 run on the .
  8. What about building a new elevated subway to 74th St while also building a connection at Rego Park at Rockaway Blvd to the rest of the B Divison so it's not isolated? This way you don't deal with the capacity issues along QBL. Just a thought.
  9. So I'm guessing they're not doing this on a line-by-line basis anymore...
  10. No no no, they are not making a high line out of this. We have to show MTA that rail service is the best option.
  11. The 34th St merge is ridiculous and not needed, but the just HAS to have the stop at 49th St... And let's not forget the 2010-2016 era where the was the Broadway Local, the merges were so bad that you would have been better off taking the or and still get to the same place within that timeframe.

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