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  1. A thought came into my mind earlier, if the and share the same yard, how come a R143 or R179 don't show up on the ?
  2. So it seems like the S59 is having a major overcrowding issue.
  3. Buses are now starting to become affected, current routes that are suspended; B32, B39.
  4. Couldn't they have reinforced the body via the GOH program? How was this not noticed during the original GOH for the cars?
  5. $40!?! I thought the highest ticket price was $22 from Mountak to Penn Station?
  6. Least this gives them full track access to the shuttle speeding up the 42nd St upgrade project.
  7. Does NJ have a stricter fare enforcement then MTA?
  8. That's what I meant, my mistake. However this train to Atlantic Av has me confused, what urgent repairs need to be done between Chambers St & South Ferry, or is this related to the Lenox Av work?
  9. Update; is temporarily discontinued until further notice, overnight is discontinued and replaced by the and free shuttle buses.
  10. Are they not overdue on the next conductor exam? Is it not every 4 years or so?
  11. Is anyone else getting repeatedly confused with this and service pattern? The past few days the and have both been operating via 7th Av...
  12. So currently, certain lines are running every 40 minutes or more such as the and the due to the lack of crews available.
  13. R142's cant be arranged in less or more then 5 cars. Each car in one five set has a different system for each part of the train.
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