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  1. Yup and as of now, some of them (no word as to the exact amount) are out on the streets (mainly on the 163 - Fondren Limited).
  2. **cleaning off dust** Remember when I said back in October 2011 that I hope METRO would go with NovaBus? Well - they did and you can go here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151835715204909.1073741851.167495124908&type=1 to see the photos taken by someone who works for METRO. Enjoy!
  3. Question: Does anybody know of the manufacturer of that rooftop unit on top of the bus? I'm asking because I'm currently doing a paper bus replica of the bus and I wanna make sure I have the right unit with the bus. Oh and excellent photos, by the way.
  4. Nope - not hudson metro but Houston METRO. It appears that we got more than what was purchased so y'all guys snatched them up. If those buses were to stay in Houston, they would have been buses 4804-4806. Currently, we have 93 of them left in the active fleet out of 104 originally purchased by METRO. The fleet #s we have for those are 4700-4803.
  5. Here's a top photo of one of the LFS buses: Hopefully METRO will eventually go with NovaBus after this test period is over with. I'm already falling in love with the bus - and I haven't even rode it yet.
  6. Here's just a few cell phone pics that I took recently: The first one was done while I was waiting on METRORail and the other two was done EARLY in the morning while I was waiting on the 1st 77 - MLK bus to arrive.
  7. Here's some photos that were given to me by the folks at METRO of the NovaBus LFS diesel "test" bus units: I'll just go on ahead and post this interior photo since I know a certain someone WILL ask for it: Here's the e-mail I have received before I got the photos in regards to the buses being here in Houston: Enjoy the pics!
  8. Cool. Good luck with that whenever you can get it. Even though I hope it would be somebody else, I wouldn't mind seeing more Orions in the fleet.
  9. I also like that stop led on the rear. Some people may say that it's weird but even I don't think it should kill the overall look of the bus. In fact, this stop led is also on the rear of more than half of the D40LFs in the METRO (except for perhaps the 34xx/some 35xx series D40LFs operated by First Transit). With this 5 megapixel camera phone that I have, I'll see if I can take some pics - just to see how they come out. I really do need to go out more on days that I don't go to work to take pics of the buses.
  10. Thanks for your comments ENY! I hope what you heard is correct. That way, I can have a better chance at actually riding one of those buggers.
  11. I believe so - yes and I will NOT take any pics of the interior of those buses. If and when I do take pics, I'm only interested in the exterior of bus models.
  12. Yup - the last order WAS a huge success. Even though I'm also not surprised about this current order, I'm surprised that METRO stuck with getting even MORE Orions. Now if I can only ride one of those sneaky buggers..... FYI, all of them are still active - even bus 3657 - you know - the bus that had that unfortunate meeting with a two-car METRORail train in front of METRO's HQ. Here's who (the bus garages, of course) is getting what in regards to the 3rd Gens: Kashmere: 5800-5819 West: 5820-5849 Polk: 5850-5879 Fallbrook: 5880-5899 In case nobody noticed, there's NO rea

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