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  1. Lol, you had to flag down the bus shuttle, nice pics!
  2. Great pics, they had the shuttle this time around compare to last year?
  3. Your work is always excellent, nice pics!
  4. Nice going to Buehrle, thought Wise was gonna drop the ball. Plus, Wang is still not improving, while the Yankees is the hottest team of baseball. Girardi is really doing his job very well.
  5. Thank Crawford for saving the game!
  6. So, Prince Fielder won the Home run Derby against Nelso Cruz, and tonight's the All-Star game, AL is gonna win again.
  7. I still love the Dunkin Dounts, iced coffee, and the Coolatta, and the Frozen Cappucino, which is coming out tommorrow. But Tim Horton's is great, the coffee and the donuts and sandwiches they have up in Canada is better than Dunkin Dounts.
  8. It started at 10 AM last year, and ended at 4 PM. I am not going this year, its a bum there, already saw the buses, same thing probably gonna be there, the shuttle takes forever to wait for, and the people there stare you down if you don't have a B/O with you.
  9. Maybe the Whitestone Bridge roughs it up, but that's not likely.
  10. I love these candid shots, look's like Obama is really into it, but the video is a different story.
  11. I don't want to be the guy asking all the questions, but you seem awfully familiar, but anyway, I would think they go to WF.
  12. I rode on them once, the way it sounds when its running sounds good, and it kinda felt faster than the usual R32s. They were on the line, and a few other as far as I can remember.
  13. Not this year, mostly Rays [4], Red Sox [6], and Mets [4].
  14. I have to say the ASG voting is not fair at all, Red Sox fans stuff the ballot, like for Pedroia, who has only 3 home runs, and 36 RBI, and so did the Yanks fans when they started voting like crazy so Youk can't be the starter of the game. I say the votes from the people of America should count for 50%, while sportwriters, media, front office, and players should count for the other half.
  15. B49 is a inportant route especially for school kids, there are many schools along the routes, that connect with major bus lines like B82, or B6, and the B41, I either take the or the B49 to school each morning and afternoon.
  16. Who knows, train buffs who want to act like a know-it-all spreads aroudn rumors, and so and so, so we have to wait and see, unless, of course so source tells us the model that will run after the .
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