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  1. im sorry and i understand whyu they switched it, but ill never get used to an R68 on the Brighton Line not having a on it
  2. i remember as a kid the old posters that introduced them, the headline read "were brightening the Brighton Line (D)" i couldnt wait to ride one, hoping every time i saw an approaching train that"s front sign was well lit was an R68, often turning out to be R40's or 42's. then finally i caught one at Atlantic ave, Coney island-bound!
  3. speaking of R179's are there any design renderings yet????
  4. i agree with u on that one, i love hearing that two-toned sort of braking
  5. if theyre gonna make C.I run some of their 160's why not put the 46's on the & ? instead of the , talk about flashbacks!!! this is the fan in me talking of course
  6. i heard something a couple of yrs ago that there was legislation passed about building high speed rail lines here in the states, anyone know any updated info about this? i sure hope it happens
  7. it would certainly make for a looooooong winter, and many alienated fans, have they learned nothing from MLB? they lost lots of fans and its not easy winning them back
  8. speaking of that, is the MTA doing away with 75ft cars? should they be considered endangered?
  9. great shots man! especially of Jay st. that station is really transformed from what i remember
  10. i was wondering how to display the new signature u just made me, when i post it only shows the code for it am i forgetting something?
  11. yes they were during the last days of the R38's id seen a few of them on the line the R38's were my favorite cars i miss them
  12. not too much has changed just updated, that 1st video looks to be from the late 80's early 90's. the R 68A's came into service if my memory serves correctly around 88-89 after the R68's so those days service was pretty similar except for the being rush hour service and running to Bedford Park Blvd to Rockaway park, u still had the running from Euclid during that time too with a fleet of R 9's
  13. and lets not forget the fact that chances are these doors will probably be made of plexi glass, which is gonna get bombed with Scratchiti, so how tacky is that gonna be? if not that youll have them writing on them with markers or stickers with their names on em, then of course companies are gonna want to use them as billboards for advertisements, after a while u wont ever be able to see the trains
  14. hey mel the signature u gave me only shows the code when i post have i not done something?

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