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  1. speaking of R179's are there any design renderings yet????
  2. i agree with u on that one, i love hearing that two-toned sort of braking
  3. i was wondering how to display the new signature u just made me, when i post it only shows the code for it am i forgetting something?
  4. hey mel the signature u gave me only shows the code when i post have i not done something?

  5. im just curious as to how these R179's will look, or are they gonna look like more 160's
  6. How's about one for a station entrance that says Sheepshead Bay Station (Mx)
  7. so the R 179's arent gonna be 75 foot cars as earlier speculated?
  8. wow its been like 900 years since i wals last on here sorry about that Dan andseisix

  9. Hey hows it going, I see your a trucker, what type of work do you do as far as driving?

  10. Hello 8 Avenue/Fulton Street Express =P

  11. whats good zach...onof ur signs looks like it was made i think u told me once before that u had em made right?

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