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  1. Nice. I was at the station over Labor Day and I guess they were still testing the sign because it was stuck on 1 Minute.. lol.
  2. Any idea on where I can see a complete list? The link in the OP is dead... although at this rate I feel like my chances of being called are dead also. I got a 96 but didn't make the top 2000.
  3. This video is absolutely insane. This guy not only walks through tunnels, but visits the old Brooklyn Bridge station. He then goes on to visit the Canal Street Sewer, SCALES the Williamsburg Bridge, and visits more tunnels. Say what you want about the wrecklessness of the guy, but the video itself is absolutely fascinating. Enjoy! http://gizmodo.com/5723281/this-is-the-new-york-no-one-ever-sees
  4. Great stuff! Some of those are desktop wallpaper material
  5. The service changes make a lot of sense to me, especially for the service in Brooklyn/Queens. It seems like most people here are opposed to the ... is it just because of nostalgia?
  6. Yeah but in the captions (albeit in poorly translated Russian), he's planning on laying tracks and installing cars that carry 3-4 people.
  7. http://englishrussia.com/index.php/2010/05/24/the-most-unusual-metro-in-the-world/ How badass is this?
  8. I am still amazed that the entire SAS is only going to be 2 tracks.. what a joke.
  9. And make the run to the Rockaways at all times? This confuses me... is it just because of low ridership to/from the Rockaways? Thanks all.
  10. First shot is stunning.. great work!!
  11. Maybe this time there will actually be some snow :cool:

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