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  1. This was taken last Wednesday when schools let out early. I rode the local train all the way down to pattison station/sports complex. It was a lot of cars bustling by I just want a pictures with the bus and "the bank" itself. (SEPTA)
  2. LET'S GO PHILLIES! We have been waiting for this for 13 years!
  3. I am overhauling my Toy Flxible metro E bus. I want to get rid of the old SEPTA scheme that was on the bus and paint this bus all white with possibly a black window trim. I also want to get ride of the silver paint on the wheels and leave it black. Since this is my first Toy bus overhaul, can I get tips from everybody. IF and only IF this overhaul project goes well I will overhaul a GM New look I have.
  4. I can't wait for the day SEPTA test these digital ad signs.
  5. I took this picture today while I was a Frankord Transportation Ctr. This is 8179 that recently delivered to. (SEPTA)
  6. SEPTA is not getting new ones from NJT. SEPTA is getting comet 1 cars that have been sitting in the yard for years ready for retirement. When SEPTA got them they had to place New ditch lights on the cab cars, take out the restrooms and restroom walls, replace windows, and fix the seats. These cars WILL sport the current livery (blue fade to red scheme) IDK Why they did not go with the Old classic livery. (SEPTA)
  7. Thanks Northeast Philadelphia was as awake as the big apple last night. Frankford Avenue was littered with RED. Trackless Trolley Route 66 (which also runs on Frankford Avenues) experienced delays because of this.
  8. The Mock up display has been extended to the saturday after Oct. 16th now. (SEPTA)
  9. I don't know I don't think it would be open on Columbus day.
  10. Hurry! before 0ctober 16th. That will be the last day to view the car. (SEPTA):nec:
  11. Track 0 is not open on weekends you will have to catch it during the week. Track 0 is guarded by barricades.
  12. From October 2nd to October 16th the Silverliner V will be on display at Suburban Station on track 0 from the hours of 11 AM to 6 PM. Yesterday I happened to go there after school and get some pics.
  13. Right now Callowhill and comly have them. Callowhill is giving midvale there nabis since they are the oldest and midvale has a scrap yard. Right now a whole lot of changes are happening. I will post them as soon as I get the word.
  14. In philly we now call them DE41LF's becuase of the extra 7 inches. The units are extremly quiet. The only thing that stands out is that the font on the destination sign and the roof top equipment. The engine is a Cummins ISL Here is an album with all the pictures I have taken of the new units http://s222.photobucket.com/albums/dd5/Bustitution/2008-2012%20New%20Flyer%20DE41LF/ (SEPTA)
  15. Hello Everyone, My name is Kyle Wallace and I am a Transit enthusiast in the city of philadelphia. I might be able to answer some of your questions related to SEPTA in the Forums. On my spare time I go out and do Bus hunting which involves taking pictures of buses and railfanning. Recently I got a my picture of Trackless Trolley Coach 805 on the SEPTA bus route 59 schedule. (After a year of learning more about the SEPTA system I decided to take it up a notch. MTA NYC) (SEPTA)>
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