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  1. People have to remember that the buses around this age are 15-16 years old. You should be seeing a lot more retirements like this. So far, about 10 of that large order have been retired for reasons related to this. The NYCT batch, by contrast (4300-4329), probably has much less mileage, owing to its early time at QV. Except for UP and its early time at Charleston, these buses rarely ran 7 days a week, while College Point, Eastchester, and Yonkers MCIs have to be ultra-high-mileage.
  2. In Queens, I have to wonder why the Q70 isn't down-sized to 2 articulated buses from the normal 5-6 buses on the route. As of this post, LGA is averaging about 18-19 movements per hour (at an airfield with a cap of 71 per hour) with abysmal load factors. Its only purpose is to serve LGA from Woodside and Jackson Heights. Likewise, for the B15 and Q10, I would argue that every other B15 to the airport and Q10 Limited terminate at Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain...except for times around shift changes. As for the Q3, I would argue for every other trip to terminate at Rockaway Boulevard. (This is where the JFK AirTrain should run limited service with three-car trains, every 15 minutes on each branch, with 2 car trains on the loop.) If services need to be curtailed wholesale, in Brooklyn Division, I would argue for the B2, B6 (Limited only), B32, B35 (Limited only), B37, B41 (Bergen Beach beyond Empire Boulevard), B46 (SBS), B69, B84, and Q58 (Limited).The B46 would run the full distance with articulated buses (subject to availability), and whatever articulated buses are left over from the B35 after essential service is run would be placed on the B8, subject to availability (I'm not sure if an articulated bus could handle 71 Street in Bay Ridge).
  3. With how low ridership is, that may not matter. Ridership on buses has crashed through the cellar.
  4. I was going to ask that one...you have to have those buses wide open if you're going to run express duty, or at least set to 55. That bus looks as though it will do an entire shift. I never thought the type of seat would be an issue, but rather the speed limiters. I could see Spring Creek and College Point resetting the speed limiters and sending C40LFs out on express routes, although a major difference here is that with 8609, one still gets WiFi and charging ports. Also, in an emergency, since fares aren't being collected on 8609, I could see a situation where the SIM1C and S79 SBS are combined on weekends, with all trips to SI Mall and local in SI, but then deviating leaving the island. As for the X27 and X28, if enough drivers are XD60 qualified, maybe the ex-Kingsbridge buses should run there instead, to promote social distancing?
  5. Staying on the topic of the B84, I have to wonder if it would be wiser to extend the B60 ointo Spring Creek, maintaining the B60 on Glenwood and Cozine both ways between Rockaway Parkway and Schenck Avenue, and then following Schenck and Vandalia into Spring Creek. I agree that the idea of connecting Spring Creek Basin with the isn't working, but what about the ? Keep in mind that an earlier B84 iteration ran between Rockaway Parkway and Ashford/Wortman. That ended when it was merged into the B6, which assumed the old B84's eastern terminus became that before being extended to the New Lots Avenue station. Speaking of other short routes, what about folding the Bx46 into the Bx6 and making that a variant of it, terminating at Yankee Stadium? (There is the legitimate question of whether it would be too much bus, but it would take people from farther west in the Bronx to employment sites on the west side of Hunts Point. I would propose this route: Eastbound: first stop Yankee Stadium, then follow the Bx6 route to 163 Street and Westchester Avenue. But instead of turning left, the Bx46 would continue down Rev. James A. Polite Avenue to Dawson Street, and then turn left onto Longwood Avenue. Westbound, the bus would follow the current Bx46 route, then turn right from Longwood onto Prospect, and then left at 163 Street to rejoin the Bx6 Local to Yankee Stadium. Of the recent short routes recently added, only the B32 has really worked out, to where I believe that the B32 should go to 20 minute headways (15 peak) after this COVID-19 situation has passed.
  6. I would say the B84...it's designed to serve the new community around Spring Creek Basin, which is nearly complete, but I have to wonder if a B83 variant would do the trick instead...terminating around Home Depot but not serving Spring Creek Towers, instead deviating from the existing B83 at Cozine Avenue and then running via Schenck and Vandalia, once the remainder of Vandalia is opened between Elton Street and Gateway Drive. At that time, the Q8 could also be rerouted to operate via Vandalia as well to and from Gateway Mall (North Terminal).
  7. Ridership has plummeted to just about 700,000 daily riders, from a normal 5,500,000 daily riders. As for current service, as of this post: - all suspended - every 15 minutes - only operates between 241 Street and 180 Street in the Bronx (White Plains Road shuttle) - reduced essential service - via 7 Avenue Line, Dyre to Flatbush - no express service - local service all the way, no Rockaway Park service - local in Bronx - no service to 179 Street - every 20 minutes SIR - inbound departures depart Tottenville at :01 and :31 past the hour. Outbound departures depart St. George at :06 and :36 past the hour. (As for the SI Ferry, does anyone if the Austen class boats are being used all day?)
  8. That was in March 1989 after a failed robbery attempt. Those arsonists were never caught. The station was closed for more than 3 years and the MTA actually considered abandoning the station at one point. On a train, however, you have, on an R62, the firebombing of car 1391 on the 4 train (but the R62 has metal walls). That arsonist, Edward Leary (who was also the most seriously injured person as he set the firebomb off) was denied parole last year on his first attempt and, it still alive, will be up again in September 2021.
  9. This one got its own thread, because it was arson. Central Park North-110 Street is a crime scene as it was arson on a 2 train, killing the train operator. 86 and 96 St are closed because the suspect also set fires at that station. Even after what's left of that train is moved (as of this post, it has not been moved, as it's a crime scene), there is major structural damage to the station itself. It could be a few weeks before service is restored to the Lenox Avenue Line.
  10. Already had that elsewhere. What might need to be considered are automated fire extinguishers (why that wasn’t considered after 1391 was firebombed in the 1990s is beyond me) on all cars.
  11. The dead man is an MTA employee on duty at the time...likely the conductor.
  12. Doing backdoor only? That’s what she said!
  13. Not yet! That was on the Q53 today. That said, it seems odd that they're using the old LaGuardia Link livery over the blue and yellow scheme.
  14. It even says Prevost on the dashboard!
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