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  1. For what it's worth, Vancouver (TransLink, all bus routes) has been all-door boarding since 2007. They are the largest mass transit bus system in Canada outside of the Quebec City-Windsor corridor. I don't see why the MTA can't do so (express buses excluded).
  2. The B6 is a route that needs frequency more than capacity; that may be a major determinant as to what gets artics or not. As for where I see the buses coming from...I'll go out on a limb and say LaGuardia and JFK, with the B1 and B44 sharing a fleet at Flatbush (I see the B1 shifting to Flatbush). That extra 53-bus order for MTA Bus is nearly complete, freeing up those remaining 6000s and 6100s to be moved. As for routes---this is what would make the most sense: B1 -- Ulmer Park to Flatbush B46 (SBS only) -- Flatbush to East New York (common fleet with B82 SBS) B82 (Local only) -- East New York to Ulmer Park This would give the B46 Local and SBS and B82 Local and SBS different garage assignments, but the M15 Local and SBS are already that way (M15 SBS from Mother Hale, M15 Local from Tuskegee Airmen). The B46 SBS run-on and run-offs would shift to the Bed Stuy end, while the B82 Local shifts its run-ons and run-offs from Spring Creek Towers to Coney Island/Bensonhurst. To put the B1 at Gleason would require a lot more complex moves likely leaving Bronx Division short on articulated buses. (Related question: are the B1 and B49 allowed to use the Belt for run-ons and run-offs?)
  3. That Q53 issue is going to be a major issue. I would be surprised if that route isn't left untouched in the end. What is needed is simply more short turns terminating at 163 Avenue.
  4. RE: post 186, I mean shorten the Q53---clicked Post too soon. I intend to speak out on the Q53 issue as well. I can't see that cut remaining in the final plan, although I could see it cut back to Victor Moore terminal. If anything, there should be short-turns only operating Queens Center to 163 Avenue, with run-ons and run-offs to and from JFK at that point (the existing Q52 SBS operation is inefficient, with run-ons and run-offs around 30 minutes long). A lot of people from south of Queens Center rely on the Q53 to reach Elmhurst Hospital. As for the Q52, I would have only every other bus go to Arverne. The trunk between Queens Center Mall and Howard Beach needs the most service. (Remember that the Q52 was a compromise for eliminating the Q21 to the Rockaways.)
  5. Off the bat, I see it as a bad idea to end all routes on Woodhaven short of Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue. The proposed headways north of there are not sufficient to handle the crowds, and the subway alternative is not ADA compliant. I would be surprised if this remains in the final form. If anything, I would propose swapping the Q52 and Q53 terminals on the south end (and also shorten the Q. The only "slow" portion of the route is north of Whitney. The proposed QT63 would be swamped with transfer traffic as the subway is not an option for Elmhurst Hospital for many bus riders, nor can the Q63 in proposed headways even come close to handling transfer traffic. Those Q53 buses are arriving with a full-seated load into Elmhurst Hospital due south. I also see no bus service to the central terminal area as a bad idea, given that I don't see the PANYNJ increasing bus services to compensate for the loss of all MTA services to T5. On weekends when the AirTrain is scheduled for a total shutdown, those shuttle buses sometimes cannot be accessed because of crowds. Also, there should be a Little Neck Parkway service at least for network coverage. The n6 would also need to become open-door along Hempstead Avenue to make up for removed Hempstead Avenue local service.
  6. The Metro E order would have been likely a candidate for early scrapping as an orphan order, ahead of any Orion buses. As for that D60HF order...that left bad blood with the MTA for a good while as the line was still closed while the MTA still had options for the model. The MTA jumped on LFS artics once the model became available, and some will come up for replacement within the next few years. As for DesignLine, that could have also seen an early retirement as well because of the financial troubles of the company. New Jersey Transit briefly operated some DesignLine buses but early-retired them. The O7 3G CNG order was also moved to New Flyer as part of the orderly closure of Orion.
  7. Probably an issue of where the power had to be cut. I'm surprised that some trains didn't go to Bay Parkway (West End).
  8. 12-9 at 20 Avenue in Bensonhurst has FUBARed the line. N trains are being turned at 9 Avenue , Whitehall Street-South Ferry , or Bay Ridge-95 Street . Alternate service via the B9 (8 Avenue to 20 Avenue) or crosstown buses from the or .
  9. Is the MTA planning on converting the B46 SBS to articulated service and move 7615-48 and 7650-2 to local service? I would presume that Flatbush has more than enough blue-and-yellow buses for the B44 SBS.
  10. The station was getting way too crowded for safety, with multiple trains dumping. Shuttle bus service actually ended up starting early.
  11. The bus lanes through Spring Creek Towers are also 24/7. As for a special livery, I feel that it should be ended, especially since the MTA Bus XD60s for the Q53 SBS (6234 and higher) are/will not be wrapped at all.
  12. Prevost is owned by Volvo of Sweden...but even without that to consider, Plattsburgh is a hell of a lot closer than Pembina.
  13. As I see it, the MTA needs a top-up order of articulated buses, primarily for Brooklyn Division. This will cross over into route changes, but the Q58 would be the prime local bus needing artics, as at the "peak of the peak" in the morning, there can be buses as frequently as 4 minutes, and there are problems with over-crowding, especially between Ridgewood and Queens Boulevard. As for problems with turns, I see that as being resolved by modifying the Ridgewood end as follows: To Ridgewood Terminal, via Myrtle...no turn onto Putnam Avenue. Instead...remain on Myrtle, with the last stop being on the far side of Wyckoff, near Gates. (An additional stop would be added on the near side of Cypress Avenue, and then on the far side of St. Nicholas.) Then, left on Gates, left on Irving, and left on Palmetto to stand. (This would avoid the narrow Ridgewood Place for the Q58, but not the B26.) As for through traffic, it could be restricted between Ridgewood Place and Wyckoff Avenue, with through traffic on Gates Avenue. The other route in Brooklyn that could warrant artics would be the B6. If Ulmer Park can't fit them, then maybe the Local and Limited should be split, with the B82 Local swapping to Ulmer Park in exchange for the B6 Limited, with the B6 Limited and B82 SBS sharing an articulated bus pool (local bus livery).
  14. .You probably have to go to Queens Plaza at some point though. I would ask if it might be better to have it run via Vernon Boulevard to 44 Drive, and then cut across to then take over the Q101 Steinway...which would likely require turning the route over to MTA Bus, but could also mean that the Q103 is no longer needed in any way, shape, or form.
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