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  1. The major problem is: someone is going to do something that well, shuts down the bathroom for the trip, especially if it's a drop toilet. The loss in seats is minimal, but that is going to cause major problems. Additionally, for very few are trip times longer than 2 hours. By contrast, New Jersey Transit has some routes nearing 4 hours.
  2. On the Q12, I'd actually extend it right down to where the last stop is at the front door to Stengel, with a relay inside the depot. As for light rail, the problem is that (east of the Grand Central), Northern Boulevard is one of the last "fast streets" in NYC (speed limit of 30, 40 through Alley Pond)...you can't reasonably have light rail there.
  3. LFS artics displaced from SBS service. With the exception of 5364-5438, 6033-6081 (odd numbers only), 6101, 6105, and 6121, all of the blue-and-yellow articulated buses are for Select Bus Service...meaning one will ultimately have 416 LFS buses, 217 XD60s, and 93 XN60s for local service. Right now, the MTA is growing its articulated bus fleet with only rigids being retired.
  4. I'm surprised the B38 is being converted before the Q58. I also suspect that in the future, the Bx11 will be converted as well. I suspect that maybe in the next round, the B15, B82, and Q58 would be converted, and then the B6 after that.
  5. They shouldn't have intentionally blocked traffic. At some point, you have to just realize you're going to get backlash.
  6. AW HELL NAH! As for the OP, I would also argue that 149/150 Avenue should be made a one-way westbound only as well. (The existing affected business, Do & Co, would have a negligible issue.) This issue deserves its own thread...brought to you by the words Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot!
  7. This is a case where the police commissioner should have ordered the buses to go through anyway (even if it meant plowing into the crowd), and made the protesters scatter or be run over. Since they have no permit to block a public highway, they have forfeited their First Amendment rights. That's how I'd handle it...and deal with fallout afterward. If you tolerate this lawlessness, you have no law and order.
  8. Okay, so that makes the transfer to Grand make more sense, since I doubt that Fresh Pond can handle 60-foot buses. Overdue for the Q58.
  9. A number of these (I'll use some examples off-hand)...I'm not sure there's a school to justify its existence. Some examples include Father Capodanno Boulevard before Sand Lane and Hylan Boulevard just south of Tysens Lane (both enforce a speed limit of 35 mph)...I also wonder about the cameras on Ocean Parkway near Kings Highway (enforcing a 25 mph speed limit) as well as Woodhaven Boulevard near Pitkin Avenue (enforcing a 30 mph speed limit and mounted on a pre-existing street lamp-post). As for the overall problem, it appears to be an issue with the mayor not really caring about enforcing traffic laws...I'll say that at least some of this is out of the control of the MTA, but not all of it. Sending in state troopers to enforce bus lanes and traffic laws should be a priority.
  10. Here we go again! This should be a side of the bus ad in Manhattan Division (which is where the ads ended up the last time). But Oatly said their front ads were only for six weeks.
  11. I’d expect the 3Gs to stay on Staten Island as they’re straight diesel, and one would have to maintain parts at only one garage. However, as an orphan fleet, I can’t see them making it beyond 2025 or so.
  12. Will the MTA have a dedicated fleet for the S79 SBS anymore, once the remaining hybrids are booted off of Staten Island?
  13. What’s with the gold sign 2005 O7 hybrids that the MTA is already scrapping them? Batteries coming up for replacement and the MTA doesn’t want to do that?
  14. CAS apparently has to do driver training on their new buses...because of a different driver-side mirror. There is no convex mirror on the driver side, unlike earlier LFS rigid orders.

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