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  1. Weekend service would be via both; I don't see justification for weekday service to The Mills at Jersey Gardens outside of the Christmas shopping season. What forces it to be express is that, at least for now, one cannot use coins on the Prevost and MCI fleet, but there are OMNY readers. When there are more options, such as fixed-time passes, that can change. Also, there is no local bus that's capped at a speed fast enough to serve EWR from Staten Island. My post said a number at first because I initially considered separate service to Jersey Gardens, but then thought that there would be little weekday ridership there outside of the Christmas season (when there are normally transatlantic shopping trips there, usually on Jet2).
  2. I think the route needs to originate from ETC...and use OTR coaches. There is definitely a market for it. I would actually have a number of routes. SiM40: Newark Liberty Airport, hourly from 0600 to 2200 (ETC departure)...following the SiM4(C) up to Bulls Head and making SiM4C stops. Weekends, the route would be via Jersey Gardens before Newark Airport. Via Richmond Avenue and Drumgoole Road, starting at Victory Boulevard: SiM50: Richmond & Forest to Metropark, peak direction only, 6 trips each way. SiM51: Richmond and Forest to Raritan Center, peak direction only, 4 trips each way. Local service to New Jersey: (This would require the cap on all SI Division local buses to be raised to 45 mph minimum.) S47: St. George Ferry Terminal via Forest Avenue to Elizabeth (Broad Street station) via Bayway Avenue and South Broad Street, weekdays 0600 to 2000 and Saturdays 0800 to 1800 (no Sunday service). Some trips would start from the Ferry, but reliefs and most run-offs would be from Willowbrook Road. The final trips from New Jersey would drop out at Willowbrook Road and return to Castleton Depot. S56: Reroute from Tottenville High School to Perth Amboy (school trippers and some weekday AM short-turns would still run to/from Tottenville HS skipping Seguine Avenue). Instead of operating via Seguine and Hylan (which the S55 serves), the bus would continue west along Amboy Road, Page and Boscombe Avenues, and Bricktown Mall, and operate in Perth Amboy along Amboy and New Brunswick Avenues. It is very possible that the SiM50, SiM51, and S56 could all be contracted, possibly to Academy, which has a garage in Perth Amboy.
  3. I actually see Yukon as more likely...for the St. George to Matrix Park route (I won't call it the S40 as it won't work running on the Terrace), the S79, and the S93 (S93 in a W pattern with the S79). The S93 would have the B1 rationale for articulated bus usage...need for up-gauging. Also why I see Yukon as more likely...Arthur Kill Road isn't exactly wide by Charleston Depot, while Yukon and Independence Avenues are unusually wide for short streets by the Yukon Depot. I do see another articulated bus order coming, but by the time this happens, OMNY will be systemwide and there will be no need for front door-only boarding on any route. Yukon would probably need somewhere around 60 LFS articulated buses.
  4. The issue is needing someplace to turn around. The other option if extended to reach the routes the BM2 serves would be Avenue N (via O, Schenectady, and N) or Fillmore Avenue.
  5. I'm surprised the MTA has not disabled the blue lights on these buses. Yesterday, 4749 was running with the SBS blinker lights on, which the state said was not allowed (that's why one has the blue signs instead). It was likely triggered unintentionally.
  6. With the B99 running, I'm not surprised. However, the B99 should be extended to Avenue U and Nostrand or to Kings Plaza.
  7. Richmond Terrace and South Avenue. That was the first turn as I saw as really difficult on any articulated bus as that's a sharp right. I didn't realize that error.
  8. Regarding the S40 and artics---I can probably say where the problems would be: The right turn from South Avenue onto Jewett Avenue At Jewett Avenue (each direction must make a right turn, and that right turn is already tight for a rigid; even if an LFS articulated bus were to be used, that's still a tight turn). Just west of Broadway (a tight S curve) Between Elizabeth and Pelton Avenues (a 90-degree turn diverging off Pelton Place) That said, an LFS artic should have done the test, as I doubt Staten Island Division will ever see the New Flyer Xcelsior. I would suggest a different route, calling the S80 instead. It would be as follows: Leaving the ferry, follow the S44 to Henderson and Bement Avenues. Instead of left onto Bement, continue on Henderson to Broadway. Left on Broadway, right on Castleton Avenue. West on Castleton to Port Richmond Avenue, left onto Port Richmond. South on Port Richmond, right onto Forest Avenue, left onto Richmond Avenue. South on Richmond Avenue to Victory Boulevard, right onto Victory. Westbound on Victory to Travis Avenue, right on Travis. Trips could alternate to either the Teleport (weekdays) or Matrix Park. The idea of bringing the route down to Victory would be to restore service from that area to The Teleport, The S46 serves the Teleport, but this would save riders on the Richmond Avenue corridor the trouble of needing to go to the Port Richmond Area to reach it. It also would restore a service cut from more than 20 years ago (the S62 used to serve The Teleport part-time after the S112 was realigned). Also, going south would avoid all the major problems of tight turns to negotiate, as I believe that the problems on central Richmond Terrace cannot really be fixed. There can be a modification to a stop line made on Henderson that could accommodate this route, and not using Bement is intentional. Additionally, the catchment area is increased. Now, as for stops: St. George Ferry terminal Richmond Terrace and Jersey Street Henderson Avenue and Lafayette Street Henderson and Bard Avenues (short walk to RUMC) Broadway and Castleton Avenue Castleton Depot (Jewett Avenue) Port Richmond and Post Avenues Forest Avenue and Willowbrook Road/Willow Road East Forest and Richmond Avenues Richmond Avenue and Deppe Place Richmond Avenue and Lamberts Lane Victory and Richmond Victory Boulevard and Signs Road Teleport OR Matrix Park Such would also make it infinitely easier as this route, the S93 (needing capacity similar to the B1's artic conversion) and the S79 could all be out of Yukon Depot, with the deadhead being from the outbound end via Travis Avenue.
  9. I won't dispute that one. The idea is to not orphan routes. Right now, buses over the Washington and University Heights Bridges are orphaned. The Bx7 is mostly driver reliefs. The Bx9 also is mostly driver reliefs. If a Bx9 is doing a final trip, it will go from West Farms to the city line, and then down Broadway to 225 Street and drop out. Put-ins start at Broadway and 225.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, it's because on the Bx7, buses either go into service at 215 or 218, or go out of service at Isham Street...near the depot. The deadhead would be a lot shorter.
  11. With the BxM1/2 service being discontinued overnight, why not restore the Bx7 overnight service, extending to 157 Street ? This would fill in a major gap in the network, as upper Broadway has no service between the GWB and 225 Street (elevation differences mean that the M3 and M4 are not alternatives). The route would be regular to 168 Street, then 165 Street and 157 Street only. This could be out of Manhattanville.
  12. Then (August 2019 in Tremont on the Grand Concourse) 4751 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr Now (June 2020 in Bensonhurst on 86 Street) 4751 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr
  13. Right? The MTA could have just taken off the standard livery wrap of the LaGuardia XD60s (it's needed for the JFK XD60s as the Q52 and Q10 share a fleet).
  14. The B1 was converted to articulated service. Such was to have happened for the spring pick, but COVID-19 meant continuous Sunday (and supplemental) service for a few months. As for the next route to be converted, I expect either the B15 or the B82 SBS, as East New York is being modified to handle articulated buses.
  15. 6274 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr This is the only one wrapped. Apparently the MTA wants some flexibility with 6275-6286.
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