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  1. Every bus should have at least the front readers. However, on my way to work on January 1 (evening of January 1), it was not working on bus 9560.
  2. The next step now is (presuming time-based methods stay)...getting that on OMNY. One must still also do NICE Bus and The Bee-Line System.
  3. Are there any first-generation O7 buses remaining at ENY...or Brooklyn Division? Also, this is a time when a decision must be made on whether or not to equip these buses with OMNY.
  4. May not be a transfer per se, but I saw 5501 inside East New York Depot---might it have been there to find areas of tight clearance for the articulated fleet? (I expect that 7659-7684 will be bumped off of SBS duty, which in turn would cause a transfer of some of the newer XD40s to FP to knock out their O7 hybrids. The next issue then would be to renew the Manhattan Division rigid fleet (aside from Quill). The recent 40' bus orders have all been for the outer boroughs, except for Quill. Manhattanville in particular has gone 14 years without receiving a new bus (remember: the 3800s began their lives in Staten Island Division.) If I'm not mistaken, 6789 was the last bus Manhattanville received brand new.
  5. This sounds like a decision on which buses will get OMNY installed as well.
  6. Andy Byford's former system before the MTA, the TTC, had a "Blue Night" network. I think that there could be a larger extension of the system. It may be a idea whose time has come.
  7. I have to wonder why the MTA went for plug-style rear doors on 9510. Such was typical on the Rapid Transit Series, but the MTA eschewed that option. (NJ Transit went for it.) It would be the first time the MTA went for that on a full-scale production series order (the only other buses in the fleet with that are buses 16-20, the five Proterras).
  8. Can Orange or Hilton handle MCI buses? Currently, Orange (plus Big Tree) doesn't even have any interstate routes.
  9. Not really surprised on many of these, given that the 99s have made these redundant. One thing that should be done though is to extend the Q60 deeper into Manhattan overnight and connect it with the other 99s. Another move that should be made is to make the BxM8 into the Bx98 overnight and run it local from Hunts Point Avenue; it's far enough from the Bx4 at many points to warrant such and such could also eliminate a need for the Bx24. (I do know that the BxM7 exists, but this would provide local service from Southern at 149 and then along Bruckner; the BxM7 could then provide a transfer at East Tremont Avenue.)
  10. If the police would release the name of the person apprehended, one could glean some information on that before long. That said, one could start with felony criminal mischief and attempted manslaughter. I find it hard for the MTA to pin this one on the train operator.
  11. Someone clamped a plank onto the tracks, and was arrested for it. Such should be prosecuted as an act of terrorism.
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