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  1. Saw 4 more R32s today just now as I was passing by ENY on the J, these are not the ones that Were sitting on the lower tracks, these were on the upper tracks, the 5th track from left to right, I shouldn't have been so lazy I only caught a glimpse of the numbers as I was passing by I could be wrong I think I saw 3176 as the last car on the 4 car set. Does the treuing theory still stick? Or are things getting interesting at ENY
  2. Just came from broadway junk on the way home. Its an r32 assigned to the C train, numbers Are 3929/3928 don't know it there was more the r160s on the higher track were in the way
  3. No I was passing by on the J heading towards 'hattan
  4. Saw it at 1:34pm...I was on the J so I didn't see the numbers but it was on the lower tracks at eny looked kind of dirty on the front...is a set gonna run on the J or is it there for storage?
  5. Sup guys...trying to find out some info for my friend...is there anyway to get from atlanta to NYc via amtrak? any other way via train at all to get from ATl to NYc? thank u for any info...
  6. Next time they know stainless Steel>Carbon Steel...
  7. Back to topic wouldnt the 42's return on the A anyway since they would be reefed at 207th? when the 44s return they wud be reefed or am i missing something
  8. Its so good I think he was being sarcastic when he said " excuse my low quality"
  9. nice pics especially of the and nice drawing its not that bad at all :tup:
  10. Either way those cars are full stainless steel, so they have an advantage over basically every car down there at the T.M. Its attributes are up their with the R32...
  11. Isnt there a set at 207th? I remember seeing it in pics posted from that nost. train fantrip months ago...
  12. By the looks of the condition of the ENYs 42s that seems like a strong possibility. They are in really bad shape almost as if no maintainance is being done. Just ride the J past ENY in the morning and see the damage for urself
  13. My first ride on the subway was back in around 93-94 I think it was on the one of those lmao I remember always wanting to take the " red " trains..matter fact I think it was an R62 so it had 2 be the(4)...cause I remember asking where are we going, and then we transfered to a red train from the one with the " colored seats ".

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