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  1. I'm on ur profile

    stalkin ur internetz

  2. Amelia....I have finally found you after all these years ahahaha

  3. Sweet! :cool: :tup:

  4. :D Every now and then I get nostalgic.
  5. I see your birthday is May 16. That means your a taurus too! my birthday is on May 18! :cool:

    1. Threxx


      this is really old, but i'm a taurus as well (May 20)

  6. Great to see you post on here again! :D

  7. Those are some seriously awesome photos!
  8. People are disgusting, I can't stand sneakerheads. Anyone who spends their money on something with no practical purpose is silly.
  9. Isn't one of the reasons why Amtrak was created in the first place was to put use to all the rail infrastructure abandoned by bankrupt private companies? Many of the private rail lines were far too ambitious and fell bankrupt. Let's take a look at the New York, Westchester, and Boston railroad which is now the Dyre Avenue Line. Historically, the private company thought this would be the biggest hit of the century, ferrying people in and out of Manhattan. However, one of the major issues with private companies is competition. Both the New York, Westchester, and Boston and the New Haven railroads were trying to be the primary railroad on the eastern shore of Westchester. Where did most of the NYW&B's money go? Fighting legal battles with the New Haven. Needless to say, the NYW&B went bankrupt long before World War II. If Amtrak were to be privatized, would we have one big national company taking care of it, or smaller regional companies competing over railroad infrastructure? One big national company wouldn't be much different from Amtrak, and smaller companies competing would be harmful as we saw in the historical example.
  10. When we look at the outer boroughs, we must take into account geography as a factor as to why the subway lines are curved. For example, the Pelham Line in the Bronx is very curvy because it must match the shape of the Bronx's peninsula. Otherwise, it would just cut a diagonal across the borough and not outline its southern end. Many neighborhoods would be isolated if the Pelham Line cut a straight diagonal.
  11. I thought so too D: It's a mix of factors as to why I'm back, though. I kind of miss everyone!
  12. This is true. Some drivers on the Bx12 select are very nice, and while though that is great, if we keep waiting for everyone, we will be stuck there for longer than necessary. Sometimes the convenience of one or two people is not worth the waste of everyone else on the bus's time.
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