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  1. I don't agree with M4 bus terminated at 41st St. Maybe Q32 bus should have terminated at 32nd St/5th-Mad Avs instead of 41st St where proposal M4 bus terminates.
  2. FamousNYLover

    Plans move forward for LaGuardia AirTrain

    I think Mets Willets Point wouldn't bring any LIRR/Subway rider to to Airtrain LGA. I think I agree with Youtuber Matt Kamper and Andy that LGA Airlink should have started at Woodside, 74th St-Broadway-Jackson Heights to LGA.
  3. FamousNYLover

    NICE summer service change

    NICE Bus still has put new schedules for listed routes in change.
  4. I went to Long Beach on Mother's day to see if anyone was waiting for bus and it's hurting the Long Beach peninsula because Sunday there's no bus service for Long Beach peninsula of Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, Point Lookout. They could have cut only one weekend loop and have one loop go to Point Lookout. There were two people. One man was not aware n33 bus doesn't run on Sundays and after dairy free yogurt option nearby, one woman was waiting for loop bus and they were upset.
  5. FamousNYLover

    School safety 101: SLOW DOWN!

    Here are my videos of school bus situation.
  6. FamousNYLover

    School safety 101: SLOW DOWN!

    I also remember a few months ago, when I was n20G Flushing bus from Great Neck, around Sanford Av/149th St area by school, n20G bus driver who had to stopped for flashing red light school bus had to honk at motorist who cut the bus off by going oncoming traffic but only to be stop by school bus. That motorist could have caused the great accident to both school bus, NICE Bus and pedestrians walking by.
  7. FamousNYLover

    Student Metrocard discussion thread

    Some students in NYC with Student MetroCard can't be used on Bee-Line Bus or NICE Bus. I remember one scenio I was Bee-Line 2 bus from Yonkers and 2 students with NYC StudentMetroCard didn't know Bee-Line bus can't use NYCB issue Student MetroCard, so nice LibertyLines driver let them on. I remember when I was on direct n20 bus before split on Hicksville-bound n20 bus, some student try to paid with NYCB Student MetroCard which wasn't accepted and I told her NYC Student MetroCard can't use and bus driver told her too. Also when I was on n22X Jamaica Bus ride from Hicksville, at Roosevelt Field Mall, two students who had NYC StudentMetroCard only explains to Transdev driver that they didn't know NYC student metrocard cannot be used.
  8. FamousNYLover

    No. 2 train suspended due to reported feces in cars

    I used the bus schedule that somebody threw on NICE Bus floor. One time on n6, I found NJT Atlantic City train schedule. At Westchester County/White Plains TransCenter, I always find NICE Bus schedules. I even found NICE Bus schedule in Bee-Line Bus office in Mount Vermon along with LIRR.
  9. FamousNYLover

    No. 2 train suspended due to reported feces in cars

    I have been on train that had feces on the first car on R46 when I was coming off NICE Bus at 179th St. I boarded first car and some passengers witness feces on R46 (F), so I covered up with scramble bus schedule because I didn't want no one want to step on it, and one of commuter contacted the T/O and T/O alerted conductor to close first car. I decided to help by staying to 47th-50th Sts that first car is closed.
  10. Maybe train's car properly can't change it?
  11. FamousNYLover

    NICE Planned Service/Schedule Changes

    Maybe n36 bus could become Freeport-Lynbrook Community Shuttle because south shore elected officials in East Rockaway want n36 bus back.
  12. FamousNYLover

    Why the not-in-service bus won't stop for you

    I hate NIS on both MTA and NICE Bus. I remember at Glen Clove Rd/Northern Blvd when n27 bus was running on weekend and during weekdays we waited almost 1 hour for bus because NICEBus sure likes deadhead.
  13. FamousNYLover

    NICE Planned Service/Schedule Changes

    Also they protested n19 and weekend n27 bus. n27 bus on weekend was huge mistake, well as n36 bus.
  14. FamousNYLover

    NICE Planned Service/Schedule Changes

    I when there on Sunday, April 9th and no one was reading sign at bus shelter at all.
  15. FamousNYLover

    NICE Planned Service/Schedule Changes

    Only problem with Long Islanders, they don't read the sign. When I went to Hicksville Station for first day of service cut, no one didn't read n79 bus doesn't run on weekend.


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