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  1. : Uptown trains run local from Canal to 59th Sts. : Service suspended. : Uptown trains run slow speed at 23rd St. : Trains run in 2 sections. 1. Between Norwood-205th St and 2nd Av via 8th Av Local. Uptown trains go slow speed at 23rd St. 2. Between Whitehall St and Coney Island-Stillwell Av. : Uptown trains run slow speed at 34th St. : Uptown trains run slow speed at 34th St. : Trains extend via and to/from Brighton Beach. Free shuttle bus operates between West 4th St and Grand St at nearby streets, Picksup at 6th Av/West 3rd St, turn right at 8th St, turn right at Broadway, left at Houston St, stopping at Broadway, right at Allen St, turn right at Canal St, turn right at Bowery, stopping at Grand St, turn left at Houston St, stopping at Lafayette St, turn right at 6th Av, drop off at West 3rd St.
  2. Flushing Great Neck Manhasett Pt Washington Pt. Washington Shuttle via Shore Rd Great Neck Onboard n20G Flushing Flushing ENJOY IT!!
  3. Freeport Baldwin Harbor Rockville Centre Hempstead Onboard n16 RC Rockville Centre ENJOY IT!!
  4. Actuallly n20 bus need to be restore because n20H bus is loosing business. n24 bus as well. n21 can stay as Glen Cove-Great Neck weekday and restore weekend n27 bus service to/from RFM instead.
  5. Some photos are blurry but sorry about that. This was photo my first trailway ride between PABT and Kingston on my way to volunteer at Hudson Valley VegFest. PABT 8:30am Bus New Palz Kingston Terminal 7:30pm Trailway PABT ENJOY IT!!!
  6. Several people on BxM2 gets off at 5th Av/82nd-81st Sts and board at Mad Av/84th St.
  7. That was awful for you @Fan Railer. I remember during Belmont Park Horse protect, when I was taking picture of police cars, he said "No photo." Also I remember one time I was taking trip on Mega Bus to DC with Japanese friend and at pit stop, when we pull over to rest stop, I took picture of my bus, well as Greyhound. That greyhound bus driver rudefully said, "NO PICTURE! Take picture of your own bus!" I was tourist on MegaBus that date and I sent email to Greyhound Bus and they said, no photos permitted. Tourists doesn't know photo policy. Even PIX11 News Reporter Greg Mocker doesn't know photography is illegal on PATH.
  8. PABT is not affected. can't go on from norhtern Manhattan to Queens.
  9. Empire State Building collasped onto 34th St-Herald Square and 34th St-Penn Stations, shutting down Broadway line between 23rd St between Times Sq, 6th Av between 23rd St and 42nd Sts, 7th-8th Avs between 23rd St and 42nd Sts, along with 6th Av PATH stations service suspended. Affected PATH, LIRR, Amtrak. Also streets between 30th and 42nd sts are closed, and between 9th Av and Mad Avs. Bonus: Reroute buses as well.
  10. @Wallyhorse is not reading carefully. 60th St tunnel is not closed. : Service suspended. Runs local between 59th St and Canal St : No trains along 8th Av between Queens Plaza and World Trade Center. Trains run via between Queens Plaza and Whitehall St. : Trains run in 2 sections. Train will run local in Queens. 1. Between Jamaica-179th St and 21st St-Queensbridge. 2. Between Lex Av-63rd St and Coney Island-Stilwell Av. : Trains rerouted over to between 47th-50th Sts and 145th Sts. Free loop shuttle buses operates from Queensboro Plaza, Queens Plaza, Court Sq, 21st St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, 21st St-Queensbridge, than return to Queensboro Plaza. Shuttle bus routing: Queens Plaza South, Jackson Av, 44th Av, 21st St, 36th Av, 36th Av Bridge, Roosevelt Island, 36th Av Bridge, 21st St, Queens Plaza South. Additional bus service added on Q32 bus between 74th St and Grand Central. Additional Q102 bus service will be provided. : No trains between 96th St and Lex Av-63rd St. Free shuttle buses provided along 1st-2nd Avs between Lex Av-63rd St and 96th St-2nd Av, stopping at Lex Av/60th-59th Sts station. Shuttle bus routing: Lex Av, 57th St, 1st Av, 99th St, 2nd Av, 66th St, Lexington Av. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14x_Ejlu-x_xDmDnACDRrstuEP0Fn-dIf&usp=sharing
  11. I din't post this. @Fan Railer started this post first.

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