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  1. FamousNYLover

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    I also think SIM express buses using Madison Av should make left turn at 57th St, turn right at 6th Av, turn left at 59th St, drop off, then turn left at 7th Av, turn left at 58th St, share layover with Academy SIm23/SIm24 buses. When horse carriages are removed from 59th St-60th St, SIm express bus drivers can layover on 59th St between tour bus stop and 6th Av.
  2. Trevor from TTMG, Forest Glen (peter parker), PinepowerLI, twenty22 (former LIB driver), and can't remember.
  3. FamousNYLover

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    Do you know the code? Some Academy Drivers didn’t receive SIM23/24 code.
  4. FamousNYLover

    SIM Exclusive Part 2

  5. FamousNYLover

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    SIM23/SIM24 bus drivers pick up their bus at Perth Amboy, then go to Staten Island to do their run. Aft Madison Av/59th St, they deadhead back to Staten Island to do another run until end of SIm23/24. Then in noon, SIM23/SIM24 drivers parked at their Hoboken garage and wait for afternnon, and they layover mainly on 58th St between 7th Av or 6th Av, then after they do SIM23/24 back to Staten Island, they head back to 5th Av/59th St until end of shift, then go back to Perth Amboy depot. NICE shots.
  6. FamousNYLover

    SIM Exclusive Part 1

    Empty BBT
  7. FamousNYLover


    © Yuki Endo

  8. FamousNYLover


    © Yuki Endo

  9. FamousNYLover

    Breaking News: Will M'ville Depot be forced closed?

    Manhattanville Bus Depot drivers are the best and MHV should not be closed. I have lots of nice and friendly drivers from Manhattanville, MJQ, 126th St, 100th St, MCH, etc.
  10. NICE Link should have been expanded to Jones Beach since they're near these surrendering area and taxis cost about $16-$20.
  11. FamousNYLover

    NICE Bus vision plan

    I think n20X will be great idea because n20 riders really want n20L back. For suggestion, my proposal for n20X, Flushing-bound- Hicksville Station, Broadway Mall, Columbia Drive, SUNY Old Westbury, CW Post, NYIT (outside), Glen Cove Rd, Museum Drive, Pt Washington Blvd, Plandome Rd, Manhassett Medical Center, Schenk Av, Middle Neck Rd, Buttonwood Rd, Glenwood St, Bell Blvd, Francis Lewis Blvd, Sanford Av/Parson Blvd, Flushing-Main St. Hicksville-bound: Flushing-Main St, Sanford Av/Parsons Blvd, Francis Lewis Blvd, Bell Blvd, City Line, Middle Neck Rd, Schenk Av, Manhasett Medical Center, Plandome Rd,, Searingtown Rd, Museum Drive, Glen Cove Rd, NYIT (outside), CW Post, SUNY Old Westbury, Broadway Mall, Hicksville Station.


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