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  1. When Cross Bay bridge path was closed, they used mini van Golden Touch which had 2 bike racks attach to it.
  2. : No trains between Flatbush Av & Chambers St. Trains rerotued to South Ferry. Shuttle bus operates between Chambers St and Flatbush Av, stopping at Park Place, Fulton St, Borough Hall, Hoyt St, Nevins St, Atlantic Av-Barclay Center, Bergen St, Grand Army Plaza, Franklin Av and all (2)(5) stations between Franklin and Flatbush Avs. Express shuttle bus serves Chambers St, Borough Hall, Nevins St, Atlantic Av-Barclay Center, Franklin Av and all (2)(5) stops to/from Flatbush Av. : No trains between 148th St & Utica Av. Shuttle buses operate in 2 sections. 1. Loop shuttle bus operates from 135th St, stopping at 145th St, Harlem-148th St and 149th St-Grand Concourse. 2. Shuttle Bus operates between Utica Av and Chambers St, making all stops along Eastern Parkway to/from Borough Hall, then Fulton St,Park Place. : No trains between Bowling Green & Utica/New Lots Avs. Shuttle bus operates between Bowling Green and Utica Av, stopping at Borough Hall, Nevins St, Atlantic Av-Barclay Center, Franklin Av and Utica Av. (Late night all stops in Brooklyn. : No trains between Bowling Green & Flatbush Av. Shuttle bus operates between Bowling Green and Flatbush Av, making all stops in Brooklyn. : Service suspended. : No trains between Broadway-Lafayette and Coney Island via West End. Service rerouted to 2nd Av (F). Shuttle Bus operates between 2nd Av and Coney Island., stopping at Grand St, Atlantic Av-Barclay Center, 36th St-4th Av and all West END stations. : No trains between Jay St-MetroTech and Church Av. Trains run in 2 sections. express suspended. Shuttle buses operates between Jay St-MetroTech and Coney Island, making station station stops at Hoyt-Schermerhorn and all (F)(G) station along Culver Line. 1. Between Jamaica-179th St and Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd making local stop along Queens Blvd and Fulton St. 2. Between Church Av and Coney Island-Stillwell Av. : No trains between Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Church Av. Use Shuttle Bus. : Trains operate via 6th Av and 2nd Av to 96th St. : Trains rerouted over to/from Whiteahl St. Trains run in 2 sections. 1. Between Astoria-Ditmars Blvd and Whitehall St. 2. Between 59th St-4th Av and 86th St. Shuttle Buses operates between Whitehall St and 59th St, making all station stops. : No trains between Prospect Park and 96th St. Shuttle Bus operates between Prospect Park and Canal St, making all stops to Canal st, then Delancey-Essex St. : No trains between 36th St and Forest Hills-71 Av. Shuttle bus operates between 36th St and Canal St, making all stops to Canal St, then Delancey-Essex St. : Service suspended. LIRR: Far Rockaway and Hempstead train terminate/originate at Jamaica. West Hempstead train rerouted to Long Island City. LIRR will provide Atlantic Terminal branch shuttle bus between Jamaica and Atlantic Terminal, stopping at East New York, and Nostrand Av.
  3. (7)<7>: Express service suspended and operates between 34th St-Hudson Yard and Grand Central-42nd St only 42nd St Shuttle, M34 SBS, M34A SBS, M42 buses will run 24-hour. Q19, Q23, Q32, Q33, Q47, Q48, Q49, Q53 SBS, Q58, Q66, and Q72 buses will operate overtime. (E)(F)(M)(R) will have additional service. LIRR will cross honor train passengers at 34th St-Penn Station, Hunters Point Av, Woodside and Flushing. Queens-Midtown Tunnel will have exclusive bus lane during rush hour AM toward Manhattan and PM toward Queens. Shuttle Buses will operate as folllow. 1. Local shuttle bus operates betweeen Flushing-Main St and Grand Central, making local stops. 2. Express shuttle bus operates between Flushing-Main St and Grand Central, making stops at Mets-Willet Point, Junction Blvd, Woodside, Queensboro Plaza, Court Sq, Hunters Point Av and Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av. 3. Local shuttle buses operates between Flushing-Main St and 74th St-Broadway. 4. Local shuttle buses operates between Queensboro Plaza and Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av.
  4. I don't agree with reduction of Q72 bus in LGA either, but when I take Q72 majority, I see some peoples ten-twenty. Sometimes in bad weather, Q72 bus has fifteen people in airport. I seen some tourists use Q72 bus too. I'm feeling q72's terminus will be 94th St/23rd Av. At least, Airport's Purple Route stops at 23rd Av. Airport shuttle buses stop at 94th St/23rd Av, not Ditmars/102nd St. Some airport shuttle bus drivers stop upon request of employees.
  5. I don't agree with QT44 SBS heading to Fordham since Wildlife Conservation Society employees will loose direct bus ride to Bronx Zoo. I don't support QT72 ending at Ditmars Blvd.
  6. NYC-Long Island Atlantic Highland Bridge Cross Bay Bridge (both side of Broad Channel) Marine Parkway bridge Ed Koch Bridge Robert F. Kennedy Bridge Roosevelt Island-36th Av Bridge Willis Av Bridge 3rd Av Bridge Park Av MNRR Bridge Madison Av Bridge Macombs Dam Bridge 145th St Bridge University Heights Bridge Broadway Bridge 181st St Bridge Atlantic Highland Bridge Meadowbrook Parkway Bridge Wantagh Parkway Bridge Tappan Zee Bridge Newburgh-Beacon Bridge
  7. What If: Due to animal rights protest at 85th St area that expanded onto 2nd Av Subway line, suspended entire 2nd Av corridor. can't access 2nd Av service but can access Lex Av-63rd St. Affects (F)(M)(Q)
  8. : No trains between Chambers St & South Ferry . Shuttle Bus will operate between Chambers St & South Ferry. : Trains run local on 8th Av bet 59th & West 4th Sts, then on line to/from Jay St. : Trains run via between West 4th and Jay Sts. : Trains rerouted over between West 4th St and 2nd Av. 8th Av Line shuttle bus will operate betweeen West 4th St &Fulton St IRT/IND Station, stopping at Spring St, Canal St. Broadway Line Shuttle Bus will operate between Canal St and Wall St, stopping at Chambers St/Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall for Cortlandt St, Fulton St. : runs via Culver Express track. Trains will be held at Carroll St and Church Av due to single track operation. express suspended. : Service suspended. Shuttle bus operate between Court Sq and Church Av. B62, B43 will also cross honor, well as NYC Ferry's East River Ferry. Trains run via Manhattan Bridge between Canal St and DeKalb Av. : No trains between Canal St & Whitehall St. (PATH) : Newark-WTC train terminates at Exchange Place. Bus service will be provided between Exchange Pl and Fulton St (2)(3)(4)(5)(A)(C) station at WTC.
  9. I was not born as transit fan, but I think I became obsess with bus and train when I started taking M15 LTD during my Simon Baruch JHS afterschool since my mom thought subway was unsafe for me. Then during summer school for Simon Baruch in different school on 25th St, I stopped taking Mad Av bus and train. Then during HSES, I started taking M31 bus since my house was last stop on M31. Then started taking subway again. Then I got interest after meeting Trevor from ttmg, Forest Glen when we had transitfan trip thru New Jersey. I think @Matthew was in it too.
  10. Hello everyone and I wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza since Dec is cheerful Dec where everyone enjoys their holidays with family, love ones and friends.
  11. It not such good idea for people transfering between n15/n35/n43 to n22/n24 and n22/n24 to n15/n35/n43. Passengers will be angry I'm sure of it. Why they couldn't send n15 up Clinton Rd to 1 Old Country Rd n43 to Old Country Rd/Post Av.
  12. This might be good idea but it's also bad idea. People going on n15/n43 going to n22/n24 bus have to transfer twice. Where will n15, n43 will terminate? I'mguessing n22/n24 bus going to stay on Old Country Rd, but how will n35 and n1 will travel?
  13. : Uptown trains run local from Canal to 59th Sts. : Service suspended. : Uptown trains run slow speed at 23rd St. : Trains run in 2 sections. 1. Between Norwood-205th St and 2nd Av via 8th Av Local. Uptown trains go slow speed at 23rd St. 2. Between Whitehall St and Coney Island-Stillwell Av. : Uptown trains run slow speed at 34th St. : Uptown trains run slow speed at 34th St. : Trains extend via and to/from Brighton Beach. Free shuttle bus operates between West 4th St and Grand St at nearby streets, Picksup at 6th Av/West 3rd St, turn right at 8th St, turn right at Broadway, left at Houston St, stopping at Broadway, right at Allen St, turn right at Canal St, turn right at Bowery, stopping at Grand St, turn left at Houston St, stopping at Lafayette St, turn right at 6th Av, drop off at West 3rd St.
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