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  1. Currently during Essential Service: Due to outdoor dining program on Sunday, Roosevelt Av will be closed between 69th St and 83rd St, which affects Q32, Q33, Q47, Q53 SBS. Buses are still able to access 74th St Bus Terminal from 74th and 75th Sts, well as Broadway, and 69th St.
  2. Also I don't trust NICE Bus Map & Schedule. Sometimes they're incorrect. n20G/H bus schedule still shows Fall schedule.
  3. What do you think on green on Northern Blvd. She want to advocate for bus lane, SBS on Q66.
  4. Cars trucks eCarriage are my favorite Sign Truck
  5. I agree. Suffolk County Transit and Huntington Area Rapid Transit should put on Google Transit Map, well as all Hampton Jitney bus stops.
  6. I agree. Speaking off that, how essential New Jersey Transit riders are paying since they can't access farebox due to rear door boarding when they're not bus terminals, train/lightrail stations since because tourists will not download MyNJTTix or MTAEtix just to pay cashless for NJT/MTA LIRR/MNRR.
  7. I asked BeeLine via email and essential beeline buses running Sat service were running normal, so should Transdev NICEBus.
  8. NYC CURFEW BEGINS AT 8:00 PM TONIGHT. ALL SERVICE TO FLUSSHING, JAMAICA AND FAR ROCKAWAY WILL BE SUSPENDED STARTING AT 7 PM TONIGHT. ADDITIONALLY, LOCAL PROTESTS MAY DISRUPT SERVICE, PLEASE ANTICIPATE DETOURS AND MAJOR SERVICE DELAYS DURING EVENING TRAVEL. n4: Starting 7:00 pm, the n4 will ONLY run between Freeport and Hook Creek Boulevard. There will be no service WEST of Hook Creek. n6: Starting at 7:00 pm, the n6 will ONLY run between Hempstead Terminal and Elmont Road. There will be no service WEST of Elmont Road. n20G: will be suspended after 7:00 pm and will not run until 5:00 am Wednesday morning. n22 Starting at 7:00 pm, the n22 will ONLY run between Hillside Avenue/Cherry Lane and Hicksville. There will be no service WEST of Cherry Lane. n24 Starting at 7:00 pm, the n24 will ONLY run between Jericho Tpk/Little Neck Parkway and HIcksville. There will be no service WEST of Little Neck Parkway. n31/32: Starting at 7:00 pm due to protests, the n31/32 will ONLY run between Rockaway Turnpike and Hempstead Transitjourney27 Center. There will be no service to Far Rockaway. n33: Starting at 7:00 pm due to protests, the n33 will ONLY run from Long Beach LIRR to Albany Blvd. . There will be no service to Far Rockaway
  9. MTA Wifi on Q44 SBS doesn't seem to work well.
  10. Social distances on regular size buses are impossible because with limited bus service. Even seniors are boarding from rear door.
  11. : Trains run local on 8th Av between 59th and Canal Sts. : No trains between Jackson Heights and World Trade Center. Trains run local : Trains run in 2 sections. 1. Between Jamaica-179th St and Kew Garden. 2. Between 21st St-Queensbridge and Coney Island. : No trains between Lex Av-53rd St and Forest Hill. : No trains between 57th St-7th Av and Forest Hill. Service rerouted to 2nd Av to/from 96th St.
  12. Shuttle- My revised based on NICE Bus's propsal https://www.google.com/maps/d/drive?state={"ids"%3A["1C09F12eqri2_Q_OXDYEsn1K246pE5QvG"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"106523161310491323262"}&usp=sharing
  13. MDE: Hicksville-Great Neck: Weekdays only Manhattan-bound: Pickup at Hicksville Station at n20H Bus Stop, stop at North Broadway/Columbia Drive, onto Long Island Expressway and stop at Roslyn Clock Tower, then Great Neck on n20G Flushing stop, then non-stop to Grand Central at 40th St/Lexington Av and via FDR to Broadway/Wall St. Nassau County-bound: Pickup at Broadway/Water St, Grand Central at 40th St/Park Av, then non-stop to Great Neck n20H/21 bus stop, then straight to Rosyln Clock Tower n20H/n23/Pt. Washington Shuttle stop, and onto LIE too North Broadway/Columbia Drive on n20H, and Hicksville Station. MDX- Levitown-Midtown: No Comments yet MDX- Mineola-Manhattan: Start at Mineola Bus Terminal, then same stops in Manhattan. Return trip same also. MDX- Belmont-Midtown- I'll revise to Special Event Belmont, Nassau Collesium, Jones Beach NIKON Theater, etc. This should only run during special event.
  14. More Frequent Serivce: n1, n22, n24, n32, n43, n48/49 and n71/n72. buses I agree. n72 Need to be restore to Babylon Station. More express service n4X: More trips during rush hour, I agree. n20X: Follow originate n20L, stopping at n22X: More trips during rush hour, I agree. n24X: I agree. Evening/Late Night: n1- Agree but when Green Acres Mall is closed, operate between Elmont and Gibson Station skipping Green Acres Mall. n4 n22- 24 hours, during midnight, every 60 minutes. n24- Late evening trips end/originate at Mineola. Continue service east of Mineola, take n22. n40/41: Agree. n43: Agree. n70/71/72: Agree late evening service on n71/72. Weekend Service: n1, n22, n24, n40/41, n43, n71/72 I agree. n27- Extend to Roosevelt Field. I'll comment on HUBX and Midtown Direct Express soon.
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