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  1. I think maybe Q49 buses are borrowing from Q53 SBS?
  2. Went I visited White Plains, one HudsonLink passenger told me that 1:20pm H05 White Plain from Palisade Lot J that suppose to arrive at 1:23pm at Marcy's never show up, so she had to take taxi across Tappan Zee Bridge.
  3. Outdated Info- Tappan Zee Express is not replaced by HudsonLink on sign Hudson Link- Transdev Enjoy it!!
  4. During 2018 NJ VegFest Volunteer Teaching how to buy NJT Bus ticket for these people Hoboken Vegan Food Tour Thurs 2018? Hoboken Vegan Xmas Party shot ENjoy it!!
  5. Also some family with baby in strollers are too lazy. Some people says stroller can't be unfolded. Sometimes I see tourists try to get on a bus with baby inside until bus driver tells them to fold stroller. All transit bus company around the world is same policy. I also seen some person with wheelchair walking his wheelchair up the ramp sometimes.
  6. When I was livving in old apartment building at 1771 1st Av, across from M31/M86 bus stop, unmarked police car, just went diamogrally oncoming traffic without siren just to get parking space. Even some news reporters are getting detain or arrested by cops.
  7. ALso remember even horse-drawn carriage on 59th St, causing delays on buses too. NYCDOT proposed to moved horse-drawn carriage inside Central Park, just 100 feet away from 59th St, but horse-carriage drivers are stubborn. Once I even caught horse-drawn carriage dropping off/picking up at authorized M5/M7/Big Bus Tour stop. It seems like only NY CitySight and Big Bus Tour operates. Maybe NY CitySight took over grayline operation? It not just tourists. Some folks who regulate visit New York sometimes walk slow too. This Saturday-Sunday during Openhouse New York weekend will be chaotic.
  8. I think my first forum was Straphangers Campaign's Rider Dairies that venture me to join New York City Transit Forum, Subwaychat, then Railroad.net forum because I began to take interest in public transportation. Everyone here were kind and warm welcoming and I had great time in those forums including Forest Glen who took me to see movie at Jamaica Multiplex for remake of Taking Pelham 1-2-3. After I ventured with vegan friends, we not friend on facebook friend anymore.
  9. I remember during 9-11-01 after I was going to HSES from Mount Siani Hospital, I had Student MetroCard that good for school days only. I used one on M106 from 5th Av/98th St, then wasted at 103rd St (B)(C) station, and I was dedicate to go to school and wasted again at 96th St (1)(2)(3). After passenger told me, no train, I rushed to Riverdale Av/97th St for sardined M5 bus to 72nd St Subway Station for M57 bus. I got free transfer to M5. After school, my mom picked up and my Student MetroCard was empty when we took M31 bus.
  10. I really like to see picture of Westchester County's Bee-Line Bus StudentMetroCard and NICE Bus' Student Pass Card. I remember one time when I was on BL/W2 from Gettys Square back to 242nd St, Bee-Line Bus drivers were nice enough to let two students who weren't aware NYCBOE issued Student MetroCard can be used. Another time on weekday, when I was on NICE Bus n22X, NICE Bus drivers denies at Roosevelt Field Mall and forced them to paid $2.75.
  11. 5th Stop: Brooklyn Got off at Bedford Av. Rush to Vinnie's Pizza for final slice Vegan Slice. Rush back to Bedford Av station and took 8th Av-bound train. Manhattan Exit at 8th Av/14th St and re enter to 8th Av/14th St and got on Brooklyn-bound via 8th Av/Culver Line to West 4th St to finish line at Amity Hall Since I can't drink alcohol, I only ordered french fries. After few moments, I put by french fries with pizza and rush to Red Bamboo to get Strawberry Soyshake for dessert to go since it was busy ENJOY IT!!
  12. 4th Stop: Bronx Guess what happens when train arrived at Bridgeplate at Fordham. Pizza Studio with no cheese. Their crusts are all vegan. My Rizzo's Pizza box was leaking, so I put my slices from Rizzo and My Pie into Pizza Studio's Box. After few moment I rush back to Fordham Station. At 7:08pm, I boarded Harlem Line back to... Grand Central, and got on Utica Av-bound train to (14th St-Union Square for Canarsie-bound train.

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