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  1. During the n20 day, on weekends, n20 bus drivers are not allowed to enter NYIT Loop. New driver driving entered NYIT Campus and security guard reminded him/her. I think n20H should stop outside NYIT on weekends. There are some people who catch bus at CW Post and SUNY Old Westbury since there's no safe spot to make corresponding stops on Rte. 107.
  2. Actually SCT is proposing to have new Monday-Thursday route via NYS 109 between Farmingdale State College and Babylon Station to replace n72. n20H lost lots of ridership due to split at Great Neck with n20H. Sometimes when n20G Great neck arrives at Middle Neck Rd/Northern Blvd, n20H is already at left turn waiting to go to bus stop, and sometimes people have to play FROGGER at dangerous busiest intersection on red light to catch connecting bus.
  3. I met @Forest Glenand we watched retake of Pelham 1-2-3 together. I met John Micho when he posted a lot about NICE Bus Issue many times and some former MTALIB operator that used to post at forum. TreverLogan of TMG
  4. That's awful. I still remember about employee that got arrested for taking picture of trains, well as NICE Bus driver taking picture of buses got harassed by security for taking picture of buses. I seen youtube videos of news reporters being arrested for taking pictures of incidents, when media is doing their job for story.
  5. Did that conductor give hard time to press taking photos/film too?
  6. On Saturday, September 14th, I helped my Japanese friend 11am Sex and City OnLocation Tour bus since she want to see Carrie's apartment and she was fan of Sex and City, so I helped her buy ticket together and we went on tour together. Pulizer Fountain Onboard Sex & City Tour Sex & City Bar (9th Av/15th St) Before Carrie's Apartment Film Area Last Movie Stop ENJOY everyone!!
  7. It's across street on SE side due to construction.
  8. I took ride on 8:45am n16J NCC Express and remember the route it took.
  9. n16J routing path i created https://drive.google.com/open?id=12_3SX_JHrhsdb0svsFVyu4toEi1xJNQp&usp=sharing
  10. (M): Runs normal during weekday and weekend train project (N): No trains between Lex Av-59th St and Astoria-Ditmars Blvd (R): Rerouted over between 36th St and 57th St-7th Av Shuttle Bus makes corresponding stops along 31st St with 30th Av station stop on Steinway St/30th Av, and Queens Plaza and Lex Av-63rd St included,. Route: 31st St, Astoria Blvd, Steinway St, Broadway, 31st St, 41st Av, Queens Plaza North, Queensboro Bridge Lower Level, 60th St, 3rd Av, 66th St, Lex Av, 59th St, Queensboro Bridge, Queens Plaza South, Northern Blvd, 31st St, Broadway, Steinway St, Astoria Blvd, 31st St, follow shuttle bus routing as G.O. Q18: Maspeth-bound: Via 30th Av, right at 30th St, left at 31st Av, left at 33rd St, right at 30th Av, regular route. Astoria-bound: Via 30th Av, left at 34th St, right at 31st Av, right at 29th St, left at 30th Av, regular route. Q102: Roosevelt island-bound: Via 30th Av, right at 30th St, left at 31st Av, left at 33rd St, right at 30th Av, regular route. Astoria-bound: Via 30th Av, left at 34th St, right at 31st Av, right at 29th St, left at 30th Av, regular route.
  11. Jamaica EXLCLUSIVE n16J NCC at Sutphin Blvd/91st Av 8:45am bus 2 minutes late with ambassador training) Bus came from bus depot, then Archer Av, right at Sutphin Blvd, 91st Av first stop, then right at Hillside Av, stopping at n1/n6 bus at 178th St, then Springfield Blvd stop was on NICE/MtA Bus stop on Hillside Av/Springfield Blvd, turn right at Braddock Av, left at Jamaica Av-Jerico Turnpike, right at Herrick Rd, left at Old Country Rd, 4th Av, following routes past Roosevelt Field, staying on Ring Rd to South Rd, left at Stewart, then right at Endo Blvd and regular NCC campus stop. Garden City n27 Car Dealership Forcing Bus to Layover in Narrow Roosevelt Field Bus Terminal Hicksville ENJOY IT!!!!

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