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  1. Thanks for the input folks...greatly appreciated. BriTish...sent you a private message...
  2. Received a letter today for Track pre-employment...is there any way I can defer my name on the list for future consideration? Before anyone asks why...long story!! but, is this even possible on a NYCT list? Should I call one of the listed numbers above to inquire Monday?
  3. Got my Notice of Results yesterday in the mail...scored 100% and my list # is in the mid 300's...good luck to all!
  4. Congrats...it's been quite a year I bet! ...I'm 6 in as a checker myself.
  5. And not to get too personal on an open forum...but, I started with the company at 19 years old, still wet behind the ears...I was constantly late, had a few quarrels with customers resulting in numerous violations. Years later as a seasoned employee and a clean record my mistakes in the start have dampened my chances of moving to another division sadly with such 1 in 3 rules and all...good luck to everyone!!
  6. Forgot to post being so disgruntled!!...got a 1 in 3 letter for this exam last week. I was in the 920's....Pretty upset, this happened with Bus Op #8006 with me as well, guess the 3rd times a charm eventually....what I am concerned about now is that I went in for the #8094 Bus Op situation and took the BOSS as well, am I exempt from that too?
  7. Spoke with some from HR? and when you say hired...as in appointed? If that's the case I was somehow "skipped"...hmm
  8. I worked customer service on a GO yesterday and a current CR said a TSS mentioned more TO and CR's will have new classes way before June...I was pretty surprised he even mentioned at least 50-60 people as a next batch. All hear-say however...
  9. I think what jruiz713 said basically means they have scheduled people up to number 990 for the next training class which is in june or sooner based on the demand of the agency...and you know people decline, may have went to bus op or all types of other scenarios. From reading here a few weeks ago someone said the last appointed was #907....DCAS says 861...Im one of the bunch that went for pre-employment in early February and would be in the next wave of new hires actually...so Im paying super close attn to everything posted and such. To top it off, people are confusing one another with numbers as far as Appointed, Bus Op/BOSS letters and then actual Conductor pre-employment call ups lol.
  10. Same thing Im wondering and I was tested on 2/8...and from what I know from trips to 180, those pre-medicals are usually good for 30 days...may have to be re-tested and wait all over for a "2nd call back"...
  11. I was @ Midwood HS on 3/23 with a blue paper...some people were on line and belonged at Madison and didn't realize it till near the front...test was 40 common sense questions, no "real" math and the practice books are useless I have a Passbook for Trackman (Track Worker) and almost 95% of the stuff I read and semi-studied was NOT on the actual exam.
  12. Nothing for me either...did pre-medical in early February also. 920s.
  13. A little over a week before 3/11, congrats to you folks....I have my fingers crossed!!

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