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  1. Everyone who suggests that the go through the tunnel don't understand how much time going over the bridge saves. It saves at least 10 minutes. Waiting a minute or 2 before Prince for the other train to go first? I'll gladly take it. And it isn't even much of an issue on days when trains run on schedule.
  2. I was stuck in this. My got to 36th around 8:20 where they announced it was rerouted to the , but I wasn't aware of what's going on, so I got off and waited for the next one, which ran slowly to 59th. It was held there for about 10 minutes until I got fed up and went upstairs for the B9. Apparently I made the decision too late, cause two minutes later, everyone emerged from the station, and let's just say the ride was a mess. :tdown:
  3. Does anyone know the details to the work they're doing around the Pacific Street area that requires and to be local? Looked like they had rocks and everything there, so I was curious. Thank you.
  4. It's been like this for years. The next car, 5133, is also missing a rollsign.
  5. I live on top on a Sea Beach line station, which is why I don't like the 160's. They're REALLY loud. Louder than any older equipment. I still like living here though, since it's so convenient.
  6. I'd take slight delays at merge points than riding through the tunnel. Why? Because it still gets me and other riders to our destinations much more quickly. If it does go tunnel, everyone's gonna jump off at DeKalb, and that would create unnecessary extra crowding on trains.
  7. I hope those rumors about the getting 68/A's back is gonna come true. :tup:
  8. You bitching about people bitching about this is just as annoying. I hope you've noticed.
  9. I kinda miss the manual announcements, but the good thing about NTT's are when the C/R needs to make a delay/detour announcement, there's a "ding" sound before, so I'd know to take off my headphones and not miss what he said. There was this really cheerful C/R on the that went like: "This a N train toooo Manhattannn, step in, stand cleeear of the closingggggg doooooooors." Loved that guy. And another C/R's announcement at 8th Ave was: "8th Ave, Brooklyn Chinatown." I was like wow, and I smiled at the acknowledgement.
  10. I was there around 8:30. They were still making the announcements about not stopping, but the that was there when I got off the did open its doors. A section of gap fillers near the center was fenced out though, and there were like 3 MTA employees there.
  11. It's part of living in New York, just deal with it. If you're bothered that much, then you can always start shit with them.
  12. Interiors are terrible as well. There's ALWAYS some kind of stains on the seats, and there's a certain unpleasant smell on these trains that I don't smell on the 160's from the other yards.
  13. Nice pics. Does anyone know why they programmed "via 59th St" instead of like "4 AV LOCAL" or something?
  14. It wouldn't, none of the Tech kids transfer between these lines. (I went there.)
  15. That would cause really bad crowding on the car(s) where the entrance/exits are located, since people are too lazy to move.
  16. Wow, this is really really nice. I think a cross-Bronx line would make it even better.
  17. Atlantic's a horrible place for transfers - lots of stairs, lots of people, long passageway. Unless you wanna exercise . Also keep in mind the B/D are much less frequent compared to the option you have.
  18. It doesn't make a difference, that's what I was trying to say. I don't see why people insist on keeping two expresses, for the three reasons that I've already mentioned in my previous post. The express is a luxury no matter how I look at it, and it's only natural for it to get cut when times are tough.
  19. With an unlimited card, he can do the uptown transfer on the same fare. He'd just have to walk up some stairs, then more stairs to street level, then a few blocks, then back down. :confused:
  20. I don't support cutting the for selfish reasons like wanting my to stay express, but some of you obviously don't ride the Broadway. Broadway really doesn't need two expresses, like Nel says. First off, the express skips a total of 4 stations (5 if you count 49th), and the time saved is not significant. The Bridge is where most of the time savings come from, and that will remain unchanged. Secondly, in the AM rush, most express riders get off by Union Sq, and not that many people board there. Thirdly, most of the express riders just end up on the express by "default," kinda. If they live on the (N)/®, they're still gonna take the even if it's local. I know I won't be waiting for no train just because it skips a couple stops. Note that this is from a Brooklyn rider's perspective, but I think travelling to Queens is even easier, since the local and express make basically the same stops, with the exception of those 4 or 5 stops. The Lower Manhattan portion might be troublesome, but there are a few transfers available to other lines ( at Union Sq, at Canal) that serve that area along Broadway, so I don't see that much of a problem there.
  21. While what you said is true, I think it'd be closer to perfection if the lines were every other avenue. 2nd, Lexington and Madison (the two lines can merge onto Park Ave S before hitting Union Sq, then continue on today's Lex Line route), 6th, 8th, 10th, and of course, Broadway.
  22. Okay, I don't see it in my copy of the Post. But if this is true, it would be nice.
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