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  1. That's gonna be really crazy. Can Atlantic Avenue even handle that many trains? And, no shuttle bus between Atlantic and Franklin to take passengers to Atlantic for the trains?
  2. It's good, but you can get the older (and cheaper) versions of it, like the W80 or W120, etc. and still get similar quality in your pictures.
  3. LOL. 好似佢咁...

  4. 喺...如果我平時返學坐N車 多d見到R68/A就好啦。


  5. 你眞係好彩吔。哈哈

  6. haha, 我都晤知呢度 d railfan 乜嘢樣。

    不過我去遊車河嗰時都完全晤見有似係RF ge 人...

  7. 都ok la,手機相嚟講。你攞d angle & 其他嘢都幾好。

    買到相機 一定要 share ah.(:

  8. 晤見你post 你 d pic 嘅?


  9. 哈哈,太凍啦。 上次係 Christmas Break 去。你呢?

    And wow, you can read all that French too? v

  10. There's probably more than one set of them on the , mainly rush hours. And damn, it looks GREAT in that picture.
  11. Wow, that's freaking awesome. Thanks man.

    I'm gonna go mess around with it now. ^^

  12. Can read, can't type.

    Too lazy to learn hahah.

  13. wow nice. You're lucky to meet so many :o

    Wu Kai Sha is near Ma On Shan right?

  14. hahah, like every HK person I met since coming are from TKO. weird.

  15. yeah I am. (:

    I'm guessing you too with your name. I lived 2 stops away from Admiralty lool.

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