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  1. Another analogy would be the 63rd to 59th/Lex Metrocard transfer. There was one with the and before the transfer was built. There is a Metrocard transfer at 207th Street on the due to construction:
  2. I was on the Lafayette end of the SB platform yesterday: the door to the construction site was wide open and the site can be seen in public view. Standing in the same vicinity, the skeletal structure of an escalator to the NB platform can be seen. It looks like fit-out work is being done.
  3. Lower Manhattan : News | Dey Street Closure Planned
  4. I can't speak for the rest of the American electorate, but I am not voting for this assface. Yes, Newt is short for Newton. But this Newt is as slimy as the one in the animal kingdom.
  5. It works for me. It could be temporary downtime; but also consider clearing your cache.
  6. IIRC, this was mentioned (at least the grade part) in the docs for the SAS, I think it was the FEIS? I remember reading it a few years ago.
  7. By the time these tunnels get funded and built, we might be using some other different transport technology. Just saying.
  8. Hmm... usually the MTA delays things (points to new South Ferry)
  9. The passage between Cortlandt and WTC is said to be within fare control (meaning free transfer), I believe. But Cortlandt and the FSTC is connected by the Dey Street Passageway, which is outside fare control. Honestly, I haven't heard much about the Cortlandt-WTC transfer recently. The DSP, however, is being fitted out. The tunnel itself was completed a few years ago (that's when they reopened Dey Street to public access), but a different contract has to fit it out: lighting, tiles, floor-work.
  10. Photos from today: SB Platform , notice the tilework Platform rehab for the platforms Look at the brick wall, observe the new brick over the old View of the stairs to the underpass, the stairs seem to be permanent Another view View into the construction site, this should be where the mezzanine for the NB platforms are. Up another set of stairs in this temporary passageway Temporary to semi-permanent transition; semi-completed A/C Mezzanine from to ; stairs in the center feed into the IND. Another view Elevator shed for NB J/Z platform A/C East Mezzanine, facing platforms; the shed in the center, I speculate, to contain an escalator or two New location of the mural Lots of stairs.. Elevator to the - should be functional, I think. The one from the mezzanine to street is still being worked on. If you head to the new exit at 135 William, there is this white shed near fare control. That is where the elevator is to street level. Escalator shed, I think there are two here? This one seems to be the down escalator, if it is, and would most likely be the same width as that found on the uptown IND platforms at 34th St/Herald Square. That's all I have today.
  11. Aren't the "existing ones" the tunnel in Manhattan? Wouldn't that need some serious fixing before it could accommodate B div service? To be honest, and back on topic, I don't get why the MTA has to do this now instead of before, when they were actually building the transfer to the .
  12. i laughed and wondered, what is this picture of osama doing on my profile. LOL

  13. I mean, I do understand why the person may extend this. But I do have to say that this is too much dream than reality: -Extending the like that is really not cost-effective; I would perhaps simply extend the -Moreover, because of the engineering complexity, it would take forever to be built. Talk about tunneling near some of the tallest skyscrapers in the city - underpinning the ESB, anyone? -There is already a plan for light rail on the 42nd Street corridor, and there are plans to extend the line to Penn Station (which was perhaps the original intention) -The number of passengers headed to East Midtown from Penn Station would be somewhat reduced due to the ESA.
  14. Agree, Lower Manhattan desperately needs a bus terminal to house an increase influx of interstate buses - not just with the NJT. You also have the cheap Chinatown buses that are parking everywhere on the streets. I don't honestly know if this would seriously revitalize Lower Manhattan, as advertised, as it has done quite a lot of damage. The businesses in the construction zone had suffered during and immediately after 9/11 and were just able to somewhat recover until this hit. On the sub-surface, things do need to get done. The old mechanism for transferring was certainly outdated. But I don't see the necessity of having an oculus to light up a platform or two underground.
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