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  1. Crappy thing in this case, they cash your check, let you sit the test, then send you a 'disqualifier letter' afterword..
  2. I was told off the first OC TO Exam from 2000, there was a retired guy who went through schoolcar, worked a day, then resigned! It was a life long dream to operate a subway train.There is no age limit at TA, but they will use the MAC centers to force people out one way or another. No names now, but I know of one Motorman who started at TA in 1972, Not a mistake. Promo'ed to motors in '73, and is still grinding the rails, and other things, these days, which is why I think he keeps working..it.. 'Old school' lady's man!
  3. Just found this out myself. Your score on the test will determine what position is offered. The highest scores are offered road car inspector, below the threshhold number, car inspector. I dont know number. RCI is the 'road mechanic' working somewhere on the mainline. You 'pre-trip check ' trails. You respond & determine if running equipment is safe to keep in service, sent in after service, or out of service/shop imediately. You do small repairs, and HVAC thermometer evals of cars when at terminals. No real heavy duty stuff, but you are required to crawl under & around trains. I also believe it is a saftey sensitive title with drug screening procedures. Car inspector is in the shops & yards, and do similar duties, but on stored/out of service equipment. Dunno much bout these guys, I call for one in the yard when a put-in has some issue. They respond, always looking 'well rested' .. (Just kidding CI's) As for 'conditional', you must mean provisional appointment. A family member filed for a MME test, and then got a letter from TA looking for a resume, pre test. MTA hires people for titles they need from these submitted resumes. Jobs are offered, and you work as a regular employee, full bennies, but no 'official' union representation.. BUT the union guys will advise/help you out in a bind, & try to get you changed to permanent employee if they can..There are provisonals whove been at TA for 15-20 years.. Really try to ace the test when given though, not usually hard if you know your stuff. When ATU settled recently, he got the raise AND retro back to his hire date.
  4. Possibly, the didnt renew it because they have some construction/remodel plans in the vicinity..
  5. Friend sent me link to these pics. R44s finally getting relocated/scrapped. Clic 'prev' for more pics, theres are a few.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/transitalk/7597151958/in/set-72157627439721172/lightbox/
  6. On the stand, at Mott. Last Slant I worked before the retired.

    © Rapid Transit TO

  7. Interior shot. Last Slant I worked before the retired.

    © Rapid Transit TO

  8. Operator's cab, the office. Last Slant I worked before the retired.

    © Rapid Transit TO

  9. On the stand, at Mott. Last Slant I worked before the retired.

    © Rapid Transit TO

  10. The 'original' tech train. Many design features of this design made it into the current tech train fleet. I think this was in 207st Yard.

    © Rapid Transit TO

  11. R32 "E" at Parsons-Hillside

    © Rapid Transit TO

  12. Most times, as long as the issue, whatever it is- legal, dmv, court cases, tickets, is resolved & closed, it is not an automatic disqualification. Civil service or finding out something you failed to disclose after you've been hired CAN lead to a termination afterword. There was a C/R terminated with 2 years on the job for failing to disclose something, cant remeber his name or find the story though online.. Good Luck on the job.
  13. I go every 6 months for pressure, which has NEVER been high since I'm on meds prior to working at NYCT. Gets me off the road.. For new hires. If pressure MAY be an issue, know beforehand.. Cut the caffeine, salt, ect a few days prior. Eat asparagus for those days, (natural diuertic) and limit fluid consumption. Pressure drops, & you'll pass pressure reading no problem.. Then I go to Nathans for a 'recovery meal' of 2 dogs with the works & fries..
  14. LOL Just after the & line equipment changeover, I pulled into 181st st. What morbid faces, except for a 5 year old jumping up & down yelling 'Mom, Look at the old train!' by my window..
  15. In the subway, when it spotted, its called in to Command center. Rail equipment isn't allowed to run tagged & is removed from service for cleaning.. If station tags are reported, they are then relayed to station dept by command..
  16. More importantly, WHY would I volunteer to go represent the MTA when they feel I'm BURDEN to the operation, while its no problem a bunch of pencil pushers are collecting 6 figures.. Enter the MTA is a 'Financial Rodeo' to demonstrate how to take in millions, spend billions, and scream entry level employees are responsible for financial troubles..
  17. There are many places there were entrances & exits at one time. At one time, a subway entrance in/near your building WAS desirable & the building often paid a fee to maintain the entrance. If you go to the 155ST SB plat of the C, you'll see there was an entrance there. There is a section of slanted tiles near the corner that runs into the walled staircase, and the storm drain across the stair bottom has been filled in, and only a small grate opening remains against the back wall..
  18. JYD.. off Park Drive East aka Brooklyn Queens Greenway, you can get some shots of Jamaica Yard. Use google maps streetview to see it.. I saw this location when it was snowing at night, & it looked awesome, but I didn't have my camera.. I'd bring a step ladder/stool to shoot over the fence/rails..
  19. As far as which division is better to work in, it's a personal thing. IRT/A are shorter lines, B div longer runs. Usually once you start somewhere, most are reluctant to switch cause its learning new system, places, people.. I ran into a bunch of IRT motormen at an bowling event. To them the though of being on a train for an hour half was insane.. I didn't have the heart to tell them about my 5 hour stint during the 36st flood.. LOL All the other stuff is already covered. You cant get summer weeks until forever,but can couple 3 vacation in days with rdo's to get summer time off non holiday weeks...
  20. Never ride showing the patch/pass, always tote a fleece/sweatshirt. If SHTF, on duty/off duty, whatever, people will harass you cause your there. Blend/ disappear.. Don't ride in unoccupied train cabs, especially the last car. You stick out like a sore thumb.
  21. I was told TA pulled the primary gearsets off some of those R44s to be re-installed in R68/R68As needed for service. The R44s were supposedly purchased whole by a scrapper, but there was some problem in arranging transportation for them.
  22. Working in the subway everyday, I CRINGE when I see parents allowing kids to roll all over the floors/platforms, touching everything, putting fingers in their mouths, ect.. Homeless deficate/urinate everywhere, touch everything. One of the TV news programs did swipe samples a few years ago, sent them to a lab for testing. Bingo, every sample, feces, e.coli.. Not much can be done about it or them either. The ACLU sued NYCTA & NYPD because, so as long as the homeless aren't violating any rules, you cannot remove or take them off the train or out of the system for just stinking or being homeless.. Years ago on a R32 E train, one was sitting shotgun outside my door. I offered him $5 to ride in another car, paid it up at WTC.. Last week I had a homeless guy soil himself outside my operating cab, I almost vomited. Rolled the rest of the line with the front door wedged & cab window open, or I wasn't going to make it.. My advise to everyone, wear light leather gloves, touch as little as possible, carry hand sanitizer gel, & use it often..
  23. LOL, Should put a warning in the post header, sorry bout that..
  24. 2 Bway is never happy when management is exposed for what things they do publicly.. Fallout was quick, with some supts getting shuffled about..
  25. TWU Local 100, which represents most of NYC Transit workers, currently in a contract fight with the MTA, is rallying to bring attention to the rat infestation of the subway with an 'Ugliest Rat Contest'.. The anticipation is over, we have a winner.. Meet the ugliest rat on the subway: Transit workers union names rodent winner of photo contest* - NY Daily News
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