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  1. Met with a co-worker that is on probation almost two months ago. She told me that she took the test back in August and was in the last Traffic Checker class back in December. They started hiring from the new exam. For those that took the exam back in 2011, I would go to 180 Livingston Street to check your status of the list. Not sure they still hiring people from the the 2011 exam
  2. From what I know from my co-workers, the first class for the current traffic checker exam was in December. For those that took the exam, just be patient and hopefully you get called up. I don't know the status from the 2011 Traffic Checker exam if they still calling people from that list.
  3. Received my list number and score. Scored a 91.250 and my list number is 1197*. Slim chance of me getting called for conductor with my list number. Won't imagine scoring in the low 90's for this exam that I probably won't get called compared to the last conductor exam.
  4. Hope so, I got 6-7 questions wrong. We should be in good shape.
  5. My brother received his letter today and he got three questions wrong. He has to take the exam on October 18th. I still waiting for my letter. Hopefully I get my letter soon
  6. WOW, I think everyone should be able to have a fair chance of taking the Traffic Checker exam. Only testing 2000 applicants is not a fair, I feel all exams should test all applicants that is eligible and applied to take the exam. Guess they don't want to test thousands of people like the MTA does for Station Agents, Conductors, Track Workers, Train & Bus Operators. If anyone takes the test basically like winning the lottery for an opportunity to take the exam and realistic chance of getting hired.
  7. I do all of the above. I conduct surveys while riding the bus and the train and conduct them outside of bus stops and train stations Sorry to hear that you still waiting to get your list number called. For that exam they mainly called and hired Traffic Checkers from October 2012 through February 2014 which they had six training classes which one of them had 50 checkers that was a huge training class. Since then they only had three training classes which on average one training class a year. Since your list number is close enough to get called you should go to 180 Livingston Street to find out the status of the list. Good luck. Thanks for all the questions, during my first year I worked everywhere since I was in the General Field. I mainly worked the Overnight/AM Shift which on a given day I could start work from 5:00am-11:00am then report back to work at 11:00pm-5:00am. You could work more than 25 hours since there are many pick jobs that work over 25 hours a week. But if you work in the General Field your hours will vary that one week you can have a 40 hour work week and the next week have 6 hours work week. Once I had no work hours when I picked up my work assignment in the field. It's hard in the beginning to work this job and be a college student that two Checkers I worked with had to quit the job. Congratulations on getting a low list number. Do your best on the exam and score high on the exam. You are now in control of things since more likely you have an opportunity to take the exam. Be sure you know basic math, military time and have knowledge of NYC and reading subway and bus maps
  8. Some former Traffic Checkers that I have worked with decided to become cleaners before becoming conductors. If you become a cleaner you are eligible to take promotional exams such as conductor which many of my co-workers took advantage of it which they got hired as conductors. Since Traffic Checker is a MABSTOA title you only eligible to take promotional exams from MABSTOA. I had to take the open competitive exam for conductor since I choose not to became a cleaner. Becoming a cleaner after working at least one year as a Traffic Checker is easier way to advance yourself up the ladder in Transit.
  9. There was no requirements when I applied for Traffic Checker in August 2011 I work at least 30 hours per week It's been a good experience working as a Traffic Checker. I get to see and explore many areas of NYC. When I started starting pay is $13.625 per hour.
  10. Hello, I applied for Traffic Checker back in August 2011. It took few months that I got selected to take the test. Back when I took the test in November 2011, I wasn't given a list number to take the exam. From what I read about the NOA they changed how they do the process of people getting selected to take the test and there is no application fee this time around compared to last time I took the exam. This time around you only pay the application fee to take the exam once selected. Cleaner is a direct promotion from Traffic Checker that you can apply to become a cleaner once you did one year of service as a Traffic Checker. Hope this helps and good luck
  11. Hey everyone, just finishing up my fourth full year as a Traffic Checker. Still enjoy my job. Just want to let everyone know for those that still waiting for their list number to be called there will be a new Traffic Checker exam next year that the filing period starts in March as posted on the MTA website exam schedule for 2017. Good luck to those still waiting to be number to be called.
  12. I considering to catch a ride on the B110 route soon. I know the B110 runs Orion V's for sometime and want to catch a ride on Orion V since the MTA Orion V's are retired. From observing the B110 since it runs by my neighborhood that I see fewer Orion V's on the route lately that is currently being replaced. I assuming those Orion V's are being retired as well. Does anyone know the current bus roster the B110 Private Transportation? Thanks
  13. Went to Yukon depot few weeks ago to do a survey and I only spotted roughly 3-4 Orion V's in the entire depot. Two of them appeared to be out of service. Not sure there is any left Orion V's left at Yukon for passenger service. End of an era indeed. Only Castleton, Kingsbridge and Eastchester have Orion V's now.

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