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  1. O jesus christ the profile pic is Hot brother

  2. whats the good word dog

  3. To everyone who is taking the Train Operator's exam tomorrow
  4. Where is was this picture taken, and what company utilize this bus?
  5. Operated under (NYCT) bus. Some future units will be operated under Bus. Order was originally for 126 buses, later reduced to 59. 18 buses were diverted to (NJT).
  6. welcome aboard brother. make yourself at home
  7. We should pay our repsect to those who lost their lives on this tragic accident. Yes it was an airliner, but it's still considered part of the transportation dept like us. Rest In Peace To All Who Was Onboard Air France FLT.447 (NYCT) (NJT) all united?
  8. I got your back son that's why i'm going to sleep now I got 19A at spring creek peace son and yo check out rts nova rrrrrrr I left ya something LOL

  9. notice picture ? what you think? reminds you of anything?
  10. plain and simple. wont spend money to hire additional checkers for $2.00 fare when they are busy checking us. so over all want to take the $23.56 we make intsead of the $2 bucks from the passenger. just one of the many reasons why we get nailed to the wall but customers will be treated as innocent
  11. when, where and what line was this accident taken place

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