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  1. just wanted to wish those taking the test tomorrow all the best. :tup: it IS a fun job(as you probably already know) and a 'great' career. .also for you party heads remember, once you come aboard party time slows down or stops. know ahead of time. your 'life' you are pretty much giving up for such as weekends, holidays, etc. just so that there are no surprises to you. dont take too much time on a question you are not sure of. remember you can always get back to it again. best to all :tup::tup::tup:GOING YOUR WAY ;):tup:
  2. Cleared my PM box. Feel free to PM ;)

  3. lol wow you met your 'private mailing saved quota'..i cant send u any.. lol.. hmm.. i guess i'll hold that last one i was gonna send when u free up some space.. still lol...

  4. hahahaha!!!! that's more of a reason...to.. stick it to them.. yet another pick... lol.. naw.. just kidding.. cause you would be punishing yourself if you did that... lol.. .when i used to work the road or switching jobs.. i would tell folks (train ops,conductors,dispatchers,tss,etc) (just to ruffle their feathers)...that i was gonna pick back...wwwwwhoa.. lol. if you could just see the looks on their faces.. and.. (imagine) the words being tossed around in their heads and tongue.. still lol...lordy. didnt i just scare the crap outta them.. all the way until i actually made my 'pick selection' final.. still lol..:tup::tup:
  5. good looking out... but.. i'm just not for the traveling to GRAND CENTRAL.. that's all.. if the TRANSIT MUSEUM in Brooklyn has it there. then.. it's a go.. but.. not manhattan... too much hustle and bustle... lol
  6. i'm sitting here 'lol'....my days of just luckily..'sitting around'... CONTINENTAL was a piece of work on the 'pm' depending on who was running the show.. oh and 179th street.. hmm.. yea.. you are right.. that's a toughie...i caught hell with a certain dispatcher on 'pm'...think she just didnt like the idea of knowing i was 'hanging' around.. but i sure as heck.. spoke out.. and reminder her.. (just in case she thought i was the only switchperson there).. she hated when i would call her out.. still lol.. :tup::tup:
  7. wow..i would love to get hold of one.. i dont care that we are half way through 2009...it sounds like a really cool.. vibrant...well laid out calendar...i'm gonna have to check the web to see if it can be purchased other than Transit Museum Store. thanks much for that info..:tup::tup::tup:
  8. Yeah being a Train Operator over a Conductor feels like a vacation.

  9. Thanks for replying!!! I am looking to work for NYCT someday myself. I took the Bus Operator exam a year ago, and got a notice to take BOSS written assessment on the 11th of June in Brooklyn( not to let you know I already have my CDL Class B license with passenger endorsement). I took the Conductor exam in December of 2008 still waiting for my results, and I have the Train Operator exam coming this Saturday that I am going to take(wish me luck on that one). I am keeping my options open in many areas, but prefer the Bus Operator position since I already have the license, and like to put it into good use.

  10. work trains..'c' division... been on it like forever
  11. O.K no problem how bout The Master Controller and set of roll signs hmm let me know

  12. dont bother. knightrider is a lost case. know the brother for fourteen years and im still waiting for a park in my name (JFK)

  13. hahaha.. i see a brother still has jokes... still.. LOL..naw.. no trade off...lol.. lol..

  14. it's not a problem... working on the RAILROAD...lots of times the 'guys' are 'threatened' when they see a 'female'...holding down a particular position...especially on the WORK TRAINS..(in the beginning)...but still.. for the strangest reason... titles which should NOT BE AFFECTED at all by my presence (such as track workers...track foreman,,etc..).. seemed to have a problem with a FEMALE at the helm of MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT.. hey.. i gotta get MY paycheck too
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