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  1. ...and yes I know I'm skinny thank you! lol
  2. The pinpoints are the stops...each color is a different route :eek:
  3. Yes, I have a route to the East Side via 42nd Street - Grand Central and theres another route to Jacob Javits - 39th Street Pier via the PABT.
  4. Pretty much all of them. I renamed some stations, moved others, and tore down/rebuilt connections. If you click the link, at the bottom is the Legend. There is local and express service in both Manhattan and Jersey. A line now goes to Bayonne, NJ and Port Richmond, S.I. More stops in Hoboken and service to Newark Liberty Airport. There's 42nd Street service as well as short Lower Manhattan extensions. And I built the 8th Street line to Astor Place etc.
  5. http://www.zeemaps.com/270809 Give tips/comments on where I could improve. And yes I know - this would be good competition for the HBLR in Bayonne and the 6th Avenue Line in Manhattan. It also gives passengers in Staten Island another option than the Ferry, S53, S79, etc.
  6. thanks for the advice:P the think i was trying to do with the first pic was make the viewer feel as if their almost on the tracks (without me actually killing myself). :eek: not to mention i also really liked the way the light hit the rails in that pic. lol but I still need practice
  7. thx everyone for the positive comments very much appreciated
  8. I'm recently in a photography class in my school, and was wondering for any tip/suggestions on how to take my pics. I railfan a lot but I don't actually take 'photos' whenever I do. So this is like my first time actually taking photos. Thanks. You can see all of them, maybe a little clearer here: http://photobucket.com/transitpiics Its only a few more.
  9. they should have some sort of reduced fare for the kids (18 and under) during the summer, like a dollar metrocard - you can only get it from a token booth clerk with valid i.d. (or something like that), they'd work as single rides so they'd have to be bought seperately idk i was just throwing that out there...discount with school id ? but i really dont kno :confused: its cheaper cause not all of us dont have jobs to pay (im 15)
  10. how about: Manhattan Avenue-Central Park West on the trains, transfer to the trains at 103rd Street via passageway. 5th Avenue-63rd Street train 10th Avenue-Park Slope trains 5th Avenue-Sunset Park train 89th Avenue- Jamaica Hospital trains Bronxdale Avenue-White Plains Road train Allerton Avenue train Eastchester Road train 66th Street-Central Park West trains Aqueduct-133rd Avenue train just a few, ii was bored
  11. @peacemak3r: I was thinking that too, but the reason I asked is because I heard something about Staten Island has double transfers or something.
  12. If I take the or trains to Bowling Green and then take the S.I. Ferry to St. George and I need to get to the Staten Island Mall, can I take the SIR to Eltingville train station and transfer to the S79 bus to the mall. Is that all one fare? I hate the long bus ride from St. George to the mall and I dislike the tremendous ride and overcrowding of the S79 from the Bay Ridge-86th Street train station and along Hylan Blvd. Taking the SIR is my shortest travel time option, but I don't want to spend more than $2.25 to get there. Thanks.
  13. I used to go to that school in my freshman year - im a sophmore now, soon to be junior but anyways....whoever said it was the best school in the country explain to me why that schools rating keep going down? last time I looked it got an F. But its a rough school and pretty much nothing like it says. Most of the kids that go to that school are from rough neighborhoods. (Brownsville, Flatbush, Crown Heights, Far Rockk) I transferred out after my freshman year just for the fact that it was a bad influence. :confused:
  14. the MTA needs to add those Standing Room Only options for the express buses like NJT already has
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