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  1. A Line Up of MARTA Historical Bus and the Brand New MARTA NFI XN40 The List Follows: 2014 NFI XN40 MARTA Bus #1571 1996 NFI C40LF MARTA Bus #2701 (First CNG for MARTA) 1989 Flixible Metro C ADB MARTA Bus# 3360 (Yes , She Runs) 1963 GMC New Look (Model 5303) Atlanta Transit System #946

    © Kristain Baty & MARTA

  2. METROPOLITAN ATLANTA RAPID TRANSIT AUTHORITY AWARDS NEW FLYER A CONTRACT FOR 265 BUSES Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – June 17, 2013: (TSX:NFI; TSX:NFI.DB.U) New Flyer Industries Inc. (“New Flyer” or the “Company”), the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States and Canada, announced today that the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (“MARTA”) has awarded New Flyer a contract for 265 30-foot and 40-foot heavy-duty buses with compressed natural gas (“CNG”) propulsions. The contract for 265 buses contains a firm order of eight Low Floor Restyled (“LFR”) CNG 30-foot buses(First CNG 30 Foot Restyled Buses) and 80 Xcelsior™ CNG 40-foot buses with options for an additional 177 Xcelsior™ CNG or hybrid 40-foot buses to be exercised at a later date. “We are excited to bring these New Flyer buses on board to enhance service to our customers,” said MARTA Chief Operations Officer Rich Krisak. “These buses, which will replace vehicles that have reached retirement age, are equipped with advanced technology to provide an overall better, more reliable transit experience.” Since 1990, New Flyer has built and delivered 926 buses for MARTA in various models, lengths and propulsions. MARTA’s 91 bus routes employ over 531 buses and served more than 62 million passenger boardings in fiscal year 2012. With the majority of its fleet represented by CNG buses, Atlanta has demonstrated its commitment to pursuing favorable sustainability practices. CNG systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions when compared to standard diesel propelled buses, leading to a healthier environment. “We value our relationship with MARTA and commend them on their environmental commitments,” said Paul Soubry, President and CEO of New Flyer. “MARTA has become a great example of a green transit company. Not only do they work hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the city, they strive to offer an efficient and enjoyable means of travel in order to expand its base of transit users and reduce traffic congestion.” The firm order of 88 buses is anticipated to begin production in the second quarter of 2013. All buses are expected to be delivered by the fourth quarter of 2013.
  3. MARTA getting the only C30LFR's in existence... TAKE THAT NEW YORK

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Orion VII 4 Life

      Orion VII 4 Life

      I think having 30-35 footers would allow for more service in lower-ridership areas, just my 2 cents.

    3. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      30 footers would work on the Q42.

    4. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      They'd have to be a specialized fleet. I just dunno if it can work if the depot gets really busy and needs whatever is ready meaning a 30' runs on a busy line. Not worth it.

  4. NO Orions dont have best sounds.(Flxible Metro A,B,&C have the ultimate sounds) I believe that our NFI C40LFS 2818-3002, 2901, 2491-2496 have better sounds than our Crappy Orions, I say take them to the Graveyard and put our 1996-2000 C40LF's back in service.
  5. Well, down here in Atlanta, we will receive new NFI XDE/XN40 buses. We have not received new buses since 2010, but I say replace the Orion VII's CNG(2101-2190) and not our 1996-2001 NFI C40LF's (2701-3000). They are not worth the tires they sit on.
  6. What is up old friend?

  7. How do I scroll my signature bud signs to Scrolll those of an FLipdot Luminator System? and where can I find Luminator Sign Software??? not my pic
  8. Do anyone know the website for the Luminator ODK file, it keep saying, the site is not available.
  9. Orion you may make some bad buses but I do have to appreciate taht detroit diesel engine!!!

    1. Orion VII 4 Life

      Orion VII 4 Life

      What you callin bad buses lol

    2. ttcsubwayfan


      Those would be Orion IIIs, VIs and to some extent the VIIs (this generally depends on when they were built.) I think the Is and Vs were the best by far.

    3. Rockaway Express

      Rockaway Express

      I agreee with just the VII's Made from 02-06 as being some bad buses

  10. Can have two scrolling flipdot Luminator Signs please??? #1 1M MARIETTA BLVD METROLINER| 1M TO GA STATE STA VIA FIVE PTS STA| METROLINER EXPRESS| #2 86L SOUTH DEKALB RAINBOW DR| 86L VIA INDIAN CREEK STATION| KING MEMORIAL STA | |=Break In Sign(Frames) Thank You Sooo Much, Ill do a train sign for you
  11. 1963 GMC New Look MARTA Bus#4148 @ MLK Jr Dr./West Hunter Street Taken in 1987 Duing the hey-days of MARTA

    © 2012-2013 M42 Productions

  12. 1980' Vintage MARTA Rolling Stock at the Brady St.-Marietta Garage A lot of GMC New Looks/Flxible City Bus/Metros Roamed Atlanta At This Time

    © 2012-2013 M42 Productions

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